If your feline could talk, what would he share?


Discover the art of Animal Communication and step into your place of power.  If your animals could talk to you, what would they say?  Well, they CAN talk to you if you know how to listen.  Join us for the Ultimate Animal Communciation Mentorship of 2018 and discover your inherent ability to hear them all.

What would they say?  Find out!


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Home Needed for Mooney


We are trying to re-home Mooney. He belonged to Cary, Danny’s daughter and her family but they were unable to take him to Switzerland when they moved. I’ve attached pics and a description of him. If you or someone you know would love a great cat let me know!! Mooney is approximately 7 years old. A TOTAL love-bug. I have the vet bills from Cary & Ryan and looks like he’s due for rabies this June. I looked at his teeth and they look fine to me (what I could see). I believe he’s in pretty good health. I think he weighs around 12 lbs. Probably could stand a bit of a diet.  I have his pet carrier, pet bed, litter box, dishes, tons of toys, brushes (he LOVES to be brushed), scratching ‘post’ things he uses, a big container of dry food, some canned and good sized bag of litter. He is an indoor cat. I suspect he wouldn’t know what to do outside and I would worry about him going outside. I’ve never seen him scratch on the furniture, so he seems real good about using his scratchers.  He would be a perfect friend for the right person. Please email info@reachouttohorses.com if you are interested.

Communicating with Chloe – An Animal Communication Success!

You recently did a session with my cat, Chloe—I’m not sure if you remember—she’s the little cat that ran away for a month.  I would like to thank you for that—Chloe has been completely transformed since “speaking” to you!  We got her the collar with the bell, exactly as she described, and when we put it on her, we expected her to be frightened, but she let us put it on very easily, and didn’t seem to mind wearing it at all.  She entirely expected it, and was very pleased with her new “necklace!”  We also let her eat in the kitchen, and she was so happy about it that she ate an entire dish of cat food.  (She usually has a very small appetite.)  We have been following the advice you and she conveyed—making everything normal for her and keeping our emotions (especially my mom) in check.  Now she’s a completely different cat!  She will run crazily around the house, pouncing on various invisible objects, not hiding in the shadows like she used to.  She will even approach us, but she makes it clear whether she wants to be held or not, and we respect that.  She’ll even sit on your lap voluntarily if you don’t touch her.  We let our outside cats come in for a visit, and she was super confident with them.  Instead of keeping a shy distance, she went right up to them and even ended up chasing Skeeter playfully around the house.  Emma, the alpha cat, tried to “put her in her place” with a hiss and a bat with her paw, but Chloe turned around and attacked her, and Emma retreated!  (Emma retreating is unheard of.  Literally.)  After the call, my family was amazed at how spot-on you were about everything she said.  We still rave about it now, it was so impressive.
I would also like to mention how much your Animal Communication class I took from you last February has impacted my life.  I don’t get clear conversations like you described with Chloe, but with practice, “hearing” the responses is becoming easier for me.  My dog, Patrick, just got home from surgery after tearing the ligament off his kneecap, and using animal communication, I have comforted him and helped him to understand the situation.  He seems a lot more at ease when I soothe him with my thoughts.  I also use animal communication in my riding, and I’ve noticed a huge difference.  Before I took your course, I was struggling with my lesson horse, and it was a constant battle between us.  We weren’t understanding each other (or at least, I wasn’t understanding him), and I dreaded going to my lessons.  I had an overwhelming fear of the canter.  I would tense up so drastically, that I would find myself standing in the stirrups without realizing it, and all if I even thought about the canter.  One day, while I was tacking up, I was really feeling anxious about riding.  I decided to try out the animal communication, and I sent Rio, my lesson horse, a thought asking him to help me out, and take care of me.  I wasn’t conscious of a solid response, but I felt like he had accepted the thought into his mind.  I gave myself a pep talk and got on…only to have the worst, most chaotic lesson I’ve ever experienced.  I dismounted in tears, embarrassed, angry and frustrated, and demanded to know why he didn’t help me.  I then heard, as clearly as if he had said it out loud: “Because you didn’t help me.”  He said it so calmly and patiently, like only a horse can, that I immediately felt terrible for my outburst.  As soon as I heard those words, I had an epiphany.  I realized that riding is a partnership, like a dance.  I’m not the only one in this.  I’m not the driver, or the passenger.  We’re in it together, and unless I give to him, he can’t give back to me.  I burst into sobs and laughter and buried my face in his neck, apologizing and thanking him all at once.  Since then, I will admit that it has not been a perfectly smooth journey, but it’s been much more pleasant with the company.  We’ve been working together through both of our difficulties, taking little steps, but making enormous progress.  I keep up a constant telepathic rapport with him and we help each other out.  I can tell him “Rio, I’m really scared, can we take it slowly?” and he will adjust himself so I can make myself comfortable, and he’ll be extra-gentle and sure to take good care of me.  He will say to me sometimes, “Sophia, I’m confused and I don’t know what you want from me.  You’re sending mixed signals.” Then I can re-evaluate myself and ask again. I have never before felt such a deep connection to my loved ones, and I thank you so much for granting me this experience.  I have even communicated with deer and wild birds, and they’ve let me get closer when they realize we can understand each other.  It has completely changed how I think about animals.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The work you do is amazing, and I feel honored to have met and learned from you.