A New York Restaurant has Started Serving Horse Meat

It’s starting! And this could be your loved one’s fate! The controversial topic has become real and the changing trend poises a threat to all our horses. As the industry takes shape and profit becomes a stronger draw we will begin to see an increase in horse theft. Not only this, but it encourages the PMU industry and endangers our wild horses in holding facilities.

It is our duty as horse people to be the voice for the voiceless. This means we must fight to make and keep horse slaughter illegal in the United States. And to reduce the breeding of horses to bring down the numbers of horses without homes while supporting those who make a difference for those looking for their forever homes.

What you can do:

  • Call or write to your representatives to voice your opinion on horse slaughter
  • Write to restaurants serving horse meat
  • Don’t patron those restaurants and ask your loved ones to support your feelings by doing the same
  • Donate and support organizations that help the homeless horses
  • Educate people about Premarin and the byproduct it creates

View the Article: horse meat

A letter to the editor from a person who makes few good points. May it inspire you to do the same:

To The editor:

In reference to the above article on page 3 of today’s Post (9/26), reporters Erin Calabrese and Andy Soltis are missing the big picture. There is a huge difference being euthanasia and horse slaughter, the latter being the source of the “Canadian Horse meat” delicacy to which they refer. The majority, if not all, of the horse meat from Canada comes from the slaughter of foals that are the unwanted by-products of the Premarin (Hormone Replacement drug for menopausal women) Industry. Impregnated mares are kept confined to their straight stalls for their entire pregnancy, unable to turn or lie down, while their urine is collected through tubes to make the drug Premarin. The name of the drug comes from the phrase PREgnant MARes uRINe.  When the foals are born, they are ripped away from their mothers, not weaned, and sent to the feedlot where they are then bought by the slaughterhouses and to turn into this “rare dish” that the restaurant in MOMA PS I is planning to serve. Up to 30,000 foals/year over the last decade have met this fate. Luckily for me and my rescued now 6 year old mare, there are devoted people who have successfully saved many thousands of foals from this fate but alas, this dish is apparently not “controversial and rare” enough still. Maybe the chefs should consider slaughtering their dogs or cats for the next menu upgrade?

Nancy Goldmark. NY

Important Action Alert – 2 Petitions To Sign Asap on Whitehouse.gov Site For All America’s Horses

WH&B & Anti-Horse Slaughter Warriors – If you haven’t already done so, please go to the two following short links & sign the petitions (create account first). One is to “Protect Wild Horses and Burros; Reform Inhumane Interior Department Management Program That Wastes Tax Dollars” and the other is to “Support a Ban on Horse Slaughter”. When we get 5,000 signatures on each petition, the issue will be brought to the Administration’s attention.

Protect WH&B:  http://tinyurl.com/44vwc2z due by 10/28/11
Ban Horse Slaughter:  http://wh.gov/gMq due by 10/23/11

Please post this notice on your websites, FB, Twitter, blogs, groups & email to all of your family & friends, if possible.

America’s horses & burros, both wild & domestic, thank you.