6 Untouched Paso Fino Horses to be gentled at this year’s clinic, and you could gentle one of them!

While our minds tend to think of Mustangs when we hear a horse called ‘untouched,’ there are plenty of horses out there who don’t fall under Mustangs, but are indeed untouched. And that’s what we have this year; 6 untouched Paso Finos!

This rescue is indeed a rare circumstance; it’s not every day you have dozens of untouched well bred Paso Finos! From Cuerno Grande, WY these lucky horses have had a woman, Vicki Olson, who has taken on the feat of finding homes for each of them.

Enter ROTH!

We, already, had four Mustangs lined up and when we heard this herd’s story we knew how we would fill the remaining six! After all it is the “Untouched Horse Clinic.”

And aren’t you lucky? Two participant spots have opened up!

Never before have we had an Untouched Clinic go without a waiting list, but the universe has shuffled some lives and made a clear path to learn from the masters themselves!

Was the universe clearing this path for you?!

Visit the ROTH webiste to learn more!


Pole Gentling

Through years of gentling Mustangs Anna has devised methods to gentle wild horses based on their communication system as well as their personal needs. Anna teaches the advantages of pole gentling with St Patty, a McCullough Peaks Mustang subjected to the BLM round-up.

Confident Barebacking and Tackling Obstacles

A day in the life of a horse whisperer! Anna receives her schedule for the day and begins the adventure. Starting with gentling an untouched PMU yearling, enhancing connection & communication through bareback riding, unlocking confidence for a little girl, advising for Abi’s 5th ride & creating a situations for Henk to overcome his fears of stimulus from behind, intermingled with animal communication. A fulfilling day in the life of a horse whisperer!

Desensitizing Firsts with PMU’s

Equine Angels PMU youngsters have found heaven on Earth at Centerline Stables in Ossining, NY. During her trip Anna is actively involved with their program & provides tips for progress & success. From first touches, fourth rides, through to trail courses – pride fills the day.

Dolly’s Firsts in Norway


In her previous life Dolly’s guardian experienced life from a wheelchair. Having never been ridden, Anna introduces Dolly to her first saddle, bridle and rider at Geilo Hestesenter, Norway. Dolly’s ability to process the lesson is phenomenal.