Who Rescued Who?

Ranger at Colt Starting 2013
Ranger at Colt Starting 2013

lemay romeoThere are many reasons that people come to ROTH; the search for a greater connection, to be a more effective horseman, to help more at their rescue, to learn the finer points of training/gentling, and the list goes on. The outcomes of coming are just as endless and sometimes they corrilate with the goal and sometimes they surprise the attendant.

Every so often, a bond is formed with a horse in the clinic and the person that is allocated that horse. As if by destiny two souls meet and it is just meant to be. And from that point forward it is clear that the horse has found their home.

In the coming months we wish to bring to some of these stories, straight from the “horse handlers’ mouth.”

In this first story we share with you the story of Ranger, Romeo, and Charm who all started their training at The Comprehensive Week of Foal Gentling and they also were started under saddle at The Colt Starting Clinic. The now live in their forever home with a family, Barbara, Jennifer, Brian and Paul Lemay, that loves and appreciates them. Make sure to enjoy a YouTube videos of their final day of gentling below!

Who Rescued Who?

By: Brian Lemay

Within the last four years our family has rescued three Premarin foals with the help of Reach Out to Horses, Ray of Light Farm, and Equine Angels.  In 2010 we found out about rescue missions that bring untouched foals from Canada into the United States; we felt the need to go see the foals.  Instantly we knew Ranger and Romeo would soon become part of our family.  From this experience we met great people and it allowed us to have the opportunity to welcome Charm to our farm in April of 2012.  Having had horses throughout the years it seemed fitting to, what we thought would be, rescuing these young, untouched, horses.  To our surprise it is, Romeo, Ranger, and Charm that have given our family the gift.

Now, given that we have had horses for most of our lives, we presumed our new additions would follow suit to the plethora that came before them.  What we didn’t realize is that this would be completely different and our style of horsemanship would evolve into something, which at the time was completely foreign, but today is second nature.  The reason for this change in horsemanship came from meeting Anna Twinney.  Anna’s thought process in horsemanship has rubbed off on each member of our family differently; however, her consideration and pride in the animals has touched each of us.

Paul has been around horses the longest, since his Grandfather and Father both had horses during his childhood through adulthood.  Growing up, he remembers agreeing and disagreeing with certain philosophies of his Grandfathers horsemanship.  He vowed at that age to always remember the good and change the not so good.  Originally, very doubtful, Paul grew to not only agree with natural horsemanship but to use it in further training Ranger, Romeo, and Charm.  He often says, “Adopting those three horses are the best thing I have ever done.”

Barbara, originally from, New York City never grew up with horses.  Although she does not take part in the care or training, rescuing these horses has changed her outlook as well.  Due to a recent medical procedure, doctors offered her the drug Premarin.  Her response was shocking to them, “My family has rescued three horses that would not have had the chance to live because of that drug… it is against my moral code to take it.”  This was her way of making an impact for the medical industry along with natural horsemanship.

Growing up Jennifer had the responsibility of learning how to take care of the horses daily when Paul was away on business.  But as most teenagers do she found other interests as she got older.  From day one Jennifer has been part of the adoption and training of these horses.  It has rejuvenated her love for them and as she says, “My boy Romeo looks like a majestic creature from a fairytale.”

While in college, Brian was the first to hear of these rescue missions and instantly thought it was a calling to do something to help.  He called his parents, Paul and Barbara and his sister, Jennifer, to inform them of the foals.  Brian came home the next weekend to go see them with his family.  Paul and Brian have taken special care to go through a training regimen that has grown into, taking what Anna accomplished at her Foal Gentling and Colt Starting clinics and continued to develop each horse.

To say that we have rescued Ranger, Romeo, and Charm would not be giving them enough credit.  They have made our family laugh, cry, and feel the pride that we did something special.  So I ask you, who rescued who?

Ranger at Colt Starting 2013
Ranger at Colt Starting 2013
Romeo at Colt Starting 2013
Romeo at Colt Starting 2013
Charm (Left) being ponied by Cutter (Right) and Paul
Charm (Left) being ponied by Cutter (Right) and Paul

In 2009 Anna visited Ray of Light Farms in East Haddam, CT to help gentle a batch of Premurin foals resulting in the Foals In Training DVD set. This comprehensive set of DVDs brings each aspect of truly natural horsemanship to a pace that young and untouched can understand. Which helps to make it a pleasent and easy instructional to follow.

Come see what ROTH has to offer and who knows…maybe your herd will grow!

Rescue Foals in Training ROTH Reaches out at Equine Voices Day 5 and Graduation

Foal Gentling at Equine Voices in Tucson, Arizona   
  I have been home almost a week from Anna’s Foal Gentling Clinic, and am still connecting with the filly I worked with. The experience and knowledge will stay with me a lifetime, even though Lacey will move on to her “forever home”. I feel so honored that I was able to help make her first human contact a gentle, positive experience. Although Lacey was fearful of being touched the first 3 days, once she felt safe and realized we could help her feel more comfortable with her shedding and somewhat matted coat, she reacted with complete bliss as she twitched her upper lip, closed her eyes, and leaned into my hand, directing me to new areas for more scratches. What a thrill to know she was moving from a place of fear and distrust to asking for more rubs from my hands.
     Due to her early reluctance, we were moving more slowly than the other foals, but went through several steps in the last hour on the last day to eventually have a saddle pad on her back and rubbed all over her body, including over her face! As a former first grade teacher, I am reminded of many students who were shy, unsure, or “late bloomers”. I often reminded  parents to be patient and supportive, giving children their time to grow. Then suddenly, as if a light bulb  turned on, everything burst into their being, and they understood, they were like a thirsty sponge. “Late Bloomers” are not slow learners, they are just moving at a different pace, but like the well known story of the “Tortoise and the Hare” speed is not always the answer, because “slow and steady often wins the race”!  Learning for hoses is not unlike people, and this week with the foals reminded me of a classroom of first graders learning to read. Through Lacey, the other foals, and all Anna’s classes, I have realized how we as humans really are more connected to our equine companions than we think, and remembering that, as we work with our own horses will help to improve our relationship and interactions tremendously.
    Thank you, Anna and Equine Voices for the invitation to give these foals a new and positive introduction to Our world and their part in our lives. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make our week fun, welcoming, and a great learning experience!

Tina Fonda-Casper

The Foal Gentling Week is here!   

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Rescue Foals in Training - ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 1
Rescue Foals in Training – ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 1
ROTH's Foals in Training, Equine Voices, AZ Day 2 - AM
ROTH’s Foals in Training, Equine Voices, AZ Day 2 – AM
Feral Foals to Foals in Training ROTH's gentling methodologies Day 2 - PM
Feral Foals to Foals in Training ROTH’s gentling methodologies Day 2 – PM
ROTH's Foals in Training  Equine Voices, AZ - Day 3
ROTH’s Foals in Training Equine Voices, AZ – Day 3
Foals in Training ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 4-AM
Foals in Training ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 4-AM
Foals in Training - ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices - Day 4 PM
Foals in Training – ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices – Day 4 PM


“I got to the ROTH foal gentling class a day late. I had been on the waiting list for the class, already giving it up in my mind and then there was a last minute cancellation! The class started on Monday 2/20, it was the day I organized to get time off work, purchased a flight ticket, secured housing, rode my horse Ace, took my doggies to agility, washed clothes, packed and traveled to Arizona.  Due to all above, I entered the class with absolutely no expectations, had not even watched the videos yet (sorry Anna – I will).

The week was amazing as everything with Anna. This week was different in lots of ways. The group was small, we buddied each other in pairs – switching the buddy daily- which gave time to focus on 2 foals every day, but also gave a chance to watch another person work on his/her foal. We got plenty of hands on with our foal. Anna performed some very helpful demos. It was quiet, sunny, isolated. We were in a different planet for a week!

Most amazing were the foals!  My little guy learned to be comfortable with touch, a halter, be groomed, pick his feet, be ok with farrier positions, wear a blanket, lead, disengage his hips, lead in obstacle course over a bridge and a tarp and walk into a trailer – all in 5 days! His name is Eclipz. He is outgoing, curious, brave and needs a fun, firm but fair person in his life. I thank him for all the lessons he gave me and wish him all the best!”


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Reach Out to Horses Foals in Training Equine Voices Day 5 AM
Reach Out to Horses Foals in Training Equine Voices Day 5 AM

Day Five AM
For Anna Twinney it has always been about giving a “voice to the voiceless”. Since age 18 Anna has served her Community protecting those who could not protect themselves, learning to listen to the silence between the words & step up to make a change. More than 22 years later Anna continues to make it her mission to give back to the horses, especially those being discarded, misplaced, manhandled and/or abused. Aligning with Equine Angels, CT & Equine Voices, AZ, Reach Out to Horses travels world-wide to gentle feral foals & wild horses giving them a second chance at life. During this week’s “Success-foals in training” clinic a special group of individuals came together to learn horse whispering. What they discovered was so much more!


Reach Out To Horses' Foals in Training   Equine Voices, AZ Day 5   PM
Reach Out To Horses’ Foals in Training Equine Voices, AZ Day 5 PM

Day Five PM

It takes a special person to recognize a foal for who they are today, not for their history and their past, but for who they are this very moment. Pity does not fit into the equation, as they have been saved and face another chance. Instead, faith, hope and an inner strength is where it lies. Each foal responds differently to their past experiences as do you and I. Some may be despondent, vacant, lost, angry, depressed, sad, shy or fearful, while others will be engaged, curious, intrigued, inquisitive, happy, sensitive, snuggly & loving. When gentling these innocent beings one has to be open to their needs – leaving expectations and preconceived ideas behind. There is no room for judgement, for nothing is intended to be personal, but instead its time to open ones heart and listen to the whisper.


Reach Out to Horses presents Foals in Training   Graduation Day
Reach Out to Horses presents Foals in Training Graduation Day

Graduation Day Part 1
Meet the former PMU foals saved from the Canadian slaughter houses and rescued by a team of amazing individuals. Anna Twinney, her students from around the World, and Equine Voices came together to provide an environment for both the foals and the students to understand compassionate foal gentling. During a week’s ROTH’s horse whispering course the foals developed from feral foals ready for their forever homes. Through understanding their individual personalities, needs, speeds and learning styles Anna Twinney guided each soul on their private journey- to success. Here, for the first time, you get to hear about their incredible passage as minds and hearts were opened to endless possibilities.

ROTH's Sucess Foals in Training Equine Voices Graduation Day II
ROTH’s Sucess Foals in Training Equine Voices Graduation Day II

Graduation Day Part 2
Its truly incredible when you realize all that these former PMU foals have experienced and yet they are willing to give us a 2nd chance! Through mindful inter-species communication Anna Twinney brings to you her wealth of experience, showing you too can achieve results you seek of handling foals in just 6-days. What has taken many trainer’s weeks, months & years to accomplish…Anna brings her tried and proven ROTH gentling methodologies to you in a calm, patient and thoughtful way. She proves to you that there is NO need for force, violence, shoots, ropes or restriction – instead a true voice is given to the voice-less. Learn the intricacies of the language of the horse; body language, energetic connection & telepathy through a unique program. Today – experience the foal’s graduation day! And a glimpse of the precious pride we all experienced.


“Back in Colorado and missing the foals. It was a glorious week of technique, learning and making connections. My connection was with my foal who was somewhat withdrawn when I met him. Being the youngest and smallest evasion and avoidance were his defenses. But, on Day 3 we connected. He looked into my eyes and saw me for what seemed like the first time. After that we were a team and he did every new task I asked of him ending with the obstacle course and trailer loading. What a Superstar! I will miss him for a few days but my heart is very full knowing that he has a good solid start and is now very adoptable.  

For me…I can no longer say I don’t want to be a horse trainer because I am one. Sometimes the loudest whispers come from the littlest beings…if we listen and treat the horse with respect we have influenced them and therefore have added something to their training.

Sleep well, little Echo with the big heart. I will say a prayer of hope and protection for you and your sweet herd every night and will send thoughts for your Forever home to find you.

Hear the whispers…….”


Lauren Munger

Reach Out to Horses   Trust ~ Partnership ~ Results

Australian Shepherd Dog motivates deaf PMU horse during colt starting

Petey, a 2 1/4 yrs old former PMU foal, saved from the Canadian slaughter house is featured in Anna Twinney’s 4-part “Foals in Training” DVD. 20 months later he returns to participate in the ROTH Holistic Horsemanship course at Ray of Light Farms in Connecticut to experience his first saddle in order to advance his training, build muscle & increase motivation & connection to all life. Petie, diagnosed as deaf, lives in a silent world, comfortable around humans. The silent ROTH methodologies communicate with him in a language he understands and yet the key to success is to reach the horses where they are…what motivational secret does Anna come up with to help her students’ success this time? Unconventional, but highly effective!

ROTHs Foals in Training – Graduation Day

Day 6 – Graduation Day!

Part I: Watch these faces, connect with their spirits & realize they are all bi-products and slated for slaughter. YOU can make a difference, just as we did – EDUCATION is key…children, women, men, doctors, race industry & pharmaceutical companies – we can reach them all! In just a handful of hours these 3-7 month old foals were handled in a gentle, humane way and gifted their handlers with life-changing experiences. Gifts that speak directly to the heart, through whispers they teach life-lessons. Through their trust in us, their respect, forgiveness and unconditional love, we carry the memories in our hearts. Save a life & call the White House – speak up against horse slaughter.

Part II:

You can choose to sit on the side-lines and watch life happen to you, or you can chose to take a risk, be prepared to be knocked down and get back up again and enjoy the ride of your life. Life is there to be lived! The Reach Out to Horses Foals in Training class is a one-of-a-kind. Dedication, commitment, hope, trust and faith are just a few words to describe what is needed to fund-raise, transport, save & gentle these souls. It takes a village to make these rescues happen. In return our hearts are filled & life will never be the same! Enjoy just a glimpse of how this class affected our participants as they introduce the foals to you..

Please share with your community far and wide – now the search is on to find their homes!

Update on Lola ~ Premarin Foal gentled by Anna

Hi Anna 🙂  I am a friend of Brooke Baxter’s and my little filly, Lola, is  premarin foal who you gentled.  Actually, Lola is now on the back cover of your foal training DVD!  I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks…for providing our angel with a ray of light and a place to hope.  I believe she actually told

Lola, Boude and Red

you she had found a home before coming to us.  She most certainly started coming to me in dreams and even told me what state she was residing in during a meditation 🙂  In the end, she traveled half across the US, and that was after already traveling to the east coast from Cananda, to find her place called home, with us.  We are blessed, each and every day, by her grace, beauty, and wisdom.  Thank you again.

With love and many blessings for and with the animals,

Beth Sabor

A Natural Path to Wellness for Animals and their Human Companions
www.holisticessence.com ~

PS:  I attached a more recent picture so you can see how she is growing up 🙂  The big guy is my 4 yr old belgian from a local rollover trailer accident, Boude and our wise old man, Red, is a 37 year old TW.


Introducing….the 4-Part DVD….Success Foals In Training

May I introduce to you the PMU foals gentled during my week at Ray of Light Farms. A documentary film crew journeyed with us and we now present the 4-part DVD set. This DVD is unique, truly one of its kind and brings light to the Premarin Industry. Its a must for any PMU, foal or untouched horse guardian. Please support us by viewing this clip in prep for our March launch!

These horses are the “disposable by-productions from the production of Premarin – hormone replacement therapy to ease symptoms of menopause made from pregnant mares urine. Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary works directly with the farmers to avoid traumatic auction sales to killer buyers.

Reach Out to Foals, Ray of Light PMU Foal Handling

Anna, I just watched the videos of the last days of the foal handling course. The stories of each foals journey, as well as the students, touched my heart deeply as I smiled through happy tears. Thanks again for doing this incredible work and for your compassionate heart. It was so good to see Paul with his two new friends. He is so happy. He and the foals are very lucky to have one another.



From feral foals to foals in training, Anna shares her Reach Out to Horses methods with students from around the Globe as they gentle untouched foals rescued from the Canadian Slaughter houses. As a bi-product of the drug Premarin, these weanlings have found Sanctuary at Ray of Light Farms. Embarking on their week’s training, you can witness their progress. Haltered, saddle blankets (in prep for blanketing), picking up feet & their first steps….for those interested in learning more, the new 4-part DVD Foals in Training is scheduled to be launched January 2011.

Meet 5 very special PMU foals as they graduate from the Reach Out to Horses foals in training course at Ray of Light Farms, Connecticut. Just 6 days ago they were untouched youngsters uncertain if their first touch would represent their first experience to human exposure; where their numbers were shaved on their side and coggins taken without their permission. Now they willingly approach, accept touch, halters, blankets, having their feet cleaned & being lead around obstacle courses.

Anna created a rare opportunity for her students to gentle 5-month old PMU foals, destined for slaughter in Canada, they found their way to Ray of Light Farms. Within just 6 days, Anna was able to share her unique natural horsemanship methods with those sharing her passion. Now these foals are on their way to a brighter future and you can witness their graduation day. With tears in their eyes the students present “their” foals for you to share in the magical moments. The transformation is described as a miracle, please spread the word of compassionate communication.