At the end of day one I thought, “This has been one of the best days of my life.”  At the end of day two I thought, “This has been one of the best days of my life.”  At the end of day three I thought, “ This has been one of the best days of my life, and I can’t believe the weekend went so fast!” The Vin and Anna team, along with the horses, created a magical learning experience and I am so grateful.
THANK YOU – Dawn Lesinski, CT

INSPIRING-CALIBRATING-SOFTENING!Thank you for allowing me to find the authentic me and to feel how that feels – magical!
Rebecca Hoppe – United Kingdom

Taking three days out of my regular routine to stop and reflect and refocus would not have been possible had not Anna &Vin given me the opportunity.  Once enrolled & begun, their guidance, clarity, vision, & exceptional teaching styles & language reintroduced me to what is truly important and honorable about being alive.  The possibilities are all ours; to be reminded that to be of service is foremost was refreshing.
Thank you – Elizabeth Marvin, VT

Working with Vin and Anna and the amazing horses and animals at Ray of Light Farm has opened new energy and understanding.  I decided to come to this workshop as soon as  I saw it offered and having little understanding of what to expect, the three days were beyond any reality I had embraced.
Thank you – Lynn Lewis, NY

The Reach Out to Wisdom course was a wonderful three day course to participate in. Vin & Anna created a safe environment to let your guard down and be able to take a deep look within yourself.  What I was able to learn about myself was eye opening and very inspiring.
Jessica Guerrera, CT

Wax on..Wax Off…Rub the Horse.

Taking a look at Equine Massage Therapy


Guest Speaker, Nanette Dieterle, demonstrates the values of equine massage during the ROTH Holistic Horsemanship course. Learn pain & relaxation/release indicators. Take valuable insights home for your own horses well-being.

It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Trailering Techniques using food as reward!!!


There is an art to understanding the language of Equus, especially when it comes to trailer loading. Are you shutting your horse down? Are you using too much pressure? Are you only using negative reinforcement? Let Ima, a PMU mare from Ray of Light Farms, share her story with you through her body language. Watch the effects of positive reinforcement & where food can be used as rewar


The high-light of Anna’s year includes the 2-week holistic horsemanship certification course. This year, held at Ray of Light Farms, East Haddam, CT. Students from all around the Globe immerse themselves into learning the language of Equus from the ground up. With over 20 yrs of experience Anna shares secrets in body language, inter-species communication and more.

“Don’t LOOK at me in that tone of voice.”



Occasionally we are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience out of the ordinary situations. During the Holistic Horse Course at Ray of Light Farms in East Haddam, Petie, a PMU yearling colt, reached out to a Swedish student. Suspected he may be partially deaf and going through a huge growth spurt, flexibility within the RP was key to establish a trust-based partnership to assess his personality.

ROTH new Foal Gentling DVD Filming

If you haven’t heard, Anna traveled to Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam, CT to film, in partnership with Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary, the new Reach Out to Horses Foal Gentling DVD series, scheduled to come out in mid 2010.  She worked with some beautiful foals rescued from the Premarin manufacturing farms in Canada.  They were some of the most precious, special and smart little guys and girls she’s ever worked with.  One was even fortunate enough to be adopted at the end of the filming week!

And the DVD series is going to be just as special as the foals.  This isn’t going to be a just another “horse video”.  We have brought together an INCREDIBLE group of professionals to make the best, state of the art, documentary quality, instructional video tool you will ever see.

When you see what this collaboration has created, you will be as blown away as we are.  This is a must have tool for anyone working with, training and gentling foals.

Thanks to Ray, Bonnie, Mum, and then entire crew for an amazing experience. You are all the BEST!