Hope for Horses Slated for Slaughter

There are several ways a horse can end up in the slaughter house, and just as many ways to rescue them.

Anna Twinney with PMU foal

Robyn Dolby, of Woodbury, adopted a horse through a rescue program seven years ago. Her horse, Tytus, is an enormous black percheron that weighs 1,400 pounds and 18 “hands” high. A “hand” is the standard method of measuring a horse and equals 4 inches.

Tytus came from Equine Angels Rescue, E.A.R., of New Milford, which has rescued 100s of PMU foals over the last 11 years. Premarin, or PMU, stands for pregnant mare urine.

Dolby said Tytus is a wonderful riding horse. “When we went to get him there were about a dozen foals there. They were shy with humans, and they would only let you get a little close before they would run away,” she said.

“He was scared at first, but he didn’t suffer before we got him. They ween the foals too early, but when Frank gets them, the farmers will let them stay with their mother longer,” Dolby said, speaking of Frank Weller, founder of the non-profit organization,Equine Angels Rescue, E.A.R.

Weller’s first experience working with the foals affected him deeply. “We took two hours to feed 240 of the foals and I stayed overnight with them.  The energy that came off of them was very intense, very inspiring. The foals hadn’t had the benefit of being around people or other horses so they are very……click here to read full article.

ROTH Rescues Foals from Slaughter

Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses has teamed up with Frank Weller of Equine Angels, Connecticut, Karen Pomroy of Equine Voices, Arizona and Ray of Light Farms, Connecticut to save 15 foals from the Canadian slaughter houses. A beautiful evening arranged at Strings Restaurant, courtesy of Tammy Cunningham and her husband was arranged with proceeds donated to the foals. Guests of honor: Susan Williams (photographer & artist), Joyce Leake (animal communicator), Tracy Vroom (cranial sacral healer), Carol Komitor (Healing Touch for animals) and Melisa Pearce (Touched by a horse – absent) all joined us to celebrate the lives of these foals. Now you too can help – donate by visiting http://www.reachouttohorses.com

Reach Out to Horses, several equine rescue organizations work together to save 12 foals from the Canadian feedlots and downsize former Canadian PMU breeding farm.

Frank Weller - Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary

September 27th, 2011 – East Haddam, CT

Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary – CT, Ray of Light Farm – CT, and Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary – AZ are joining forces with Reach Out to Horses based out of Golden, CO, to rescue 12 foals and assist in the closing of a former Canadian PMU breeding farm.   In addition the proposed action plan will result in placing the remaining mares in sanctuary, gelding two year old stallions and helping to end the cycle of breeding for this Canadian farmer.

E.A.R.S. and Reach Out to Horses have already begun raising funds through sales of the new 4-DVD set Success: Foals in Training and through fundraising clinics and other events by Anna Twinney and Reach Out to Horses.  But we need your help.


The estimated cost for this endeavor is $16,100 so we are seeking individuals, and organizations who wish to assist in this inspiring project.  Whether it be donations, adoption, fostering or sponsoring, all assistance is welcome.  For more information, or to help save the lives of these foals, mares and stallions, contact Frank Weller, president of Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary at 203-733-3576, or Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses at  info@reachouttohorses.com, or click here to donate what you can to save these horses.


E.A.R.S. has worked for almost 9 years with these and other local farmers when they first saw the wisdom and win-win-win-win opportunities that would result if allied with the farmers. The genesis of that outreach is well documented in the book “Equine Angels: Stories of Rescue, Love and Hope“.

“The reason that this good faith alliance works is that we have spent time with the farmers and their families.”, says E.A.R.S. founder Frank Weller, “We understand the social and financial dynamics that are a huge part of their decision making process.”

Over the years E.A.R.S. has been able to ferret out the people who will live up to their word and those who won’t and to establish a verifiable protocol to put the mares in sanctuary. They now have trusted people in place who really care for the mares and report their condition. They know that other people are also reporting to E.A.R.S and all reporters are unaware of the identity of our other agents. In addition E.A.R.S. has created close relationships with the vets, the farm agents, the farmers and their families. The government takes meticulous statistics and we trust most of their numbers which have followed the decline of Premarin farming.

In addition to securing sanctuary for the mares and stallions E.A.R.S. will transport all 12 foals to a rescue just over the border in North Dakota. From there, 6 will go to Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary near Tucson, Arizona and 6 will go to Ray Of Light Farm in East Haddam, Connecticut where they will participate in the Reach Out to Horses Week of Foal Gentling Program.

E.A.R.S. and Ray Of Light Farm have collaborated on similar rescues for almost 5 years now and this will be the 3rd successful year of the ROTH Week of Foal Gentling Event.

Possibly the best piece of this effort is that this retired farm will no longer be in the Premarin farming or the breeding business all together. Financial implications are part of that decision and a as a working farm, they have other viable sources of income. That seems to make a big difference in that the farmers with other choices are less likely to pursue breeding for meat as a revenue source. As a rescue E.A.R.S. has often encountered that mindset and absolutely cannot enable farmers to breed by buying their foals. That would be a step backwards to say the least.

Click Here to Donate What You Can To Save These Beautiful Foals 


For more information, or to help save the lives of these foals, mares and stallions, contact Frank Weller, president Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary at 203-733-3576, or Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses at info@reachouttohorses.com.




November 15th – 20th, 2010
Ray of Light Farm, East Haddam, CT

(Applies towards ROTH Holistic Horsemanship Course Graduates
becoming ROTH Trainers Continuing Education)

Gentling foals can be some of the most important and rewarding work you will ever do. Working with PMU foals, knowing that you have helped save them from Canada’s feedlot and given them a new chance for a full and happy life, is more rewarding than you can even imagine.

Last year Frank Weller and the Equine Angels saved 7 foals from certain death, 5 of which were filmed during a week long ROTH training program.  The 4-part DVD set, Foals in Training, scheduled to be launched in only a few short months, depicts the lives of the foals from their arrival in trailers through to their first touch, their first halter, their first step.  This unique, comprehensive tool gives you the opportunity to travel down the road as we gentle these beautiful souls.

We want our foals to feel safe, and their experiences with humans to be positive, memorable ones.  These first important lessons stay with them for the rest of their lives and so the training must be done right.  Acknowleding the “whisper” is crucial, recognizing the “try” is an art.

And now it’s your turn to join Anna for a week of fun, friends and foals.

You will have the chance to understand, first-hand, the power of compassionate leadership and positive reinforcement while creating the clarity in boundaries and balance.

Learn the same uniquely designed and tested program
Anna herself uses to start foals for basic handling!

Spend 6 fun-filled, info-packed days learning the Reach Out to Horses methods and work with a new group of PMU foals, starting these young lives on the path towards a gentle, trust-based partnership with humans.

Under Anna’s tutelage you will work directly with the foals, and learn how to teach them:

  • Halter training – acceptance of halter, leading
  • Tying (if appropriate)
  • Loading
  • Picking up feet
  • Grooming
  • Worming
  • Vaccinations
  • Blanketing
  • Navigating an obstacle course
  • Desensitization techniques to plastic bags and other objects
  • and more…

By introducing these elements of Basic Handling to your foal at the age of weaning, you will be preparing them for the best start possible.  Your foal has a memory for life, let these first memories be good ones.

And as a bonus you will join Anna at Ray of Light Farm in picturesque East Haddam, CT – the same location at which Anna filmed the Foals in Training DVD Set.  This is an ideal facility to learn these life-changing techniques.

Space is extremely limited, only 2 spots left!

Participation is on a first come first serve basis so sign up today!

Total Cost: Only $1200.00 for the entire 6 days of training.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact Anna at info@reachouttohorses.com

For information about lodging in East Haddam please contact Bonnie Buongiorne at bbuon@att.net.


The horse is a holy creature
sent to this earth to remind us of the Divine
He is uniquely connected to us.
He is our benevolent companion
and our guide
to the beingness we have forgotten.

His four strong legs carry us when we are weak
from the burdens of life.
His beauty inspires us
when our eyes are weary from crying.
His spirit uplifts us when our hearts lie dormant.

Let us not forget. Let us not abandon him
or any of his kind.
Let us not relegate him to a beast of burden
but acknowledge his unselfish gifts.

Let us always care for him
as long as his legs touch the earth and beyond.

He is our reminder of what grace is
He is our return to grace.

Only by awakening to the true awareness of the horse
can we ever expect to understand him.
He speaks to us in the language of the heart, not the mind.
His true self is only given to those who seek to comprehend.

Only those who ask
rather than demand
will receive his undying loyalty and generosity of spirit.

to the message of the horse . . .

by Kim Royal

safe travels my friend, Frank


Press Release: East Haddam, CT – November 16th, 2009.

Approximately 12 young horses slated for either destruction or human consumption overseas will find sanctuary at Ray of Light Farm, an animal rescue and animal-assisted therapy facility in East Haddam. Seven of the rescues are foals, less than six months of age. The remaining five are yearlings from a slaughter-bound feed lot.

Ray of Light has partnered with Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary (EARS) in this effort. Among thousands of unwanted “Premarin” foals across the country that are a by-product of Premarin* (an estrogen replacement therapy) production, these foals are lucky to find a home.

World-renowned Equine Specialist Anna Twinney will be joining us at Ray of Light Farm for several days, from December 5th – 14th, dedicating her time to facilitate the gentling process. The entire process will be filmed for a DVD on Foal Gentling and Handling to be released in 2010.   The event is also open for public viewing.  A small donation is requested that will go towards caring for the foals.  The intention is to educate people about the little known and often confusing topic of foal gentling and training, with a concentration on the interaction between horse and human.

Great care will be taken at every turn to ensure the well being of the horses, and the training will help to ensure the successful adoption of the foals.

In both 2007 and 2008, Ray of Light Farm partnered with Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary to rescue Premarin foals. Media coverage was instrumental to the successful adoption of many foals into loving homes.

Fortunate Foals
According to The Humane Society of the United States, prospects for PMU foals are not good: “Foals are allowed to nurse and be with their mothers for only three to four months-instead of the normal six-month period. When the time comes for the mares to return to the collection barns, the farmers dispose of surplus foals. A few female foals may be kept for future PMU production, and some farmers even breed registered horses in hopes of selling the foals as riding prospects. Thousands of remaining foals are sent to unsheltered feedlots until they reach a desirable market weight. There they are slaughtered and their carcasses shipped to Europe and Asia for human consumption.” (http://www.hsus.org/horses_equines/issues/the_facts_about_premarin.html).

Bonnie Buongiorne, Ray of Light’s founder, is grateful for a third opportunity to help: “Times are tough right now, but with the help of many, we’ll find a way to help these horses.”

About Ray of Light
Ray of Light Farm, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) 3 public charity incorporated in 2004. Ray of Light offers a wealth of Community Programs for “children of all ages” and is committed to helping people make a positive connection with life through animals. Ray of Light depends upon the generosity of sponsors and donors to support its efforts. A Ray of Light Farm brochure is enclosed for your reference.

About Premarin
*Premarin® is a conjugated estrogen product extracted from pregnant mares’ urine (PMU). It is manufactured by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Inc., and is most commonly prescribed for estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) to relieve hormonal deficiency symptoms associated with menopause or hysterectomy. More recently, it has been prescribed to help prevent osteoporosis and heart disease. Premarin® is the most widely used ERT drug, marketed for more than 50 years, and currently administered to more than nine million American women. (http://www.hsus.org/horses_equines/issues/the_facts_about_premarin.html).

For more information about the foals, adoption or attending the training event, contact Frank Weller at info@foalrescue.com.  Or visit www.foalrescue.com or www.reachouttohorses.com.