Energy Healing Skills – Reiki for Horses

Have you always wanted to take your Energy Healing Skills to your horses and other animals but didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to do it? Well let International Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Karuna Reiki Master, Anna Twinney show you how. Join Anna and some exceptional students at the historic Bitterroot Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming, as they shows you how to effectively and safely use Reiki and other healing modalities with your horse and other animal companions. You will learn: how to conduct a successful healing session, the chakra energy centers, chakra balancing. bladder sweeps, Reiki hand positioning, the Exclusive Reach Out to Horses Love Lessons exercise, and lots more! In addition, Anna will share her expertise of horse behavior, biology, energetics, herd dynamics and more, giving you the knowledge, the understanding and the confidence you need to take your energy healing sessions to a whole new level.

Reaching out to horses through Reiki – energy healing at Zuma’s

When was the last time you asked your horse “what can I do for you today”. Reach Out to Horses and a team of Reiki practitioners spent the day at Zumas Rescue Ranch in Littleton, CO to give back to the horses who spend their lives giving to youth in need. Through the ancient art of Reiki – hands on energy healing – the horses appreciated special attention and a chance to relax, feel pampered and release what no longer serves them. Learn how Anna brings Reiki to the horses.

Healing Horses In Sweden 2010


Anna brings Reiki for horses to Sweden for the first time ever! Teaching “love lessons”, scanning, Reiki hand positions, pendulum usage, chakra balancing and how to read the horses’ language, Anna takes you on a complete journey.