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Free webinar series

This three-part series starts TONIGHT 1/6/16 at 7pm and will be led by some of the industry’s leading health and wellness experts, so you and your animal can head into the new year healthy as…well, a horse.

January’s FREE Webinar Series begins on the 6th! Mark the Calendar!

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NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: January 6th – 7pm-8:30pm (MST)

A robust discussion of health, wellness and healing and how proper supplementation can enhance your efforts toward optimum health for you and your animal companions. Features Dynamite Gold Executive Directors Judy Sinner and Dr. Regan Golob.
NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP: January 13th – 7pm – 8:30pm (MST)

Anna shares her wisdom regarding establishing boundaries in your partnership with your horses vs. bullying. From liberty work to performance horses, how do you give your horse a voice and create a true trust-based partnership.
ESSENTIAL OILS: January 20th – 6pm-7:30pm (MST)

Anna, along with Carol Komitor (founder of Healing Touch for Animals)share their expertise and talk about the impact Essential Oils can have on Body, Mind and Spirit for you and your animals.

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Meet Marvin and share in his journey to wellness!

Animal Communication with Anna Twinney
After a communication session, Marvin is on the road to wellness


I wanted to give you an update on my paint gelding, Marvin. We live in northeastern Washington State.  You had a communication session with us on March 24.  What you sensed that was going on in Marvin was that we were not yet quite on top of what he was suffering from.   You sensed something was not well in his stomach and or in organs and close proximity. You mentioned that his decline was happening very slowly, in fact the phrase that came to you was’ killing me softly.’   Talk about something being in his system and that his immune system was not kicking in. You noted that he might die if we could not get a handle on it.   You also noticed  muscle atrophy in his hind end that was making walking difficult. 

Right after we spoke I put Marvin on a daily regimen of Miracle Clay for two weeks, thinking he might have an ulcer after my continued use of bute.  I did yet more research on selenium and started supplementing him with vitamin C and vitamin E.  I have him on Dynamite Plus and Dynamite HES,  hoping the positive impacts of increased protein and fat would offset the small amount selenium present (selenium toxicity is  something Marvin has been struggling with and is also what killed my beloved Stallion, Autograph ).  I also rub thieves oil into his navel area almost every day.

In the last week I could swear Marvin is actually putting on a little weight and moving a little bit easier. The light in his eyes is a little brighter.   Yesterday I walked him one third of a mile to my neighbors and put him in their pasture.    After introducing him to their gelding Sam across the fence we put them out together.    They took to each other immediately and started munching side-by-side. Today when I went up to see Marvin both of them were lying sprawled out in the sun next to each other, soaking up the rays.   When Marvin got up he strode toward me as though nothing had ever been wrong.   Anything that was off in his movement was barely perceptible…   But then I might have just been so excited I didn’t notice! 

I don’t know if he’s truly healing or not. But I have no doubt that being with a companion and being somewhere new has brought new life to him in just one day.   If he ever chooses to walk into your thoughts and tell you how he’s feeling, please do share!    I am joyful at what I’m seeing right now and I am also ever committed to continuing to work to heal whatever is causing him harm

Thank you so much for your guidance. You are a blessing! 

Laura and Marvin

UPDATE: Marvin has improved dramatically, at least by all outward measures.  His ribs no longer show, he has shed out beautifully, his feet are strong and healthy, and he strides with great purpose and only a slight hint of what I believe to be arthritis.  A far cry from when he could barely move and there was distress in his eyes just a few months ago.  And he is expressing his old ‘attitude’ too, slightly bossy but not at all intrusive.  Just wants me to know he is THERE!  I love seeing that again.  I have so much hope!

Latest Article by Anna

In Volume 15 Issue 2 of Natural Horse Magazine Anna Answeres this question;
Q: I have a one-eyed horse as Tobi had lost his eye to cancer.  Do you have any special tips or things to keep in mind while doing training with her?  Ed, Apache Junction, Arizona

Ask the experts; gives readers the opportunity to have their most pressing questions answered by leading professionals among the natural equine community.

If you haven’t checked out Natural Horse Mag, we highly recommend it. Natural training and health care.


Top 10 Body Language Postures in Equine
Who hasn’t taken the time to sit and enjoy her horse on a warm summer evening, soaking in the beauty of his personality, behavior and demeanor? Observing our horses can bring great pleasure and peace, but if we are paying attention it can also help us to gain an immense understanding of their nature. Let Anna guide you through signs for:

1. Awareness
2. Move
3. Listening/focus
4. Play
5. Mutual grooming
6. Licking and chewing
7. Curiosity
8. Flehmen
9. Worry and
10. Flight mode

Bonus! From the laetest ROTH Newsletter

Read All About It ~ Anna’s Q & A Response:

Hi, Anna
I am a Level II Reiki practitioner and will be taking a three-day course to become a Level III/Master this coming weekend. I have watched your video entitled “Reiki Energy Healing for Horses” a few times and just offered Reiki to an ailing geriatric horse (33 yrs.) with colic yesterday off and on for about 3 hours. He was in terrible pain. This horse, Bartender, belongs to a friend of mine. The vet picked him up last night so he could get an IV of fluids, as he would not drink any water. He just died today. His stable-mate, Stanley, is no doubt in terrible grief. They were inseparable. Would the love lessons Reiki exercise be the best to relieve Stanley of his grief and allow him to get it out fully? Or, if you can suggest a good Reiki hand position or protocol to facilitate this healing, I would really appreciate it.

Cecilia Vohl, NV

Hi Cecilia,

Im not sure to begin with the congratulations part as you embark on your Reiki master attunement or to send my condolences for the loss of such a warrior. He was fortunate to have both your friend and yourself there to support him through this experience. Now in a peaceful place and on a new journey.

Reiki will certainly support Stanley as he experiences his own path and grief. As you offer the loving energy, he will know how to heal himself naturally. It may be that he appreciates the peace and calm for that moment or it may be that he releases all that which no longer serves him. We are not here to know if it will extend to a complete healing, but the offer of Reiki will support him during his grief. For me, I tend to offer Reiki as a whole, as you stand close-by you will intuitively know whether you place your hands in the “love lessons” positions or if that becomes too invasive at this time. As you begin to offer the energy, watch for Stanley to show you where to best place your hands and take his direct guidance. Speak softly and allow your thoughts to reach him.