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While I am an American citizen and the U.S. is very much my home, the land from which my heart springs is actually the UK.  However, my time in England was divided between my childhood and early adult years with a portion of my life during which I lived in Germany.  Germany is where I first had real access to horses, and where I learned so much of my early horsemanship technique.  But the natural horsemanship methods kept calling me to the west, and so I went. Still, this country feels like home to me, and I make an annual effort to return to it and the people there to bring back what it is I originally came to America to learn.
Annually I travel through Europe after visiting the UK, where I return to Germany and often make a stop-off in Denmark.  Animal Communication paves the way for exceptional horsemanship clinics in which there is no line where one begins and the other ends.  We incorporate them both, equally, along with energy healing, of course!
As I look forward it seems as though it’s nearly time to return, but for now, we bring you memories from this past year’s accomplishments and memories from my travels abroad.
Animal Communication in the UK is always sure to provide a wonderful time.  The horses and indeed the rest of the animals are deeply connected to the land there, where sheep and horses roam green fields together, and their shepherd dogs oversee their safety.

This much hard work during the day requires some respite in the afternoons. And just as the “man-cave” is a phenomenon in the U.S., we found a charming location with a similar theme available to the ladies on the clinic.


Helping Rhinos One

Talk at a Time


The next time I set foot in the UK, I will be featured as a keynote speaker for the Animal Energy World Conference.  Join us at the link below for details on the three-day event or join me there for either of the days I will be speaking!  In 2020, this conference will be supporting Helping Rhinos, a species that has nearly met its demise at the hands of human greed.  We hope to support the Rhinos, to bring attention to their cause, and to restore them to their rightful stature as one of Africa’s most majestic land mammals.

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ROTH Reiki and Energy Healing travels to the U.K.

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Katherine Beard:
Reiki Masters – a beautiful experience facilitated by Anna Twinney giving us the space to examine our own healing pathway/our own heart truth and the opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves us thus allowing new paths to unfold.
Claire Preddy:
When you set out on the Reiki journey the path isn’t always smooth and you get what you need maybe over what you want or expect.  For me It was the release of labels.  We are all given labels and judgements as we travel through life. Until I set out on my Reiki Master path I was unaware that the most hurtful of the labels/judgements had stuck and become “me”.  I defined myself through them totally unaware I was doing so.  The healer had to be healed and it was a distressing process.  I always knew it was to be Anna who attuned me to Reiki Master, no one else would do and I can think of no other person I would trust with the task of helping me heal.  She is a gifted soul who can hold space to provide the safety you need and the wisdom to guide you through the process.  Thank you for listening to my call Anna; blessings and gratitude always.
Julia Flower:
After completing two of Anna’s webinars and watching her DVDs I felt really excited to be in her presence and spending time with her has been a real highlight in my life.  I have completed Reiki 2.

The 2013 European Tour Dates!

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Anna will be throughout Europe this year! Check out the NEWSLETTER to see it in detail, complete with videos!


  • Three Day Animal Communication – England and Germany
  • Ride with ROTH – France
  • Holistic Horse Day – Switerland, Denmark, and Germany
  • Reiki I & II and for Horses – Denmark
  • 5 – Days of Horsemanship – Denmark
  • 2 – Days of Holistic Horsemanship – Germany

Braveheart~The Bunny who would be free

Braveheart was a very lively bunny and would literally bounce out of your hands. He was happy and content in his hutch but after a few weeks I thought I would try him in a run. He escaped through the bars. We found him next day living by the stables under a tipped up paving slab and he was easily re caught and returned to his hutch. He was just too little and dumb to survive out there; a sitting target really.

Weeks passed and he grew and grew and I thought he is now too big to escape through the bars of his run. Wrong! Off he went again this time about a 100 yards away outside  a wrecked barn; he was living in a pipe. I could have caught him; I could get real close to him; I wanted to recapture him – for me – but I just couldn’t. I had given him the best chance of survival and I had to let him stay free. I saw him for several days after that and then nothing though my dog Ben took real interest in some old pallets nearby the barn. I asked the universe to let me see him just one more time to know he was ok. And I believe I did.

One morning, sitting in front of the pallets was a bunny about his size. I got real close again and (after dashing to the car for the binoculars) was able to see him close up. I am convinced it was him. I called him and spoke to him and he didn’t scoot away as the ‘wild’ rabbits do he went on nibbling, but every time I spoke he flicked an ear in my direction. I left him in peace; I knew he was ok.

Claire Preddy, Yorkshire, England

Beth Darrall on the Reaching Out with Anna Twinney Podcast

Beth Darrall
Beth Darrall

Beth Darrall – Founder of the European School for Equine Bowen Therapy.

Anna sits down with Beth Darrall as she gives a great introduction to Bowen’s Therapy. She talks about the origins of the therapy, how the Bowen’s techinque works, what attracted her to this healing modality and why it is so effective for humans and animals alike.

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