URGENT: Proposal to 86 adoption program means DEATH in the GAS CHAMBER!!!


Hi Everyone,

As you know, the SPCA rescues hundreds of puppies and family dogs slated for euthanasia in southern shelters each year.  One of the largest shelters we work with is Gaston County Animal Control in Gastonia, NC. This shelter has an 85% kill rate and still euthanizes via the gas chamber, a barbaric practice that is illegal in most states. To make matters worse, in order to meet budget cuts the Gaston director is now proposing to do away with the adoptions program in its entirety which means even more animals will be killed. Please email the commissioners listed below and tell them that sacrificing more lives is not an acceptable way to fill a budget deficit. North Carolina residents, your voices are especially needed!

I don’t often send these around but this is too important. The SPCA has pulled almost 500 dogs and puppies from this shelter in the past year and united them with loving families in our area. Please forward to all likeminded friends and family.



Shannon Laukhuf

Executive Director

SPCA of Westchester

590 North State Road

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

(914) 941-2896 ext. 12

(914) 762-8312 FAX


Function: Public Safety Department: Animal Control
Tentative FY 11 Budget: $1,616,366 County Dollars: 55.3% FY 10 Highlights:
• Operating increase for maintenance and equipment for facility in order to comply with State guidelines
• Financing of 1 Animal Control Truck
• Calls per Officer in FY 09 were at 2,448, up 20.5% from 2,032 in FY 06
• The number of animal control calls is projected for FY 10 to be 27,737, an increase from 25,822 in FY 08 (7.42%)
Animal Control’s reduction of 1% under the FY 10 Adopted Budget equates to a reduction of $6,400. For this reduction to be absorbed, Animal Control proposes:
• Eliminating the Adoption Program – $2,714
• Relying more on Carbon Monoxide – $3,925

Gaston County Commission

Board of Commissioners


E-Mail:    KINGSPINNACLE@aol.com

Crowders Mountain Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Cherryville Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Gastonia Township
Term Ends 12/2010


Email: donnieloftis@bellsouth.net

Gastonia Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Dallas Township
Term Ends 12/2010



South Point Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Riverbend Township
Term Ends 12/2010


Rescue Closing: 8 Dogs Need Homes!

From our Friends at the Best Friends Animal Society

February 23, 2010 – Fredonia, AZ

See the profile of all these highly adoptable dogs

Fredonia Humane Society still has 8 highly adoptable dogs to place before the shelter closes .  We started with nearly 50 so we’re almost there!!  Are you able to resist these smiling faces?  Please share this email with friends, family and your favorite social network site to help us spread the word.  Will do out-of-state placement — transport help is available.

Email Tom at fredhumsoc@aol.com for more info.


How was Marble supposed to feel when someone tied her to a house post with a lasso knot around her neck and left her there to become someone else’s responsibility? She wasn’t at all sure, so she decided being very scared was probably the right reaction. She shook like a leaf and made herself as small as possible when we slowly approached. It took about a half an hour for her to feel safe enough to climb into someone’s lap, and Marble has been a different girl ever since. Sweet, playful and a cuddlebug, she’s comfortable with other dogs (submissive/playful) but the main focus is her love for people. See all Marble’s “adorableness” in her Petfinder profile video. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Crate, leash, potty & doggy door trained. Approx. 3 years old.


Like her twin sister Coral, Java is a fun, sweet, silly girl who is high energy and full of love. She’s also very affectionate in her calmer moments and especially likes to act the part of a lap pup. Good with most other dogs. Because of her energy level, Java will do best in a home with older children. Spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Crate, leash & doggy door trained. 2 years old.


Beau is a fantastic dog who has Lab temperament with a strong, muscular body – extremely loving and playful. He gets along with most other dogs and loves people. He’s energetic and strong, which is a combination some people mistake for undesirable behavior but is just his zest for life. You’ll rarely see him without a ball – a focus ability that would have earned him a spot with Search and Rescue had he been a few years younger. He favorite game is “roof ball” where a tossed ball bounces its way down the roof as he stands under the overhang trying to figure out where it will drop. Beau’s ideal home is with no small children (because of his strength) and no cats. Neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Crate & doggy door trained. 5 years old.


Like her sister Java, Coral is a fun, sweet, silly girl who is full of love. She’s a highly sociable girl who’s up for a romp in the yard, a long walk or a cuddle on the couch. Excellent with other dogs — is the shelter’s “mom” to orphaned pups who need help learning social skills. Spayed, fully vaccinated & microchipped. Crate, leash & doggy door trained. 2 years old.


Freddie was dumped at a remote site known for abandoned dogs.  Sick, malnourished and dehydrated, he spent the next several months overcoming the challenges of trying to survive alone in the desert. But look at this boy now! Both his physical and mental health are great – he loves attention, food & walks. He’ll do best in a home where he is the only pet. As a senior, his eyesight is being protected with twice daily drops. Neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, crate & doggie door trained. Over 7 years old.


Hi, my name is Christine but my foster mom calls me Chica, she says it suits me better. You see, I’m a survivor – I’ve survived cancer, shrapnel in my jaw and living on the streets of the Navajo reservation. And recently, I lost my home of the last two years because my family could no longer take care of me due to human illness. So here I am again, looking for that forever home at my middle age; without the benefit of classic good looks that everyone looks for. But my foster mom says I am soooo adorable and with my beautiful brown eyes, crazy sideways ears and little head that doesn’t match the rest of my body. And I’m on a diet and exercise plan now, so I’ll be in great shape pretty soon. I love people and like the company of other dogs (as long as they let me be the boss – part of my survival instincts ya know). I just need a family that will love me for what I am, give me scratches behind the ears, talk to me lovingly and give me proper diet and exercise. And I’ll teach you how to survive in this world and not let it get you down – we’re in this world to live and love, that’s my motto. Come meet me and get to know me, you won’t regret it. Spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Crate, lease, potty & doggy door trained. Over 7 years old.

Praise for Animal Communication

Hi Anna,

Thank you so much for meeting with us yesterday.  I was not sure what to expect but I quickly realized it was something I never thought was possible.  Always dreamed I could communicate with them directly.

Being able to talk with Behr meant so much.  I found peace yesterday in knowing that he was ok and I had made the best decision for him.  We were so close and hearing it from him was really comforting.  His illness came on so quickly, I felt so bad I could not do more.  It’s been incredibly hard to accept and get over.  Its almost been a year to the day.

It’s funny the real reason I was coming was to see how Tag was feeling.  I have spent the last 8 months with vets all around Colorado.  Treating with him chemo and trying to find other treatments.  I had wanted to know for a long time how he was feeling.  How his hind legs were holding up.  Its definitely changed how I look at them for the better.  It’s comforting to know they felt the same way as me.  I kind of knew that before but hearing it from them was really special  I had no idea how thoughtful & insightful they both were.

It was truly something I was not prepared for but what I experienced yesterday was something I will never forget.  It was amazing and I can’t stop thinking about it.

I would love to set-up another appointment in a month or so depending on how Tag is feeling.

Thanks again,
Shanti, Tag, & forever Behr

Help Save these Puppies!

Dear Anna..

Sad news.. theres always more! As always I am hoping the more this gets out the more things will improve…   Greenville is one of many high kill shelters down south..

If you think of anything or know someone looking for a great dog to add to their family..

Thanks again.. XOZa

Click here to see the Puppies of Greenville