ROTH Reiki and Energy Healing travels to the U.K.

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Katherine Beard:
Reiki Masters – a beautiful experience facilitated by Anna Twinney giving us the space to examine our own healing pathway/our own heart truth and the opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves us thus allowing new paths to unfold.
Claire Preddy:
When you set out on the Reiki journey the path isn’t always smooth and you get what you need maybe over what you want or expect.  For me It was the release of labels.  We are all given labels and judgements as we travel through life. Until I set out on my Reiki Master path I was unaware that the most hurtful of the labels/judgements had stuck and become “me”.  I defined myself through them totally unaware I was doing so.  The healer had to be healed and it was a distressing process.  I always knew it was to be Anna who attuned me to Reiki Master, no one else would do and I can think of no other person I would trust with the task of helping me heal.  She is a gifted soul who can hold space to provide the safety you need and the wisdom to guide you through the process.  Thank you for listening to my call Anna; blessings and gratitude always.
Julia Flower:
After completing two of Anna’s webinars and watching her DVDs I felt really excited to be in her presence and spending time with her has been a real highlight in my life.  I have completed Reiki 2.

Reaching out to horses through Reiki – energy healing at Zuma’s

When was the last time you asked your horse “what can I do for you today”. Reach Out to Horses and a team of Reiki practitioners spent the day at Zumas Rescue Ranch in Littleton, CO to give back to the horses who spend their lives giving to youth in need. Through the ancient art of Reiki – hands on energy healing – the horses appreciated special attention and a chance to relax, feel pampered and release what no longer serves them. Learn how Anna brings Reiki to the horses.

Reaching Out with Anna Twinney welcomes back The Founder of Healing Touch for Animals

December 17th and 24th, 2010

Carol Komitor

Carol Komitor – Founder of the Komitor Healing Method, Inc. & Healing Touch for Animals. We all know Carol and her amazing work as the Founder of the Healing Touch for Animals method and comprehensive program. But what you may not know is that she is also an expert in the world of Essential Oils and the powerful benefits they can bring. Join us for this 2-part conversation as Carol shares her wealth of information on the subject of therapeutic oils and how you and your animal companions can benefit from this natural healing tool.

Healing Horses In Sweden 2010


Anna brings Reiki for horses to Sweden for the first time ever! Teaching “love lessons”, scanning, Reiki hand positions, pendulum usage, chakra balancing and how to read the horses’ language, Anna takes you on a complete journey.


Carol Komitor – Part 3 on The Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast

The Founder of Healing Touch for Animals, Carol Komitor
The Founder of Healing Touch for Animals, Carol Komitor

Carol Komitor – Founder of the Komitor Healing Method, Inc. & Healing Touch for Animals.

In our final conversation, Carol shares how to use Healing Touch for Animals to help with your animal’s fear, anxiety, aggression and behavior and health issues.

She also describes what you will learn in the four levels of the comprehensive HTA training.

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