Burned Mama Dog Needs Your Help




Anabelle was abandoned in a pen with two nursing puppies in Laurens County, SC.  She is a 1-2 year old Australian Shepherd.  The original rescue group that went out to help her contacted us to help. They thought she had been shot based on the appearance of holes in her skin.  She was covered with maggots from some injury.  For people that don’t realize this, it is because of the maggots eating all of the dead tissue and infection that she was still alive.  Anabelle was cleaned up and taken to the vet but this was way more than they could handle.  After going to the vet, her skin began to peel off in sheets. Her entire body was taken over by a horrible infection. We now realized what we were dealing with.  Someone had poured acid all over the back half of this poor mama dog.  She had been in excruciating pain for about 6 days before this was discovered.

We had her picked up at the veterinary hospital last night and taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Columbia, SC where they are equipped and qualified to deal with this type of injury.  The doctors worked all through the night to keep this wonderful dog alive.  I am happy to say, she is stable but will need every prayer and every penny we have to save her.  She will be at the surgical facility for about four weeks.  She is anemic and will probably have to have a skin graft and possible transfusion but we are determined to save this beautiful girl.  Her two surviving puppies are in foster care.

I cannot emphasize this enough, do not look at the picture if you have a weak stomach.  Look at the great dog at the top and just know that she needs our help.  I have chosen to only put one graphic picture of her on her web page.

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Urgent! The Girl has been abandoned and needs a home by Friday or it’s too late!

Help her find a home...This little girl was picked up Friday and the owners told AC that they do not want her back.    The pound does not have to hold dogs that are owner give ups but they have agreed to keep her at least until Friday.

She is very friendly and doesn’t understand why she has been left there.
Medium sized dog, perhaps 40 pounds maximum.

Chalice Zuvekas
Seneca, Missouri

Rescue Closing: 8 Dogs Need Homes!

From our Friends at the Best Friends Animal Society

February 23, 2010 – Fredonia, AZ

See the profile of all these highly adoptable dogs

Fredonia Humane Society still has 8 highly adoptable dogs to place before the shelter closes .  We started with nearly 50 so we’re almost there!!  Are you able to resist these smiling faces?  Please share this email with friends, family and your favorite social network site to help us spread the word.  Will do out-of-state placement — transport help is available.

Email Tom at fredhumsoc@aol.com for more info.


How was Marble supposed to feel when someone tied her to a house post with a lasso knot around her neck and left her there to become someone else’s responsibility? She wasn’t at all sure, so she decided being very scared was probably the right reaction. She shook like a leaf and made herself as small as possible when we slowly approached. It took about a half an hour for her to feel safe enough to climb into someone’s lap, and Marble has been a different girl ever since. Sweet, playful and a cuddlebug, she’s comfortable with other dogs (submissive/playful) but the main focus is her love for people. See all Marble’s “adorableness” in her Petfinder profile video. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Crate, leash, potty & doggy door trained. Approx. 3 years old.


Like her twin sister Coral, Java is a fun, sweet, silly girl who is high energy and full of love. She’s also very affectionate in her calmer moments and especially likes to act the part of a lap pup. Good with most other dogs. Because of her energy level, Java will do best in a home with older children. Spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Crate, leash & doggy door trained. 2 years old.


Beau is a fantastic dog who has Lab temperament with a strong, muscular body – extremely loving and playful. He gets along with most other dogs and loves people. He’s energetic and strong, which is a combination some people mistake for undesirable behavior but is just his zest for life. You’ll rarely see him without a ball – a focus ability that would have earned him a spot with Search and Rescue had he been a few years younger. He favorite game is “roof ball” where a tossed ball bounces its way down the roof as he stands under the overhang trying to figure out where it will drop. Beau’s ideal home is with no small children (because of his strength) and no cats. Neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Crate & doggy door trained. 5 years old.


Like her sister Java, Coral is a fun, sweet, silly girl who is full of love. She’s a highly sociable girl who’s up for a romp in the yard, a long walk or a cuddle on the couch. Excellent with other dogs — is the shelter’s “mom” to orphaned pups who need help learning social skills. Spayed, fully vaccinated & microchipped. Crate, leash & doggy door trained. 2 years old.


Freddie was dumped at a remote site known for abandoned dogs.  Sick, malnourished and dehydrated, he spent the next several months overcoming the challenges of trying to survive alone in the desert. But look at this boy now! Both his physical and mental health are great – he loves attention, food & walks. He’ll do best in a home where he is the only pet. As a senior, his eyesight is being protected with twice daily drops. Neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, crate & doggie door trained. Over 7 years old.


Hi, my name is Christine but my foster mom calls me Chica, she says it suits me better. You see, I’m a survivor – I’ve survived cancer, shrapnel in my jaw and living on the streets of the Navajo reservation. And recently, I lost my home of the last two years because my family could no longer take care of me due to human illness. So here I am again, looking for that forever home at my middle age; without the benefit of classic good looks that everyone looks for. But my foster mom says I am soooo adorable and with my beautiful brown eyes, crazy sideways ears and little head that doesn’t match the rest of my body. And I’m on a diet and exercise plan now, so I’ll be in great shape pretty soon. I love people and like the company of other dogs (as long as they let me be the boss – part of my survival instincts ya know). I just need a family that will love me for what I am, give me scratches behind the ears, talk to me lovingly and give me proper diet and exercise. And I’ll teach you how to survive in this world and not let it get you down – we’re in this world to live and love, that’s my motto. Come meet me and get to know me, you won’t regret it. Spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Crate, lease, potty & doggy door trained. Over 7 years old.

The pup is still alive, for now, but she needs a rescue.

She gets along with other dogs, walks well on a leash, is 8-10 months old, spayed and current on vaccinations.  Has been at the shelter for some time and they euthanize when they need space or determine that a dogs is unadoptable due to the amount of time in the shelter with no one interested.

So, I’m still looking for a rescue group.  😦  CO Aussie Rescue said no.  HeRD of Wyoming doesn’t have space.  Never heard back from Snow Capped GSD.  I told the lady in NM that if it becomes an emergency, I will take
her on a temporary basis until she can get in with a rescue group.
If you can help this beautiful baby dog contact Linda Fox at (303) 912-7999.

Ginger’s Miracle

Ginger made it safely to Denver last night and is on her way to Carbondale to find her forever home.  She is a sweetheart!  Thanks for stepping up and offering your help!

Love,  Julie

Ginger Needs Your Help!

This is Ginger.  She is about 2-3 years old.  I am trying to help her get into a rescue before she is euthanized.



Ginger has been fostered by a wonderful woman but she will still need a home so if you are her miracle or if you come across anyone who may be interested in adopting her.  She will in Carbondale.

Contact them through www.arf-colorado.com or call 970-250-1351.


She was brought to the Joplin, MO Humane Society a couple months ago.  For anyone familiar with this humane society there are some great ladies who run Golden paw pet resort near the shelter.  They let the shelter bring over any dogs to hold when they have possible rescue commitments or are pregnant and in danger of being euthanized because of space – no charge.

She was brought to Golden paw because she was about to have her babies.  All her babies died.  In the next month after that, 2 other mammas had litters and each had such large litters that Ginger helped nurse and take care of the babies from both litters.  The girls at golden paw have been hiding Ginger by marking her kennal card “adopted, will be picked up next week” so that when the shelter comes to pick up dogs and move them back to the shelter she doesn’t get taken.

Today the shelter manager was let go and instructions were given at the shelter for the shelter to be cleared out,

dogs are to be gassed.

Ginger Needs Your Help!

Victoria who works at Golden paws has been so good at helping me get dogs out, driving them to KC for rescue and holding them for me that she is just sick that Ginger is going to be taken back to the shelter and put down.  She is such a sweet, happy girl.  Can you send this out to any of your groups that would help with her?

I doubt she is spayed yet but I will get that done if she gets a good home or rescue.  She is up to date on her vaccs and bordatella.  There are both men and women working at golden paws and she just wants everyone to pet her.  She is not particular about who.  A lot of the babies born at this shelter dont make it.  They are exposed to so many things and just are to little to survive.  That would be great if someone would post her at Camp Bow Wow or even on petfinder.  Myself and/or Victoria at golden paws would be contact for her.  I would rather not post her on craigslist as that scares me.  Thanks for any help with her.  She really is a very sweet girl.  Her problem at the shelter is that she is “just a brown mix dog”.  Usually one of the first to be put down as this shelter gets a lot of purebreds.

If you have any information or you think you are Ginger’s Miracle please contact me at:  sandihughey@hotmail.com.


Help Save these Puppies!

Dear Anna..

Sad news.. theres always more! As always I am hoping the more this gets out the more things will improve…   Greenville is one of many high kill shelters down south..

If you think of anything or know someone looking for a great dog to add to their family..

Thanks again.. XOZa

Click here to see the Puppies of Greenville