Testimonials from the Reiki Weekend at Reach Out Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado

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What one can expect to find at Anna’s Reiki classes is a group of kind and caring individuals, all of whom are dedicated to healing arts and learning about energy and how it can be utilized.  In the testimonials below you can discover why Anna is a highly-sought-after healer and teacher.

LeeAnn B. of Parker, CO: Another life-changing day!  Anna is a gifted teacher who has the ability to draw out each participant and their innate ability – sometimes many times, despite their skepticism and doubt.

Julie J. of Sandy, OR: Reiki I and II was an amazing adventure into the world of spirit and energy.  Under Anna’s expert mastery and true open heart, this was a magical experience well worth the effort to be in Colorado in December.

Beth V. of Richfield, MN: Anna’s Reiki training is unique in her integration of the animals, especially Reiki guides.  The mediations are relaxing, yet grounding, opening up the space for the Reiki guides to come in as well as knowing ourselves better as a result.

Heather H. of CO Springs, CO:  I am not sure words can express my experience.  I know I waited to do Reiki, but I also knew it couldn’t be with just anyone.  It’s a sacred space and Anna honors that.  I knew when I met Anna that I wanted her to be my teacher.

Melanie L. of Longmont, CO: I am so glad that I took Reiki with Anna.  The environment and the safe space she creates opens participation and allows a deep sharing that is safe and sacred.  The timing for this class could not have been better and I leave this class forever changed for the best!

Trisha H. of Powell, WY: What an amazing journey and transformation that has occurred during this last few days.  My destiny has become much clearer.  My life is centered with meaning, peacefulness, and calmness.  Thank you!!

Betty B. of Centennial, CO:  Taking Reiki I and II was a way to honor my heritage.  It was also a beautiful energy healing technique to compliment other energy healing modalities.  Thank you, Anna, for your teaching style.  Have loved every minute!

Safia K. of Marrakech, Morocco: Getting the attunement and the knowledge or Reiki during these 2 days was very special.  I feel like everyone should do it because it is a privilege to administer healing and it makes us grow, which is to me the purpose in this life.

Linda Q. of Avon, CO: Not exactly sure what just happened.  Very interesting!

Lacey K. of Franktown, CO:  Just to exist within Anna’s presence is a healing and enlightening experience.  All information and wisdom shared, whether Reiki for people or Reiki for horses, is invaluable and pertinent to each individual in the moment.  No one comes out with exactly the same experience because Anna is that good at individualization and intuiting where we can grow and learn, and she provides us the people, atmosphere, and horses to help achieve that.  It’s always an amazing journey of discovery, wherever that journey may take us.  Reiki I, II, and Reiki for Horses is an excellent start to our understanding of healing energy in the world, how we can utilize it in our own lives and the lives of our animals, and how we can responsibly utilize it in the lives of those in need around us.

Christine M. of Massey/Auckland, New Zealand: Absolutely f&%$#!* amazing experience! Really looking forward to more!

Keep an eye on our events calendar for next year’s journey into the healing arts and join us to discover the magic for yourself!

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Another wonderful week healing horses at the beautiful Bitterroot Ranch, WY.


Read the wonderful testimonies from this year’s participants:

A phenomenal experience blending so many aspects of being with horses in a most incredible setting and with an instructor. Who is authentic articulate and most passionate for students and the animals. The introduction and hands on experience of Reiki was amazing and powerful experience.

-Celia McCormack, Gilroy, CA

Participating in the Healing Horses Clinic with clinician, teacher, instructor, mentor, friend, “Anna Twinney,” was a life changing experience. I thought I looked at the horses in a manner befitting and honoring them before. After this week of teachings from Anna, her knowledge, commitment, love and passion pt enlighten others to really “see” the horse from what we as humans can in reaching out with our hearts to give back to them in thanks, gratitude and healing energy. Doing my Reiki Master taring with Anna and participating with the Reiki 1 and 2 students was the key that really unlocked and solidified what Reiki is and what an incredible gift it is to be able to offer. “Click, WOW!” Thanks, Anna for showing me the ways to an even brighter Light in Reiki! The entire program, each and every dat was a profound and enlightening experience.

Thank you, blessings,

Kim Livens – Burley, WA

The course did not disappoint. It was very well rounded in balancing the Reiki learning with the horse work. Anna is extremely knowledgable and generous with her time and teaching. I really feel prepared to start the journey of Reiki and Horses.

Jeanine LaRoche, San Rafael, CA

I came to Bitterroot Ranch primarily because I have an interest in anything Anna Twinney has to say and I wanted to learn more about horses, healing and healing horses.

Upon arriving at the ranch, it quickly become apparent that the land, the horses and the people who are their stewards are extraordinary.

I knew very little about Reiki and even less about at liberty obstacle courses, TLC and love lessons. Anna explained it all so well that my confidence grew with each passing day. I was attuned to Reiki to learn energy work and found peace in my heart I’ve never experienced.

I am leaving Bitterroot Ranch feeling blessed to have met our wonderful group and spent the week with them, mentored by Anna. Zi have a greater sense of who I am and have been greatly empowered to continue my journey with the horses and healing.

Maryellen Keene, Basking Ridge, NJ

This week has been so incredible on so many levels it’s hard to put into words. This part of my journey has opened my eyes and heart to unlimited energy and healing that can be applied or given in all aspects of my life. It has touched my soul! I came here to learn to heal horses, but will be leaving with so much more! Thank you, Anna for sharing your gifts and giving me so much! I truly feel inspired and blessed!

Beverly Boshart, Granite Falls, WA

I was a skeptic at the start. I didn’t really know why I’d been invited or what to expect. The week of companionship, fellowship and horsemanship has taken me by surprise and left me wanting more. Thank you Anna for opening my eyes and my heart to the possibilities of life.

Sydney Zenger, Edmonds, WA

Bitterroot Ranch, Anna Twinney and Reiki is a combination that is a unique. It is an exceptional experience on many levels.  The chance to learn and practice Reiki with people and horses with Anna provides so many levels of growth and experience.

Lise Lunde, Brainerd, MN

I leave this week feeling complete gratitude for Anna Twinney and the horses at the Bitterroot Ranch. If you are looking for an experience to awaken your soul and your relationships with horses I recommend Healing Horses. This experience has changed my life and my horse’s life forever. You will love this work.

Vivian Thwarts. Vista, CA

The Healing Horses CLinic with Anna Twinney at the beautiful Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming was an exceptional week of learning. Than you, Anna for all you taught and shared with us. You brought a group of total horse loving strangers together for such wonderful lessons and experiences. You have a way with people that forms a bond of friendships in a fun filled adventure. Your gift with horses is truly amazing.

With gratitude,

Rose Marden, Stoughton, WI

And Grace Gabrielle didn’t leave a testimonial this year; but coming agian and again really says a lot about how she feels about this course.