Hope for Horses Slated for Slaughter

There are several ways a horse can end up in the slaughter house, and just as many ways to rescue them.

Anna Twinney with PMU foal

Robyn Dolby, of Woodbury, adopted a horse through a rescue program seven years ago. Her horse, Tytus, is an enormous black percheron that weighs 1,400 pounds and 18 “hands” high. A “hand” is the standard method of measuring a horse and equals 4 inches.

Tytus came from Equine Angels Rescue, E.A.R., of New Milford, which has rescued 100s of PMU foals over the last 11 years. Premarin, or PMU, stands for pregnant mare urine.

Dolby said Tytus is a wonderful riding horse. “When we went to get him there were about a dozen foals there. They were shy with humans, and they would only let you get a little close before they would run away,” she said.

“He was scared at first, but he didn’t suffer before we got him. They ween the foals too early, but when Frank gets them, the farmers will let them stay with their mother longer,” Dolby said, speaking of Frank Weller, founder of the non-profit organization,Equine Angels Rescue, E.A.R.

Weller’s first experience working with the foals affected him deeply. “We took two hours to feed 240 of the foals and I stayed overnight with them.  The energy that came off of them was very intense, very inspiring. The foals hadn’t had the benefit of being around people or other horses so they are very……click here to read full article.

Saving Horses One at a Time

Offering a “ray of light” to assist foals that are the by-product of the drug industry.

By Karena Garrity

Rescuing forgotten foals from certain death has become common place for Bonnie Buongiorne, founder of Ray of Light Farm. For the past five years, Boungiorne and her dedicated staff have worked hard to ensure that foals, who are the unfortunate “by-products” of the Premarin drug industry (which uses pregnant mare urine to create menopause drugs), find a safe haven and a “ray of light” at this small non-profit farm in East Haddam.

This year, Boungiorne along with transport provided by EARS (Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary in New Milford, CT), was able to offer sanctuary to eight such…… click here to read the full article.