Join Anna for Part of Stepper’s Journey Through Rehabilitation After His Rescue

If you had the privilege of joining us at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch for the Trainer’s Day in October, you probably saw Stepper, who was showcased during the second half of the day and who was handled by ROTH Certified Trainer, Liv Bjerre.  He was a little nervous with the crowd and the speakers, but with patience and compassion for his situation he has been coming around.  Anna found a lovely home for him that day and she continues to support them in their journey together as they learn about each other and how to communicate effectively.  Below are some videos as an update on his progress and Anna shares her invaluable wisdom, as always, in her life-long effort to support the horses and the people who love them.  Enjoy!

We do what you do…is a statement I hear all the time. Many round pen, but few understand the intricacies of the language of the horse, how to ask and not tell, how to listen and not speak, how to feel and be felt, how to put an intention behind an action, how to materialize a thought and how to tie it all together so that it becomes a flowing conversation without force, fear, or dominance. This is the art of reading a horse so to be able to impart first impressions, get to know one another, establish a mutually trusting relationship and discover who we have become and why that may be. We all have choices as to who we wish to be in this world and yet many fail the horses in their care. Allow this majestic, sensitive draft horse to share his story today through a non-verbal language at liberty and listen as I interpret his actions for you – a process made to appear easy. Recently returned from a failed adoption, rescued and re-rescued…now it’s time for Stepper to manifest the home of his dreams and this is just the beginning.

Once a gentle, innocent soul, Stepper found himself with a guardian who saw his potential and simply over faced him. Changing a dressage aid into a tool of terror he found himself at the end of the road of life before he was brought home and rescued for a 2nd time. Through patience and a kind assessment, it became clear just how much they had intimidated this gentle giant to the point of self defense. This was all about to change…as he embarked on a course in ROTH.

An initial conversation at liberty established a fundamental trust-based partnership, a mutual understanding and clarity around one another’s body-language nuances (part I). Advancing into ground-driving allowed for a deeper exploration of this rescued soul, providing a solid foundation to base our training program. Each step of the way his voice and needs heard and taken into consideration. Listen to the commentary to gain a greater understanding of the unspoken liaison between horse and handler.


The high-light of Anna’s year includes the 2-week holistic horsemanship certification course. This year, held at Ray of Light Farms, East Haddam, CT. Students from all around the Globe immerse themselves into learning the language of Equus from the ground up. With over 20 yrs of experience Anna shares secrets in body language, inter-species communication and more.

Dolly’s Firsts in Norway


In her previous life Dolly’s guardian experienced life from a wheelchair. Having never been ridden, Anna introduces Dolly to her first saddle, bridle and rider at Geilo Hestesenter, Norway. Dolly’s ability to process the lesson is phenomenal.



Loading and Long-Lining in Sweden


Watch the ROTH Team successfully load a young filly, who usually loaded when a jacket was placed over her head, impairing all vision. Anna demonstrates the ability to long-line with imaginary long-lines!




Join Anna as she travels from Denmark to Norway meeting Moose along the way! She shares insights into Holistic Horsemanship & Rob prepares to ride his “Angel” Tinker with an unexpected surprise!