Einstein, the World’s Smallest Stallion Loves his Equi-Spirit Ball

Einstein with his Equi-Spirit Ball --photo copyright Charlie Cantrell

Equi-Spirit Toys & Tools have become the leader in horse play balls throughout the world. This ranch based business which started from the huge play drive of an orphan foal saved from auction has shown the value of play to their horse’s well-being.

“Horses from all backgrounds are having a ball with Equi-Spirit toys”, says co-creator Lisa Ross-Williams. “From Andalusian and Friesian stallions, cutting and reining horses, dressage competitors and beloved backyard horses, all are benefiting from this unique, extra durable 40″ horse play ball”. Lisa continues, “Even Kentucky Derby winner 2009, Mine That Bird is an Equi-Spirit ball supporter.”

Now, Equi-Spirit can add another equine celebrity to their long list of satisfied horse customers–Einstein, the world’s smallest stallion and international media phenomenon. Charlie Cantrell, Einstein’s owner stated via email, “We want to let you know we received the Equi-Spirit ball and our little stud Einstein had a grand time playing with it. It is now his favorite toy! We are beginning our national book tour and will be appearing on many major talk shows and in print media.”

When born, Einstein weighed only 6 pounds and stood 14 inches tall. The book about his life, A Friend For Einstein-The Smallest Stallion was just released and is on the New York Times Best Seller list. For more information about Einstein, visit his website at www.smalleststallion.com

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