A Voice for the Voiceless, A Balm for Hearts, A Boost for Good Causes, A Time to Expand

Anna Twinney’s lifelong quest to create harmony for humans and horses expands to public speaking

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Elizabeth, Jan 17, 2019 (Issuewire.com)  – It is the off-travel season for veteran equine professional Anna Twinney and yet it’s her peak season behind the scenes as she creates the New Year’s calendar, launches online courses and writes books. Her winters are cherished times with her young son, Joseph, and her husband, Vincent. The rest of the year, Anna is rarely home. Her passion, her business, and her moral directive take her around the globe to help people and horses connect on a deeper level, for multiple purposes. While her travels will never completely cease, the future will see Anna embracing new opportunities to share her message in story form, on the stage. With one book published and another one in the queue, be on the lookout for Anna Twinney on the speaking circuit in the near future.

Anna realizes the power of making a life-changing difference in just touching one life.  “It’s time to expand and reach more people”, Anna explains. “We are limited with the amount of change we can make through workshops. The experiences I’ve had, the lessons I’ve learned from a lifetime of helping people find themselves so they can connect with animals has given me so many powerful stories of hope, love, kindness, wisdom, inspiration, and insight. Times are intense and turbulent. Imagine the impact yet to be made through collaboration. I’m looking forward to working from a stage and helping hundreds if not thousands of people with these talks,” she continued.

Anna started her career with the idea that she’d combine her experience as a police officer with horsemanship in order to help her fellow officers, military veterans, and survivors of traumatic experiences. Her natural talent for teaching, along with her insight into equine behavior blossomed into a perpetual world tour and a revolution in horsemanship. While her heart truly knows no borders, she’s most fulfilled when she’s working to help those who’ve given of themselves to protect and serve others.

Each year, Anna works with dozens of nonprofits to create events to elevate skill and knowledge surrounding horses (as well as other animals). Nearly all of those events are designed to help raise funds to assist the charities in their work. In an effort to expand her reach, Anna put together a DVD titled, “In Partnership with Horses” and offered it at no charge to one thousand facilities around the globe. The DVD is still available. Anna’s schedule, however, is full. She’s booked solid, often 18 to 24 months in advance.

To learn more about Anna’s work in Equine Facilitated Learning visit: https://annatwinneyevents.com/2018/04/29/the-orgin-of-passion/

To order “In Partnership with Horses” visit: http://www.reachouttohorses.com/dvd.html

To discuss a speaking engagement please email vin@reachouttohorses.com

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In Partnership with Horses DVD is HERE!


Anna’s latest DVD, In Partnership with Horses, has finally come to fruition!  Please follow the link below to pre-order your copy today!  I want to Pre-Order In Partnership With Horses!

Please also visit our website for more information on Anna’s methods and ideologies and to find out how you can Reach Out to Gentle Horsemanship yourself!

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Running for Zuma’s Rescue Ranch

Our good friend Paul is running the Colfax Marathon to support Zuma’s Rescue Ranch (and show everyone just how out of shape Vin is in comparison). Find out how you can be a part of rescuing both horses and at-risk youths. A very special place, very special people!


Zuma’s Rescue Ranch: Salvation for children, families, and horses. Zuma’s Rescue Ranch supports at-risk youth and rescued horses so that they can help one another heal the wounds in their hearts and minds. At the ranch, horses
who were destined for slaughter are rescued, rehabilitated, and trained so that they can help children who have been similarly discarded by our failing system in Zuma’s Equine Assisted Learning (ZEAL) sessions.

To learn more and find out how you can help, please visit
http://www.zumasrescueranch.com/ today.

Zuma’s is an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible. Please support these children and horses. Lives are not disposable.

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Testimonials from Students

“Reach Out to Wisdom is a profoundly safe environment in which to be held while you grow and learn. A life-changing experience!” – Dana Stuart Bullock, New York, NY
“I arrived a skeptic and left having experienced the greatest life changing event of my life. Vin, Anna, and the horses brought the feelings I lost so many years ago and now feel confident enough and brave enough to get back – Thank you.”
– Gary Preston, United Kingdom

“I Loved the way the 3 days were guided and the closeness and feeling of safety that developed with everyone that I felt. The horses were awesome too, such great guides.”
– Linda Hancock, Firestone, CO

“This leap of faith has rewarded me more than I could have imagined.”
– Sarah Brown, Louisville, KY