“Forget the Break….Gimme TLC”- Kit Kat

Anna meets Kitkat, a McCullough Peaks Mustang, for the first time and introduces her to neck yielding, through following a line, with the lightest of touches. Gradually Anna massages Kitkats ears, eyes and muzzle, to earn her trust through gentle communication. While getting to know Kitkat Anna devises an appropriate training plan for the students to follow.

Look Mom I got a Halter!!!!!

McCullough Peak’s Mustang, Tango at the tender age of 3 months experiences his very first halter during Anna’s Reach Out to the Untouched Horse clinic in Cody. Watch how Tango explores the halter while his mother, Corona, goes through her own emotions. Corona has never seen or worn a halter herself, let alone seen her son with “clothing”. Let the Mustangs teach you horse behavior that relates and helps you with your own domestic companions.

Getting to know you…………

There is nothing quite like experiencing contact with wild horses. Feeling their energy, their soul, the contact between you, the first touch and creating the bond where you walk away knowing you have created value in the life of another. Experience moments from the ROTH Untouched horse clinic in Cody, WY and travel to the McCullough Peaks to watch wild horse behavior.