In Partnership with Horses as Healers

Equine Facilitated Learning or Equine Facilitated Therapy is a vast ocean of nuances and subtleties. What means something to one person might be misinterpreted or completely misunderstood by another. We can’t really assess a horse to see if they would be as a therapy horse and Anna Twinney (founder of Reach Out to Horses and life coach for over 30 years) explains why in this lecture at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. She also goes into how we can support our therapy and coaching horses to make sure that the exchange is not a one-way transaction of them only supporting us.

To purchase Anna’s DVD set: In Partnership with Horses as our coaches, healers, messengers, and teachers, go here: Take me to the DVD

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As the Gratitude Continues to Roll in, We are Grateful for All that You Do.


Dear Anna,

Thank you for the DVD.  We are grateful to the folks who nominated us.  We feel here at Brook Hill that we learn everyday from the horses and individuals who come into our lives.


Tracy R. Assistant Director of Brook Hill Farm


A. Muriel wrote:

Dear Anna,

I was delighted to receive your DVD, “In Partnership with Horses,” and I look forward very much to watching it.

You are spot on in your analysis of the challenges facing many of us in the EAAT community.  We have been working with Parelli for several years, and I don’t know where we would be without natural horsemanship.

Looking forward to being in contact!


And from Windrush Farm in Andover, MA:

Thank you for the anonymous in-kind gift to Windrush Farm.

Your kind support enables our amazing clients to experience the benefits of horseback riding and spending time with our wonderful therapy horses.


Janet Nittman, CEO


We are still expressing our gratitude to all of the Non-Profits who work in the Equine Facilitated Therapy and Equine Facilitated Learning areas.  We seek to support the horses who have given their lives to support us in our efforts.  In Partnership with Horses is still available FREE to qualifying Non-Profit Organizations.  If you suspect you qualify please send us an email at and we will verify and send one straight away to support you and your efforts.  Again, thank you for all you do and much gratitude and love to the horses and people who selflessly serve in these roles in our lives.



In Partnership with Horses Sneak Peek is Here…


Reach Out to Horses presents “In Partnership with Horses” a DVD series to benefit Equine Facilitated Learning Programs
“We are just beginning to unlock the greater gifts that horses have to give us,” said Vincent Mancarella, Creative Director of Reach Out to Horses, a comprehensive educational program dedicated to helping humans better understand the animals they love. Reach Out to Horses founder and presenter, Anna Twinney focuses her teaching largely on horses but extends her knowledge and wisdom in support of all animals. In keeping with her two-decade quest to “give voice to the voiceless”, ROTH is releasing their 12th educational DVD. In Partnership with Horses is the second release that ROTH has offered to nonprofit organizations at no cost.
In Partnership with Horses explores the world of equine assisted learning, coaching and healing programs designed to benefit those people who need the healing touch of the horses.
Horses have been our companions for millennia; those who work alongside or engage with horses regularly, understand their seemingly magical therapeutic abilities. Countless manes have caught the tears of the bereaved and downtrodden. They’ve encouraged and inspired mankind, healed us, strengthened us and taught us. Both soft and strong, horses have borne our burdens, physically and mentally. Only in recent years has the term Equine Facilitated Learning been coined.
Filmed at The Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding facility in Naugatuck, Connecticut, In Partnership with Horses delves into the language of the horse, the relationship of energy, intention and telepathy as a means to help program instructors and volunteers understand how to be best support horses working in these highly effective programs.  
“Much like a human therapist can experience burn out … so do horses,” explains Anna. “This DVD is truly a “how-to” guide for everything from placing the horses in the roles for which they are best suited, to understanding the messages they give you in a clear manner.”
In addition, the 2-DVD program gives powerful tips and a look inside the workings of a successful EFL program from the volunteers, to the instructors, to the board of directors, giving a leg up to those programs struggling or just starting off.
“In Partnership with Horses is a culmination of twenty years of working almost exclusively with nonprofit organizations. We’ve seen top-notch programs flounder due to poor business decisions and we’ve seen programs suffer due to a lack of understanding of the horse’s true nature. We wanted to help,” said Anna. 

Is Your Equine Facilitated Learning Program as Well-Developed as It Could Be?

Exciting times here at ROTH as our latest DVD, In Partnership with Horses, is nearly ready for release!  Learn how to truly partner with horses and how to build your Equine Facilitated Learning/Therapy Program to its most robust and dynamic potential.  When you pre-order, you not only get the pre-order price, but we will also donate a free copy to the PATH certified program of your choosing.  Don’t wait because they are going fast!


For more information on ordering and what you can expect on this new DVD, please click on the link below.

In Partnership with Horses DVD

In Partnership with Horses is Nearly Here! You Can Still Pre-Order at a Discounted Rate and We Will Donate One Free Copy to the Non-Profit EFL Organization of Your Choice!


Visit our website at: In Partnership With Horses to learn more and order your copy today!

Running for Zuma’s Rescue Ranch

Our good friend Paul is running the Colfax Marathon to support Zuma’s Rescue Ranch (and show everyone just how out of shape Vin is in comparison). Find out how you can be a part of rescuing both horses and at-risk youths. A very special place, very special people!

Zuma’s Rescue Ranch: Salvation for children, families, and horses. Zuma’s Rescue Ranch supports at-risk youth and rescued horses so that they can help one another heal the wounds in their hearts and minds. At the ranch, horses
who were destined for slaughter are rescued, rehabilitated, and trained so that they can help children who have been similarly discarded by our failing system in Zuma’s Equine Assisted Learning (ZEAL) sessions.

To learn more and find out how you can help, please visit today.

Zuma’s is an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible. Please support these children and horses. Lives are not disposable.

Help Paul raise funds for Zuma's Rescue Ranch at the Colfax Marathon!

A Beautiful Update from the Reach Out to Wisdom Course

On My drive home from the course some things came flooding back to me. I used to work with animals, and due to an illness I was side tracked as the physical work became too much. I had fears of returning to sanctuary work because I felt I might “let the animals down again”. (Silly Stories) Boy was I feeling sorry for myself!

How could I continue to help animals and the natural world if I could not physically do anything?

At a lose for what direction to move into, I sought out a life coach…..This must be 8 years ago now. It was a 3 day workshop that  I took with her and 2 other students. I was not expecting a new direction with animals, more like having to accept the fate of doing something I do not love or care about. But by the end of that workshop I felt so confident in my direction as an Animal Healer. I dove into Animal Communication, and took two beginner classes with two different instructors. Carol Gurney being the last one where I met Anna.

I came home and took a Reiki 1 class, and I began practicing. Well self doubt met me every step of the way, and it got the best of me. I hung up my Reiki, and the animal communication was also drowned out for the most part. It was still there, the animals were still talking to me, but I just did not engage for the most part.

It was clear to me after being in the Reach Out To Wisdom course I was to revisit these things again. It was clear because of the Joy that filled my heart when I thought about them. Absolute JOY!! These things were just lovingly waiting there for me until I returned.

My intention is to focus on animal healing, and the environment. I wanted it to be painless on my bank account, and be as near to my home as possible. I love how the universe answers! There was a walk for animals last year for a local shelter, and I participated in it with a group. The group organizer is also an animal communicator. I knew she also practiced some different healing modalities, but was not aware of what her focus was. I was not having much luck researching online, so I emailed her………..

She emailed me back saying she is a Reiki Master, and her focus was on the animals & the environment, and she was starting a  new class in October, and would I like to attend? She charges a nominal fee because she does not want people to be deterred from taking the class.  Beautiful!

Pepper the horse that was giving the big message all summer to take the Wisdom course first before any other, and walking away from me, etc., is now walking over to me, hugging me, loving me………….I have opened myself up, and am letting the Reiki flow, and some of the horses there are responding incredibly even getting in line to receive.

I did one of your meditations away from the horses the other day. I was outside up on a hill. I visited Pepper before I hiked up there, and he was very busy grazing, and so off I went. After the meditation I returned to the barn. As I approached the pasture…………..there was Pepper waiting at the gate for me. I offered a heart connection like the one I shared with Dakota and it was beautiful!

So I am flying high and feeling good, and I will continue to say thank you over and over! Thank You.

Jennifer from Maryland