Students show and tell Instructors……… How it’s done


From little to large everyone is welcome at Ray of Light Farms in CT. ROTH’s Holistic Horsemanship certification program students practice the language of the horse in paddocks & the close proximity of stalls. Our finale; our instructor students are directed by students during team-penning with a potential hurricane on the radar.

Kit Kat the Model Student

Anna demonstrates gentling techniques for a McCullough Peaks yearling in Cody, WY during her Untouched horse clinic. Through soft, kind methodologies and through the horse’s own communication system Anna introduces yielding into Kitkats life, going against all her instincts.



You know when you are passionate about your profession when you spend your day off training young horses in preparation for their career logging & then visit Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen to meet the workers who brought the Brewery to where it is today – the horses.