Anna is proud to be teaming up with the Horse Protection League in Golden who greeted ROTH with open arms. Such a broad spectrum of horses attended from virtually untouched Arabians, 2 yrs old Mustang, ex-teaser, through to behavior modification requirements and school masters. In 3 days alone the horses learned to trust and accept leadership from their handlers. Some of the variety that crossed my path and the EXTREME positive changes were captured!

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Students show and tell Instructors……… How it’s done


From little to large everyone is welcome at Ray of Light Farms in CT. ROTH’s Holistic Horsemanship certification program students practice the language of the horse in paddocks & the close proximity of stalls. Our finale; our instructor students are directed by students during team-penning with a potential hurricane on the radar.

Can we be friends???

The First Touch

Individuals from all around the Globe join Anna Twinney in Cody, WY to experience the connection with wild horses. Its here they learn to connect through energy, body language, intention and thoughts. Its here they learn the whisper from the Mustangs themselves. Its here they learn from amazing teachers, the natives, the horses.

The Class Clowns

Anna is privileged to demonstrate the communication between horse and human with 2 colts at the Agriculture College in Norway. She is given 2 quite rambunctious individuals to assess personalities & characters. Watch as she explains how to interpret the whispers and how the horses settle within moments through the trust based leadership.

Be Honest…Who doesn’t like a Pedi???

Norway and The Farrier


Anna’s invited to assess multiple horses for the farrier – all saved up for her trip & all displaying behavioral challenges in need of modification. Anna’s first charge would rear and bombard her handlers while her 2nd charge had only been trimmed with a twitch and sedation in 9 years.


TRUST me it works!!!


Having prepared this young Icelandic colt for his first sadde, bridle & rider over the 3-day Natural Horsemanship clinic at the Geilo Hestesenter – Anna shows you the values of a trust based partnership during her colt starting demo.