Bitterroot’s Back, Baby!


Join us for a healing retreat you won’t soon forget!  Expand your knowledge of your horsemanship as it applies to the healing art of Reiki as you become ROTH attuned while you relax and rejuvenate in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world!


Go here to view the full healing opportunity at Bitterroot this Spring!

Reach Out to Horses Colorado Events w/Anna Twinney, 2013

Wow is this year flying!  I can’t believe we’re almost through January.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the holidays.  And even though we’ve started the year off with a bit of a hitch, we are still very excited for what 2013 has in store for us… and what we have in store for you! :)

We are just 3 short weeks away from opening our season here in Colorado, and we hope you’ll join us for a very special year. 

See you soon,

Reach Out to Horses – Trust… Partnership… Results…


image026Reiki I & II & Master Certification Weekend

Learn the Most Popular 
Healing Art in the World! 

Reiki I & II Certification Weekend

Date: February 15th & 16th, Golden, CO
Reiki, translated from Japanese as “Universal Life Force”, is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative healing modalities in the world. Already used in clinics, private practices and hospitals around the globe, people are waking up to the amazing benefits that Reiki can provide. 

Developed as a healing art in early 20th century Japan, Reiki is a holistic, non-invasive technique that heals on all levels of body, mind and spirit. In addition it can enhance other modalities of healing, both traditional and alternative, alleviate pain and has been proven to reduce stress in both humans and animals.

With this unique style of energy healing you can:
• Alleviate stress, fears, worry and frustrations
• Assist the body in cleansing different types of toxins
• Help people break unwanted habits or conditions like smoking, overeating and alcoholism
• Work on anything from your pets, house plants and even your computer!
• and more…

During the two-day certification course Anna will conduct a comprehensive exploration into this Universal healing art. You will discover exactly what Reiki is and how to use it to heal yourself and others. 

Topics that will be covered over the 2-day workshop include:
• The History of Reiki
• Level I & II Reiki Attunement Symbols
• The Proper Use of Reiki
• Starting a Reiki Practice
• Body and Energy Scanning
• Chakras:  What they are and how to use them
• Distant Healing
• And More!
And everyone who attends the workshop gets a full Reiki healing session so you can experience the amazing power of Reiki for yourself.

Through Anna’s fun, powerful and nurturing style she will guide you to your full potential and help you discover what you might never even have thought possible! Whether you haven’t worked with Reiki before, feel it’s time to take the next step or you want to take your Reiki practice to the next level, the workshop you’ve been waiting for.
Cost:  2012 Prices Still in Effect for Colorado!  But it’s going up soon so if you’ve wanted to delve into the powerful world of Reiki, now would be the time to do it!

Reiki I – $175.00         Reiki II – $200.00 
          Full Weekend -$375.00

Space is limited so reserve your spot today.

To reserve your spot go to

or for further information contact Vin at

Reiki Master Certification:*
February 14th – 16th, Golden, CO

If you are ready for your own personal journey and to take the leap to the greater world of Reiki.  This is your chance.

For further information contact:  Anna directly at to sign up for an extraordinary
life changing weekend.
*Minimum of Reiki I & II Certification Required.


Reiki Healing Energy For Horses

Date: February 17th
10am – 5pm

Zuma’s Rescue Ranch Littleton, CO


One of Energy healing’s most effective uses is in the healing of horses.  Horses, and animals in general, are great clients for energy work because they don’t have any preconceived notions or skepticism that often get in the way of human receptivity.  An animal is simply present to the experience.  If it likes it, it likes it and if it doesn’t it leaves:  Simple as that.  
We have found that most horses love Reiki and other forms of energy work.  They will quite often relax into the healing session, lower their heads, keeping a leg cocked in a relaxed position and even close their eyes as they enjoy the sensation.  Many times you can even hear their stomachs gurgle as the healing energy flows through them, clearing energy blocks as it goes.  And when they have had enough, they will often let you know by “waking up” and sometimes even walking away.

During the workshop you will learn how to:
• Ask for “permission” from your animal companions
• Set up a safe energy healing session
• Scan your horse’s body
• Locate chakras
• Listen to your horse and read his body gestures
• Recognize the duration of sessions
• Liaise with friends & clients
• Share experiences and stories to further enhance your practice
Remember that Reiki and other forms of energy and alternative healing is not intended to be a substitute for Western medicine and a vet should always be notified in cases of illness and concern.  But it is a powerful tool and can assist on many levels of healing. 
Join Anna for this very special day as she shows you the most effective way to apply your practice and your skills to the horse.  This is also a great opportunity to review your skills if you are a little rusty or maybe feel like you need a little more instruction.  Improve your skill set, increase your confidence, and heal some horses!

No Prerequisite!  This class is open to everyone who wishes to bring an energy healing practice to the horses and other animals to benefit our fellow planetary companions.

For further information and contact Vin at

For more information about Zuma’s Rescue Ranch visit

Cost: $125 for the entire day of training
 Visit to register now!

Space is limited, reserve your spot today!


Photo by Susan Williams
Photo by Susan Williams

The ROTH Horsemanship Modular Certification Course Returns!

The Modular Course is beginning to fill up so make sure you save your spot NOW!

The Comprehensive Holistic Horsemanship Modular Certification Course.

Take Your Skills To a Whole New Level Through the Art of Holistic Horsemanship.

Join us for the final Modular Course
 and spend 2013 with Anna in Colorado and the ultimate training program.
Whether your goal is to develop solid, well-rounded skills in your own private horsemanship or to become a respected expert in the equine industry, the Reach Out to Horses® Holistic Horsemanship Certification Course is for you.  This comprehensive, modular course is the perfect starting point for equine enthusiasts, potential horse guardians, instructors, trainers, managers, those working in the equine industry and even those seeking to become professional trainers and clinicians.

Over the course of 6 weekends, you will participate in one of the most intensive courses in horsemanship on the planet, learning the exclusive Reach Out to Horses® Gentle Trust-
Based Methodologies.  This is not simply another technique to make your horse “do what it is told.”  This unique program will show you how to develop a true relationship with your horse and create a partnership that serves both horse and human.

Create A Genuine, Trust-Based Partnership with Your Horse.

This program has been carefully designed for more than a decade to give you the solid foundation you need to be successful in any discipline of horsemanship.  You will learn how to give your horse a voice, to understand the horse’s language, and converse using not only body language (that’s just the beginning) but through many different methods.  Topics include: liberty work, round-penning, character and learning style assessment, T.LC., ground-driving, leading, loading, catching, team-penning, problem-solving, spook-busting – and that’s just scratching the surface!  No previous experience is necessary, only a sincere desire to learn the art of creating a true, trust-based relationship with your horse and getting the consistent results you’ve always dreamed of getting.

If the horses have called to you, if you have a heart-felt desire to make a 
difference in the world of the horse, let Anna and the entire 
Reach Out to Horses® Team help you turn that dream into a reality.   
For all the exciting details visit



Food for Thought – The Facts & Myths Behind Food in Training

An Evening Lecture


March 4th, 7:00 pm

Location: The Jefferson County Fairgrounds Golden, CO

The use of food in training is controversial at best.  This evening discussion is your chance to find out the truth and separate fact from fiction.  Anna will share how she has been able to use food successfully in training and will also explain when, how and why food should not be used in certain circumstances and can actually put your training progress back if used incorrectly.

Join Anna and the Colorado Horse Council as Anna dispels the myths and shows you how you can use this powerful tool to help your horse learn new skills, overcome trauma and more…

For more information visit


2012 Poster calmhearts
Anna and the Reach Out to Horses’ Team Return

Once Again to the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo!

Date: March 8th – 10th, 2013

Location: Denver, CO

That’s right!  Join us as Anna shares some amazing insights for the third year in a row.  During her live demonstrations and lectures she will cover everything we teach here are Reach Out to Horses and the how’s and the why’s it applies to your horse! From Energy Work, to Animal Communication, to Anna’s Exclusive Gentle, Trust-Based Reach Out to Horses’ Methodologies, Reiki for Horses and more!  You will get a taste of it all.  

And then, after you’ve been thoroughly amazed and inspired, join us at the Reach Out to Horses’ Booth where we’ll have all our courses and merchandise for you to peruse (Including our new Horse Whispering Defined – A Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Experience DVD), ask Anna all your burning questions, and sign up for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

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 In partnership with the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage.

The Exquisite Art of Animal Communication

Date: April 20th and 21st, 2013

Location: Happy Dog Ranch Littleton, CO

Spend the entire weekend learning how to
 Talk to the Your Animals… No… Really…


Enter A World You Only Thought Possible in Dreams!

Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, you will explore the amazing world of interspecies, telepathic communication, or “animal communication.” Using your inherit gifts, you will be able to telepathically connect and communicate with a being of another species. This two-way communication is accomplished not only with words, but with images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and other intuitive senses.

”There is nothing like being in the energy of the live class environment.  It raises your intuitive and connective abilities immensely!”
During the 2-Day Workshop You Will:
• Experience your innate ability to connect with   Companions
• Learn the reasons behind behavioral issues and how to solve them
• Understand your animals perspective on situations
• Gain new insights into who they really are
• Creating a heart-to-heart connection with your Animal
• Engage in a Long Distance communication with any animal
• Effectively muscle-testing for anything
• Hear the scientific perspective
• And More…

Animal Communication is not supernatural, but a natural way of communicating with animals and even people!  Animals communicate telepathically with one another all the time, we just need to reawaken those intuitive senses to explore this extraordinary skill.
This is a heart-to-heart connection that everyone can experience if they open up, love, and listen to the animals. You will discover the beauty and harmony of the natural world, and awaken to exactly what is possible, when you understand that all living creatures are intelligent beings, with their own feelings, emotions, thoughts, desires and perceptions of life. 

Awaken Your Inherit Ability to Talk to Your Animal Companion!

Cost:  Only $165 per day

For more information contact Vin at

To register visit

Space is Limited So Sign Up Today!

February 2011 Schedule of Events

Please keep checking our website for updates

4th & 5th ~ Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure & Massage – Animal Communication Class “Live & Distance Communication”, Castle Rock, CO Contact: Lisa Speaker

6th ~ Holistic Horse Day, Joder Ranch, Boulder, CO Contact: Reach Out to Horses Location:

16th ~ Holistic Horse Day, Maui, HI    Contact: Yvonne Bringuel

17th – 19th ~ 3-Day Animal Communication Class “Live, Distance & Behavior Modification”, Maui, HI  Contact: Yvonne Bringuel