In Partnership with Horses as Healers

Equine Facilitated Learning or Equine Facilitated Therapy is a vast ocean of nuances and subtleties. What means something to one person might be misinterpreted or completely misunderstood by another. We can’t really assess a horse to see if they would be as a therapy horse and Anna Twinney (founder of Reach Out to Horses and life coach for over 30 years) explains why in this lecture at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. She also goes into how we can support our therapy and coaching horses to make sure that the exchange is not a one-way transaction of them only supporting us.

To purchase Anna’s DVD set: In Partnership with Horses as our coaches, healers, messengers, and teachers, go here: Take me to the DVD

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Our Gratitude Speaks when We Care and We Share the ROTH Way


As a result of the many donations Anna sends we often get lovely expressions of gratitude that come seemingly out of the blue!  It always brings a smile to our faces and warms our hearts to know that people are enjoying learning about the methods and bringing the message to their volunteers and other cooperating organizations.




Thanks, Monica, and This Old Horse!  We slaute the work you do in the world on behalf of the Mustangs!

Want to know more about the DVD referenced here, Whispers from the Wild Ones? 

Show me how to Capture the Whisper!

Or, does it intrigue you, the idea of gentling one of America’s last, great, wild icons?  Discover the Untouched Horse Course in California at the Wild Horse Sanctuary this August? Go here for all the details!

Tell me about gentling the wild ones


We also got this message on Facebook from a student of the methods, Cynthia Lawson Greene of Sumner, MI, who was able to apply what she learned in Foals In Training DVD to her Mustang, Scarlet:

“Anna, we have your DVD set on foal training…we have applied it to gentling out mustang, Scarlet. I never thought about running and massaging the ears and surrounding area…Thank you. First time I did Scarlet pulled away some but now I can touch them at will…she is a sweetheart…thank you!”

Cynthia, we are SO pelased to hear that the FIT methods were easily applicable to Scarlet!  Thank YOU for offering a good home to the Mustangs!  We sincerely appreciate those of you who do.

This is just one more testimonial to the fact that the ROTH methods are NOT A COOKIE-CUTTER SYSTEM, but rather a methodology based in the language of Equus, which can be applied to each horse individually based on their learning style, likes/dislikes, personality, character and personal history.  When we use the language of the horse to speak and to request their collaboration, it eliminates the barriers that other “training systems” can create.  We are always thrilled to get messages of gratitude!  Thanks again, Cynthia, for Reaching Out to Share in the Success!

To learn more about the Foals in Training DVD, you can go here:

Tell me about Foals in Training the DVD

And, of course, the Foals have thier own course as well!  Learn how to start them right, from the ground up, and discover a path to partnership rather than a dominance-based, training relationship.

Foals In Training the Course!


Notable Mention for Reiki for Horses from our friend, Amy, at Gentlehealing…


Incorporating her decades of experience in equine behavior, herd dynamics, body language and inter-species communication, Anna will show you how the ancient art of Reiki, and almost any healing modality, can be safely adapted from humans to horses.  She will also share her secrets of how to read your horse, give them a voice and create the exact healing session they need and desire.


Thank, Amy!  For sharing in the mission of energetic healing for all species, and especially our horses, we salute you!

Does Reiki for horses interest you?  Join us in Franktown, CO, this December the 3rd for Reiki Energy Healing for Horses.  Follow the link here to get signed up and enjoy a day of healing and horses with ROTH!  Sign up today because we have limited spaces available for this unique event.

Reiki for Horses



In Partnership with Horses Sneak Peek is Here…


Reach Out to Horses presents “In Partnership with Horses” a DVD series to benefit Equine Facilitated Learning Programs
“We are just beginning to unlock the greater gifts that horses have to give us,” said Vincent Mancarella, Creative Director of Reach Out to Horses, a comprehensive educational program dedicated to helping humans better understand the animals they love. Reach Out to Horses founder and presenter, Anna Twinney focuses her teaching largely on horses but extends her knowledge and wisdom in support of all animals. In keeping with her two-decade quest to “give voice to the voiceless”, ROTH is releasing their 12th educational DVD. In Partnership with Horses is the second release that ROTH has offered to nonprofit organizations at no cost.
In Partnership with Horses explores the world of equine assisted learning, coaching and healing programs designed to benefit those people who need the healing touch of the horses.
Horses have been our companions for millennia; those who work alongside or engage with horses regularly, understand their seemingly magical therapeutic abilities. Countless manes have caught the tears of the bereaved and downtrodden. They’ve encouraged and inspired mankind, healed us, strengthened us and taught us. Both soft and strong, horses have borne our burdens, physically and mentally. Only in recent years has the term Equine Facilitated Learning been coined.
Filmed at The Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding facility in Naugatuck, Connecticut, In Partnership with Horses delves into the language of the horse, the relationship of energy, intention and telepathy as a means to help program instructors and volunteers understand how to be best support horses working in these highly effective programs.  
“Much like a human therapist can experience burn out … so do horses,” explains Anna. “This DVD is truly a “how-to” guide for everything from placing the horses in the roles for which they are best suited, to understanding the messages they give you in a clear manner.”
In addition, the 2-DVD program gives powerful tips and a look inside the workings of a successful EFL program from the volunteers, to the instructors, to the board of directors, giving a leg up to those programs struggling or just starting off.
“In Partnership with Horses is a culmination of twenty years of working almost exclusively with nonprofit organizations. We’ve seen top-notch programs flounder due to poor business decisions and we’ve seen programs suffer due to a lack of understanding of the horse’s true nature. We wanted to help,” said Anna. 

In Partnership with Horses is Nearly Here! You Can Still Pre-Order at a Discounted Rate and We Will Donate One Free Copy to the Non-Profit EFL Organization of Your Choice!


Visit our website at: In Partnership With Horses to learn more and order your copy today!

In Partnership with Horses DVD is HERE!


Anna’s latest DVD, In Partnership with Horses, has finally come to fruition!  Please follow the link below to pre-order your copy today!  I want to Pre-Order In Partnership With Horses!

Please also visit our website for more information on Anna’s methods and ideologies and to find out how you can Reach Out to Gentle Horsemanship yourself!

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Horse Whispering Defined

Its a time to take the art of horse whispering to a deeper level. Horse whispering is not a secret skill, this seemingly magic ability is for everyone. The truth is its for all ages, all breeds, disciplines and circumstances. Its more than a method or technique its true communication! Come join us.

Join Anna at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO as she demonstrates what makes Reach Out to Horses so unique and effective. Anna covers personality and character assessment, TLC training, Reiki for Horses, the proper use of food in training and lots more! Here’s a taste…