Love Lessons to Heal the Heart and Soul

One of ROTH’s most popular retreats, Healing Horses at the Historic Bitterroot Ranch in Dubois, WY, came and went in early June.  Dubois is located in the niche below the intersection of two great mountain ranges: the volcanic Absarokas, spilling eastward from Yellowstone, and the southeastward-ranging Wind River Mountains, the tallest mountain range in Wyoming.  Students from across the US gathered amidst the peaks and the Wind River as they mingled with the horses, spending time within the herd, reading the horses’ energies, answering their requests for healing, and helping to interpret their registers.

One of the biggest hits of Anna’s Healing Horses classes is the Love Lessons. When we connect with the horse’s heart chakra, they can express emotion through us that they otherwise would not be able to.  Consequently, we can experience our own healing by being the channel for their emotional release.  Love begets love, and love lessons beget love lessons!

Here are some images from this year’s Healing Horses at the Bitterroot Ranch Retreat along with what our students had to share about their experience:


Sue L. of NC

Learning the life-changing art of Reiki in their incredible, beautiful landscape was, quite simply, transformational.



Donna P. of WV

Authentic connection and magical transformation – this was the result of my reiki experience with Anna Twinney.  Join the tribe/herd and let the magic begin!


Happy S. of CO

Everyone told me this week would change my life…. They were right!  Everyday was life lessons learned, but the most amazing day was the day I gave Reiki to a young Arabian Stallion.  Life-changing!  He taught me so much about being present in the moment and listening!   I know when I get home my horses will thank him.  Blessings to Anna, all the members of my group, and the Bitterroot Ranch!


Elena D. of CO

The beauty of the retreat location was matched by the grace and intensity of the teachings.  I am confident I will be bringing back to my ranch a very useful and unique practice for my animals.

Sally W. of MA

What I loved best were the reiki Attunements, which, for me, were the most spiritual aspect of the retreat.  I also loved the opportunity to give Reiki love to the horses while they were in a corral.  (There were many more horses there than I could connect with!)  At one point I was surrounded by 5 horses all wanting Reiki love.

Marilyn S. of MN

To walk into a herd of 80-100 horses and have them choose you…what an exhilarating experience and I will not top that for awhile!  Giving to the horses is amazing!



Richard J. of VA

From staff to clinician, everyone was extremely helpful and informative.  I will be able to use most of all the information in my present employment.  Thank you.

Sydney B. VA

If you ware feeling closed down in our modern world, in this clinic you will feel your heart grow at least 10 sizes BIGGER!  NO MORE GRINCH!  Great for all levels of experience.


Stacey B. of MN

I came to Bitterroot Ranch with Anna here because I truly needed emotional, spiritual and physical healing.  I am so blessed that I got even more than I could have ever expected.  My advice to you would be to trust the flow of how Anna works – that’s what made my life lesson shine through.  The bond and friendship with all the others n the class is priceless.  I am truly healed and this experience has and will change my life forever.  Much love to all here: horses, dogs, staff, friends, others and Anna!


The week began early for our Reiki Master students who arrived in advance for their Master Attunements and to access the new information they would be using out in the world as they begin their journeys as Master Healers.  From selecting oils for attunements to master healing sessions, truly a transformational experience was had by all…even by the curious onlookers.

master 9

master 8

Master 4

master 7



master 10

From our Reiki Master, Christine M. of wherever the wind takes her…

The idyllic setting of the Bitterroot Ranch added to the magic of this wonderful, week-long, experiential retreat.  Being immersed in nature and surrounded by beauty from the moment we stepped out of our gorgeous log cabins was an absolute joy.  Totally loved sharing Reiki with the lovely group of people on the retreat, energy healing with the horses and the spectacle of a 200 odd herd making their way up to higher pastures every evening.  The absolute highlight for me though was receiving the Reiki Master attunement with the energy of the elements all around us and the horses coming in to share their energy and healing as well.  It truly was a remarkable and magical experience.   Heartfelt thanks to Anna for creating this fabulous event.  Would do it again tomorrow!      

Testimonials are in from the Reiki Healing Horses at Bitterroot Ranch Retreat


A lovely time had by all, as is obvious based on all the smiles!  Share in the testimony that is the ROTH and Ann Twinney experience!

Laura Z. of Golden, CO

“This has been the most transformative experience.  I had no idea what to expect and was challenged, pushed past my comfort zone, and I am anxious to see how my new perspective carries out once I return home.”


Siri Y. of Brynsvegen, Norway

“I enjoyed every minute!”


Carol P.H. of Poway, CA

“It was a life-changing experience.  The Bitterroot Ranch is magical.  Anna is a very caring person and it comes out in her training.  Interacting with the horses is wonderful.  They love Reiki and give back as much as they receive.”


Suzette B. of Pasadena, CA

“The Reach Out to Horses Clinic included liberty and ground work with horses, and Reiki (direct, long distance, and for horses), as well as trail riding at the beautiful Bitterroot Ranch.  The highlights for me were the life lessons and the liberty work, where I learned not to plan so much and allow for a conversation with the horses.  And the ground work where I got to meet and groom a wonderful 2-year-old horse.”


Asha W. of Longmont, CO

“A truly magical experience.”


Katrina S. of West Granby, CT

“This time at the Bitterroot Ranch with Anna was one of the most wonderful times of my life.  It was truly magical.  I can’t wait to share my new self.”


Chuck H. of Ridgefield, CT

“A life-changing experience that was full of challenges yet rewarding beyond imagination for the mind, body, and soul.”


Heather, L.H. Of CO Springs

“There are no words to express my experience this week.  Truly life transforming.  This was my second clinic with Anna and I know I am changed again:  The horses, the healing, the passion, the bonding, and the life lessons – Truly amazing.”


Nancy M. of Green Bay, WI

“Powerful transformations with not only yourself but your horse/animals.  Let Anna guide you on this magical journey of awakening.”

Love you, XXOO”


Catherine H.  of Ridgefield, CT

“Anna Twinney’s Healing Horses Workshop has been the experience of a lifetime.  It has expanded my heart and increased my confidence with horses.  Our group bonded quickly and I feel I have formed friendships that will continue to grow.”


Thanks to all the participants who joined Anna on this lovely retreat and blessings as they go back out into the world with a new perspective on life and what they can do to support all those in their lives with Reiki!







URGENT!!!! Upcoming HorseConscious Member Call with Anna Twinney

Letter from Mark Mottershead of


How are you? How’s the weather doing in your part of the world?

Meltingly warm here and I hear it’s the same in the UK, where I will be traveling to on Monday.

This is a heads-up on the next HC Member call, which will be with the ever-interesting Anna Twinney.

Anna has just come back from a week of classes healing horses at Bitterroot Ranch and so has lots of great new information about Reiki for your horse.

The call will be on next Wednesday 14th July at 10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 1pm Easter / 6pm GMT 7pm CET
I’ve added Mountain time in there for Anna’s benefit   😉

All the call info will be on the HC Telecall page at the beginning of next week.

And if course if you can’t make it live, then the recording will be on the same page, probably the following day.

Right, that’s it for now and I look forward to speaking with you next week.

Have a lovely weekend!
Best wishes


SAY CHEEEEESE!!!! You earned it!!!

Reach Out to Horses Healing Horses Course Bitterroot Ranch 2010

Chris Kellas – Tennessee – June 2010

“I truly enjoyed the course! Anna is very professional and offers beyond expectations, ten fold.  I believe that now I will be able to offer change in my animals back home and give them comfort and love.  Thank you so much.”

Christi Kellas – Tennessee – June 2010
“The workshop was informative.  The hands on classes with the horses was very helpful in teaching me techniques to better the relationship between me and my horse.”

Claudia Kersting-Grebe – Germany – June 2010

“I am so glad and proud to have had this experience and to share it with Will and you all!  I have learned to go a step back or behind, to calm down better…, to let it lue and let it be!  Anna I would say thank you and thank’s all other persons on the ranch. Thank you all so much!!! I have had a great time with you all.”

Grace Gabrielli – Colorado – June 2010

“What an extraordinary week at Bitterroot Ranch. The setting couldn’t have been more beautiful, snuggled in a vast green valley surrounded by snow capped mountains. Anna is dedicated to her students succeeding.

Testimonials are difficult for me to write.  Sometimes I get these gentle breezes of creative words and I can catch them and write them down.  They often come while I’m driving and are lost by the time I get to where I can write them down.

I think you are an amazing and dedicated teacher.  You have shown me incredible patience and encouragement when I get frustrated.  Your way with horses is almost magical.  Every time I take a class or do a clinic with you I learn more of the way of being with horses.  It is often wordless, but I can feel a gentleness that also has certainty of strength. I’m gaining a deeper feel for the horses I get to interact with every time I work with you. The time at Bitterroot wasn’t just about Reiki.  You were so generous with the other guests at Bitteerroot. You were willing to answer anyone’s questions at the Ranch, giving of yourself so they could have a richer understanding of horses.”

Janet M. Grether – Bitterroot Ranch, June 2010

“This was pure adventure!  So much to learn, Reiki and horses but all so important.  I know I have much more to learn/explore.  This experience is a meaningful step in my new journey. Thank you all. Love, Jan”

Janet K. Prior – Bitterroot Ranch, June 2010

“I’ve been saying for the last few years that I wanted to find a different/new/better way to be with horses.  I’ve finally found that way with Anna’s teaching.  Reiki, Language of the horses, and all of the energy work have opened a new door for me.  I learned everything I wanted to and more.  Thank you Anna!!!

Jodie Anne Smith – Australia, June 2010

“Healing Horses at Bitterroot Ranch was as much about me as it was for the horses.  The Reiki one attunement showed me the importance of the animals in my life currently working in hand with the horses opened me to realize how the horses are truly mirrors for us and the issues I still need to clear.  The most amazing part is that all of us have the ability to heal not just horses but all animals including ourselves.  We just need to be open, set the intention and listen.  I send you gratitude Anna from imparting with your knowledge and gifts for us all to help heal ourselves and all animals that enter our lives.  What a truly amazing gift you have taught me.  Thank you.”  Jodi, AUS

Terralea SaintOnge – Bitterroot Ranch, June 2010

“I am very certain I got more that I gave, learned more that expected and on a much deeper level.  I found you Anna to be very genuine and firm but fair with your (often? occasionally? 🙂 ) misbehaving or distracted students.  The horses in tandem with Reiki was wonderful.  I would have liked more practice w/running horses and will practice all I have learned once home.  Thank you and Blessings on your journey.”  Terra

Wilfried Grebe – Bitterroot Ranch, June 2010

“Hallo Liebe Anna, Du hast eine unglaubliche Professionalitaet und wirklich “Tonnon von Wissen”.  Vielen Dank, das Du mir einen Einblick and neue gedanken aufgezeigt hast.  Ich wuerde mich freuen Dich wider zu erleben.  Herzlichst, Wilfried.