Oh the Colts, They Need a Startin’!

Join Anna and the ROTH Methods to discover the difference between starting and breaking…

coltstarting2019 (002)

 The process of  starting under saddle is one of the most impressionable times of a young horse’s life.  If done correctly, you move smoothly into an ever-lasting partnership. If done incorrectly, you spend many hours, weeks, months, or even years figuring out their history and reassuring them of a non-violent future.

During this week you will learn and practice gentle communication methods.  These methods are proven with positive results around the Globe in all equine disciplines.  They are highly effective, safe and very efficient for not only young, un-started horses but also to reestablish a more cooperative relationship with mature horses as well.Starting the Young Horse Clinic

Goals for students are to learn:

  • Creating a successful program from the ground-up
  • Reading individual horses varying in age, size, breed & background
  • Starting young horses under saddle
  • Demonstrating the starting of remedial horses
  • Methods to start horses in 30 minutes or less!
  • When to use a Round Pen &, more importantly, when not to use a Round Pen
  • How to take the individual horse from the Round Pen to the arena/trail
  • Creating a successful training program for the young horse
  • How to solve your Round Pen issues/overcome challenging situations
  • Bridging the gap from body language to rider!

Tell Me More About Starting vs Breaking

A trio of videos demonstrating Colt Starting the ROTH way!

Watch Anna demo colt starting at the HHC Part I, 2012, Zuma’s Rescue Ranch. Ruckus is a very special young gelding rescued by the ranch from WA state. He came there a very nervous horse and has come a very long way.

Through listening and asking this colt gets the best introductions to round pen, saddle and long lining. 

It’s magic to witness!

Desensitizing Firsts with PMU’s

Equine Angels PMU youngsters have found heaven on Earth at Centerline Stables in Ossining, NY. During her trip Anna is actively involved with their program & provides tips for progress & success. From first touches, fourth rides, through to trail courses – pride fills the day.

Dolly’s Firsts in Norway


In her previous life Dolly’s guardian experienced life from a wheelchair. Having never been ridden, Anna introduces Dolly to her first saddle, bridle and rider at Geilo Hestesenter, Norway. Dolly’s ability to process the lesson is phenomenal.