New ROTH Products Spotlight DVD and CD Series Coming Soon!!!

  Horse Whispering Defined

A Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Experience

Here is your chance to find out what makes Reach Out to Horses® the most unique, comprehensive and effective training program in the world.   In this 2-hour DVD you will join Anna as she shares her world and her methodologies as an international Horse Whisperer, Equine Behaviorist, Animal Communicator and Reiki Energy Healing Master.

Filmed at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver, CO, Anna, her assistants, and some incredible equine teachers will lead you on an exploration of the ROTH Natural Horsemanship program and how to create an honest, trust-based partnership with your horse.


On this DVD, you’ll have a front-row seat as Anna demonstrates and explains how to:

  • Merge and blend body language and direction of energy to establish communication and partnership with your horse in the round pen.
  • Interpret horses’ personalities, characters and histories through a two-way conversation at liberty.
  • Learn the language of the horse and begin to speak it fluently with your very own “accent”
  • Establish trust, leadership, communication, and intimacy with your horse using Anna’s exclusive “T.L.C.” techniques.
  • Gain your horse’s permission to ride!
  • Take the ROTH methodologies onto horseback and discover the freedom of intuitive bareback riding.
  • Give your horse a voice to resolve “spooky” situations while keeping you both safe.
  • Relieve physical, emotional, mental stress and discomfort and facilitate healing in your equine partner with the Japanese art of Reiki energy healing.
  • Properly use food as reward, motivator, confidence builder and behavior modification to overcome unwanted behavior or prior trauma.

And Lots More!

 Anna will show you how to bring the perfect blend of technique, energy and attitude to create the relationship you’ve always wanted with your horse and discover the secrets to REACHING OUT TO HORSES.

 Animal Communication ~ The Real Deal

If you missed our 2 webinar series at the beginning of the year, Animal Communication and Horse Whispering Defined, and you know it was possibly the biggest regret of 2012, then I’m about to make your day! In the new year we will be releasing the series as CD and downloadable audio sets. And of course we will have a fantastic special for ordering them in January.


The 6-part Animal Communication Webinar Series will walk you through connecting with your or other’s Animal Companions, solving behavioral issues, identifying health concerns, helping your animals as they make their transition and lots more.

Horse Whispering Defined will help you take the relationship and the training of your horse to a whole new level. During this 6-part series Anna will help you to become fluent in the Language of Equus, Solving Behavioral issues, Holistic Horsemanship in the saddle and more. And we’ve got some great guests who will also bring an abundance of wisdom.

 Stay Tuned for the big announcement coming soon!