Communicating, Wild Style! Talks with Monkeys, Nina & Darwin

Meet Darwin and Nina!

Jennifer Rice, founder of Kids Saving the Rain Forest asks Anna to check in with two of her special monkeys and they step forward to say “thank you”. They soon discover that Nina misses many moments from the past. Can the changes be made?

Calling All Communicators, and Those Who Want to Learn!

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This is your chance to be immersed in some of the best horseback riding the world has to offer while you hone your innate ability to communicate with all life!

Watch the sun rise and set over the most spectacular desert scenery you will ever see.  Then, in the evening, after a fun-filled day, relax in your cabin while listening to the coyotes calling in the distance.  All of this while Anna takes you on a journey into the world of animal communication.

In this supportive atmosphere, you will learn to enhance the animal communication skills you already have (even if you don’t know it!) and share in a fun and rewarding experience.  By learning to tap into and use your innate abilities, you will quickly discover how you too can converse with the animals.

Anna has worked around the country and around the world helping individuals to communicate and better understand their animal companions.  With Anna, you will enjoy an interactive conversation with your animal friends, learning their perspectives on situations, behaviors, and life knowledge. Having the opportunity to find out what your animal companion’s thoughts, feelings, and attitudes are can greatly enhance your relationship and bring great joy and happiness to your life.

Take me to heaven in the desert!










Recounting the blessings along the way…

Solar Eclipses are known to bring about transformation, new beginnings and changes. Their potency can sometimes be intimidating, but it is important to remember that they always put us on the right path. The influence of this Solar Eclipse, it will be important to go with the flow and not be in a hurry to make key decisions or judgements about something. But one thing is for certain, after the passing of this Eclipse, the truth will slowly be revealed….  For me, it’s been an extraordinary, amplified, and intense time…journey with us.


The last few weeks of my life have been exceptional, spending my summer in CO, CA, and OR, supporting the rescue and sanctuary horses.  I’m touched by the enthusiastic response I have been getting and the dedication of those around me.
Our family and tribe continue to expand with amazing folks joining the call of the horse who believe in me and in ROTH.  We have laughed together, shed tears together, created everlasting relationships and made memories.  Our hearts have been touched and filled and we have inspired many to see the horses for who they truly are while exploring their own innate abilities and inner strength.  I have giggled upon hearing some of our “inside” jokes and felt deep compassion and pride as I watched my students excel.  I rose to the challenge of being out-of-touch with my rock of a husband when my phone fried. Still, his unconditional love never leaves me.  
During quiet times I realize my inner strength and drive and I give gratitude for these gifts.  There is not a day that goes by while I’m on the road where I don’t think of my family, dogs, horses, and my home, and although I miss them deeply I count my many blessings. 
Today, watching the eclipse within nature together with friends marks one of these occasions.  It’s a beautiful world and it’s my hope that you all got to embrace the chance to share in these moments and all the others that touch you deeply.  Where were you on this August day?
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Student Spotlight: Elaine and Clea Reach Out to Untouched Mustangs at Whisper’s Sanctuary in Arizona

Tucked into the Canelo Hills in the mountains of Southern Arizona is a place of healing for animals in need.  Whisper’s Sanctuary is a 501c3 nonprofit lifetime home for animals who are unwanted, abused, or retired from public service.  Begun in 2005, the Sanctuary is now home to over 50 animals, many of whom are long-time residents.  The Sanctuary sponsors a children’s educational program to teach about good stewardship – that animals are part of the family and not “disposable.” The Sanctuary also offers therapeutic day programs for adults and families, with the capacity for weekend workshops with guests staying at our Bed & Breakfast.  Our main fundraising venture is Sparky’s Cantina, a vegetarian, vegan and allergy-friendly food trailer that frequents special events and retails food and desserts through a local co-op market.
Whisper’s Sanctuary is the dream come true for the late Ross Romeo and his wife Toni Leo.  Toni has carried on the dream of providing a beautiful, safe place for healing for humans and animals.  Toni is the volunteer Sanctuary director and part-time animal caretaker, and also the volunteer chef for the Cantina!  She operates the B & B and also has a “day job” to keep the Sanctuary afloat.  Donations are greatly appreciated, with 100% of funds received going directly toward the cost of feed and healthcare for the animals.
Current residents include horses, donkeys, mules, goats, geese, chickens, dogs, and a barn cat.  We would love for you to visit us and experience the magic of Whisper’s Sanctuary.  We frequently need animal caretakers, too, so if you are interested in working for us please be in touch!
Val’s Story of Rescue at Whisper’s Sanctuary and her Connection with ROTH’s own Certified Trainer/Instructor, Elaine Ackerly:
It was one of those moments when I asked myself  “oh goodness, what have you done this time?”
Whisper’s Sanctuary is a place of last resort for many animals out of options.  We home the leftovers, the unwanteds.  A friend was headed to South Dakota to pick up a load of mustangs from a failed sanctuary.  I was intrigued.  Over 800 needing homes.  She inquired what I wanted.  I responded, “you know me, I’ll take whomever is left.”
Valentine is a lovely, large bay mare from the White Sands, New Mexico lineage who was born at a sanctuary in South Dakota.  An orphan foal, she was bottle raised.  Currently estimated at age 6, she retains hind end lameness due to malnutrition.  Val was bound for another rescue who was unable to take her.  It was one of those moments that one wishes “no” was an option,  but it just wasn’t.
I anxiously arrived home after a long day at work.  It was hard to see in the dark, but there were only two horses in the corral, not three.  I was informed that Val wouldn’t load, and the men who tried said she was out of control.  One, a very experienced horseman, thought she might be “dangerous”.  So Val stayed at his ranch, boarded, while we figured out what we were going to do with her.  Euthanasia?  I just knew there would be no way I could handle a wild, out of control horse thought to be possibly dangerous.  What were we going to do?
A friend suggested I contact Anna Twinney.  Anna’s website resonated with me.  I watched a video on Facebook of the man boarding Val.  Although highly skilled, he is a conventional horse trainer.  He was puzzled by her behavior.  He said she didn’t know how to be a horse, and he couldn’t understand why.  He moved her about a round pen.  My heart sunk. I learned Val’s history.  I knew I needed Anna’s help.
Val needed emotional healing, not a round pen.  A mare lame on both hind legs endured a 1400 mile trip from South Dakota to Southern Arizona.  Maybe she wouldn’t load back on a trailer a day later because she was in pain. A scared orphan in a new place, no one to reassure her.  Alone, in pain, with no one who understood.
After an email exchange, Anna Twinney called me.  I was in shock.  An equestrian celebrity called me.  Anna offered to send us her DVD set about gentling wild horses.  That was so kind.  Then she offered to send an internet request to her network of students to inquire if anyone might be willing to volunteer to come to Arizona to help Val.
I communicated with Elaine Ackerly and Clea Hall. We found we had some things in common and they agreed to visit to work with Val.  I am still in awe at how these two very accomplished and busy women put their lives (and incomes) on hold to help our mustangs.  Elaine visited for eight days, Clea visited for five days.  During that time Elaine worked with Val while Clea worked with Chante and Canela (our other two SD mustangs).  Clea used energy work/healing with all three mustangs in addition to Anna’s ROTH techniques.  They taught me techniques that were very helpful and easy to understand from the perspective of someone with no horse training experience.
Within a few days of their arrival, with hours of Elaine and Clea simply being present with the mustangs, transformations started to occur.  Although I had been in Val’s corral frequently to muck and feed, this time she quietly stood with me by her side.  It was one of those moments when I believed for the first time that there was hope for Val.  You have come all this way, Val, and you are finally home.
Elaine and Clea are inspiring.  Their knowledge, kindness, and willingness to help us has been amazing.  I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for the mustangs, and myself as their caretaker.  Elaine and Clea are both truly a blessing.  Our paths have crossed for many reasons, for which I am grateful.  Thank you so much for giving us hope.
All said and done, with rave reviews from Whisper’s Sanctuary…
Hi Anna,
thank you for emailing and for your interest in the Sanctuary.  Elaine and Clea were such great horsewomen and made progress with the mustangs.  I was appreciative for them teaching me some of the basics, and I will continue to use the videos that you sent as a guide.  I have also told several others in similar situations with unhandled horses about your work to spread the word about what you do.
Thank you so much for your kindness in so many ways.  Your work is already benefitting the horses here and I can only see that growing exponentially in the future with our therapy programs too.
Below watch Elaine and Clea as they Reach Out for first touches and more with the mustangs at Whisper’s Sanctuary.



For more info on how you can learn to Reach Out to the Untouched Horse, visit us at:

The 2017 ROTH Calendar is Here!

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 The Places You Can Go with ROTH 
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Animal Communication, Energy Healing and Horses,
Costa Rica
For More information Contact: Nancy
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Healing Horses at the Historic Bitterroot Ranch
A Unique Reach Out to Horses® Program! Become a certified Reiki Practitioner Level I & II: 4th – 11 , Reiki Master: 3rd-11th while attending a tailor-made Reach Out to Horses® clinic.
Bitterroot Ranch, Dubois,
Hadley Long-Fox
(800) 545-0
4th image.png

Animal Communication
Dream Retreat
White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, 
Contact: Reach Out to Horses 
For Accommodation
Contact: Carol Moore
fifth image.jpg
January 24 & 26                                                 

Animal Communication Mentorship Program
Online or In Person
Tier One: Home Study
Tier Two: Starts January 24th
Tier Three: Starts March 18th
(Comprehensive Mentorship Program Including All Previous Webinars)
February 24-26th                                                  

Watsonville, California | Pregnant Mare Rescue
February 24th: Introduction to Animal Communication
February 25-26: Animal Communication Weekend: 
Exploring Animal Communication with Rescue Animals and Animals As Our Soulmates. 
March 18th and 19th                                           
Elizabeth, Colorado
Animal Communication Weekend – Live vs Distance Consultation
Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage
Contact: Jenny – (303) 660-9390
March 18th – 23rd                                             

Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
Animal Communication LIVE Mentorship Program – Week 1
March 20th – 23rd                                             
Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
Four Day Animal Communication Class
April 20th                                                     

Fall City, WA
An Evening of Animal Communication
The Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center, 
Jim “Hutch” Hutchins
June 22nd                                                        
Kalispell, Montana
An Evening of Animal Communication
For Location & Accommodations
information contact Nancy at:

or call (406) 756-2327
December 8th-13th                                               

Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
Animal Communication Live Mentorship Program – Week 2
December 9th-12th                                              
Elizabeth, Colorado | Reach Out Ranch
4-Day Advanced Animal Communication Class
Contact: Vincent Mancarella
sixth image.jpg
April 21st – 23rd                                                
Fall City, Washington | The Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center
3-Day Intuitive Riding
SOLD OUT! Auditing Spots Available
Jim “Hutch” Hutchins

June 17th & 18th                                                
Broomfield, Colorado | TBA
2-days of Horsemanship with Anna
Confident Horse, Confident Rider
Joan Matteo
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
June 23rd – 25th                                                 
Kalispell, Montana
3-Day Intuitive Riding with Anna Twinney
For Location & Accommodations
information contact Nancy at:
or call (406) 756-2327 
June 30th – July 2nd                                             

Vermont ~ TBA
3-Day Intuitive Riding with Anna Twinney
Contact Kristen Mason for more information
seventh image.jpg
September 10th – 22nd                                         
East Haddam, Connecticut | Ray of Light Farm
ROTH 2-week Holistic Horsemanship CERTIFICATION course – Section 1
Contact: Ray of Light Farm
or call (860) 873-1895
September 26th – October 8th                                     
Littleton, Colorado | Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
Location: Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
(303) 346-7493
October 24th – 30th                                              
Littleton, Colorado | Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
7 Day ROTH Trainers Exams
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
Location: Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
(303) 346-7493
eighth image.jpg
May 22nd – 27th                                                

 Littleton, Colorado |Happy Dog Ranch
Horse Whispering 101
with ROTH Certified Instructor Elaine Ackerly
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
Location: Happy Dog Ranch 
(303) 915-8531
July 24th – 30th                                                
Littleton, Colorado |Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
Colt Starting 101
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
Location: Zuma’s Rescue Ranch
(303) 346-7493
August 5th – 11th                                               
Bend, Oregon |Warm Springs Horse Network
Foal Gentling the ROTH Way
Contact: Katie Dixon
(802) 222-1163
August 14th – 20th                                              

Reach Out to the Untouched Horse:
A week with the wild ones
August 26th – September 1st                                   
Green Valley, Arizona |Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary
Simple Solutions:
A week of Advanced Horsemanship with Anna Twinney
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary, Tucson, AZ
(520) 398-2814
March 6th                                                       
Golden, Colorado | Jefferson Co. Fairgrounds | 7:30pm
In Partnership with Horses. 
Horses as Our Coaches, Messengers and Healers
A Presentation at the Jefferson County Horse Council
Contact: Andrea Raschke
March 9th-12th                                                 

Denver, Colorado | National Western Complex
The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
April 8th                                                      
Glade Park, Colorado | Steadfast Steeds
Holistic Horse Day
April 15th                                                     
Broomfield, Colorado | TBD
Holistic Horse Day
Joan Matteo
Contact: Vincent Mancarella at
April 28th-30th                                                 

Centennial, Colorado | Friends of Horses Rescue
3-Day ROTH Liberty Clinic Event
Contact: Vin Mancarella for course details at
Location: Friends of Horses
Contact Bill Stiffler
June 29th                                                     

Vermont (location TBA)
Holistic Horse Day
Contact Kristen Mason for More Information
                                                 VIEW OUR CALENDAR BY MONTH

Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney, Gives Voice to Wild Mustang Living in Captivity

JP Chance and Major

White Stallion Ranch sponsored the adoption of a wild mustang on January 8th to participate in Arizona’s Extreme Mustang Makeover.  JP Dyal had 104 days to train a horse captured from a band of Mustangs in Nevada and trucked to a BLM holding facility in Arizona, where he lived for the next 3 years.

The horse was randomly assigned from the holding pens on adoption day.  For the first few days he stood in the round pen surrounded by ranch activity, calmly taking it all in.  Each night, JP would sleep in the round pen on a cot which bonded them quickly. JP named him Chance, saying “this is his second chance at a good life.”

It was immediately apparent that Chance was a very unusual horse. JP started his training on day 2 and Chance responded well to everything that was asked of him. He was willing and trusting and you could actually see him processing information.

Anna Twinney, an internationally respected Animal Communicator offers workshops at White Stallion Ranch. We asked if she would communicate with Chance; to ask if he was comfortable in his new life or if he was missing his band and his freedom on the open range. We also wanted to know if there was anything we could do to shape his future, make his life with usbetter and somehow make up for the trauma caused by humans.

What follows is a summary of the communication between Chance and Anna as she shared it with us in real time via telephone:

JP, Carol and Susanne sit in Carol’s office at the speaker phone, Anna is on the line and explains briefly what to expect as she reaches out to Chance and begins her communication with him.  The line goes silent, we wait, and 10 minutes pass slowly as we wonder if we are still connected.  Anna begins speaking very quickly; we click on the recorder and start taking notes.   The session lasts 1 hour and 11 minutes; apparently Chance is quite willing to share his thoughts. 

Anna begins by describing images as they come to her; she refers to them as Chance showing himself and his surroundings. She speaks quickly and is not looking for validation – it is more like a stream of consciousness:

Chance indicates that the number 3 is significant – the last three years, which we know he spent in captivity, she sees images of the holding pens, the surrounding area as well as the men who work in the pens. We asked about his life in the wild and he shows her the open range,his early years in the band, his memories of being a bachelor, she sees that he did not run in a typical group of bachelors, he traveled alone.

Chance categorized his life in 3 chapters:

  1. living in the wild  –   a chapter of freedom and learning and growing
  2. holding pens – 3 years waiting, no learning, no shelter, no freedom
  3. being handed to JP –  he feels he  “found his person” 

He takes life in stride and accepts each chapter for what it is, he adapts and sees life as the glass is full and overflowing, he wants to be JP’s horse for life,he enjoys the partnership, he is insightful and he appreciates JP.  He doesn’t have any baggage and he hasn’t allowed his past to shape his future – he is only interested in what the future holds. 

 He does not blame or dislike humans for what happened to him.

Anna describes in great detail the entire training processJP has taken him through.His training was very fast and he is very accepting of what JP asks of him, he works very hard to process it and understand it.

He shows riding in the desert, the ranch rodeo, trailering and practicingmounted shooting, he indicates that he is aware of the upcoming competition,  and he has overheard conversations  that he may not be coming home with JP  after the competition.

He is not being broken, he is being started – his spirit has not been broken, he sees JP as his master and he is willing to partner with him.  He will do whatever JP asks of him on the day of the event.  He comprehends the dilemma – the better they perform, the higher his price will go, he knows JP wants to show him off and demonstrate his training skills, but it will push the bids up ~ making it harder for JP to buy him and bring him home.

JP asks if he would like to be a performance horse (Mounted Shooting) and he shows Anna that he doesn’t really want to, he envisions them riding together but not performing – it looks more like they are wrangling or leading rides.

JP asks why Chance is so trusting, and Anna says it is in his DNA, he is able to put his past completely behind him and move forward with full trust and willingness.

In closing, Anna notes that no matter what the future holds for Chance, he will excel at whatever is asked of him, because he will adapt to any circumstances.

While it is clear that Chance is no ordinary horse, it’s a valuable lesson to learn that wild horses do not all fit neatly into a category any more than domesticated horses. There are good and bad, willing and stubborn in both cases, and we are sincerely amazed at the incredible little Mustang we received from the BLM.   If you or anyone you know is considering an adoption we strongly encourage you to give one of these magnificent horses a “chance.”

For further information on consultations, webinars and the animal communication ranch retreat with Anna in November 2016 visit

CONTACT: Susanne Walsh, White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, AZ ~ 520-297-0252

Rescue Foals in Training ROTH Reaches out at Equine Voices Day 5 and Graduation

Foal Gentling at Equine Voices in Tucson, Arizona   
  I have been home almost a week from Anna’s Foal Gentling Clinic, and am still connecting with the filly I worked with. The experience and knowledge will stay with me a lifetime, even though Lacey will move on to her “forever home”. I feel so honored that I was able to help make her first human contact a gentle, positive experience. Although Lacey was fearful of being touched the first 3 days, once she felt safe and realized we could help her feel more comfortable with her shedding and somewhat matted coat, she reacted with complete bliss as she twitched her upper lip, closed her eyes, and leaned into my hand, directing me to new areas for more scratches. What a thrill to know she was moving from a place of fear and distrust to asking for more rubs from my hands.
     Due to her early reluctance, we were moving more slowly than the other foals, but went through several steps in the last hour on the last day to eventually have a saddle pad on her back and rubbed all over her body, including over her face! As a former first grade teacher, I am reminded of many students who were shy, unsure, or “late bloomers”. I often reminded  parents to be patient and supportive, giving children their time to grow. Then suddenly, as if a light bulb  turned on, everything burst into their being, and they understood, they were like a thirsty sponge. “Late Bloomers” are not slow learners, they are just moving at a different pace, but like the well known story of the “Tortoise and the Hare” speed is not always the answer, because “slow and steady often wins the race”!  Learning for hoses is not unlike people, and this week with the foals reminded me of a classroom of first graders learning to read. Through Lacey, the other foals, and all Anna’s classes, I have realized how we as humans really are more connected to our equine companions than we think, and remembering that, as we work with our own horses will help to improve our relationship and interactions tremendously.
    Thank you, Anna and Equine Voices for the invitation to give these foals a new and positive introduction to Our world and their part in our lives. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make our week fun, welcoming, and a great learning experience!

Tina Fonda-Casper

The Foal Gentling Week is here!   

We hope you’ll join us each day

as we post our daily video diary

YouTube Reach out To Horses Channel     


Rescue Foals in Training - ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 1
Rescue Foals in Training – ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 1
ROTH's Foals in Training, Equine Voices, AZ Day 2 - AM
ROTH’s Foals in Training, Equine Voices, AZ Day 2 – AM
Feral Foals to Foals in Training ROTH's gentling methodologies Day 2 - PM
Feral Foals to Foals in Training ROTH’s gentling methodologies Day 2 – PM
ROTH's Foals in Training  Equine Voices, AZ - Day 3
ROTH’s Foals in Training Equine Voices, AZ – Day 3
Foals in Training ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 4-AM
Foals in Training ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices Day 4-AM
Foals in Training - ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices - Day 4 PM
Foals in Training – ROTH reaches out at Equine Voices – Day 4 PM


“I got to the ROTH foal gentling class a day late. I had been on the waiting list for the class, already giving it up in my mind and then there was a last minute cancellation! The class started on Monday 2/20, it was the day I organized to get time off work, purchased a flight ticket, secured housing, rode my horse Ace, took my doggies to agility, washed clothes, packed and traveled to Arizona.  Due to all above, I entered the class with absolutely no expectations, had not even watched the videos yet (sorry Anna – I will).

The week was amazing as everything with Anna. This week was different in lots of ways. The group was small, we buddied each other in pairs – switching the buddy daily- which gave time to focus on 2 foals every day, but also gave a chance to watch another person work on his/her foal. We got plenty of hands on with our foal. Anna performed some very helpful demos. It was quiet, sunny, isolated. We were in a different planet for a week!

Most amazing were the foals!  My little guy learned to be comfortable with touch, a halter, be groomed, pick his feet, be ok with farrier positions, wear a blanket, lead, disengage his hips, lead in obstacle course over a bridge and a tarp and walk into a trailer – all in 5 days! His name is Eclipz. He is outgoing, curious, brave and needs a fun, firm but fair person in his life. I thank him for all the lessons he gave me and wish him all the best!”


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Reach Out to Horses Foals in Training Equine Voices Day 5 AM
Reach Out to Horses Foals in Training Equine Voices Day 5 AM

Day Five AM
For Anna Twinney it has always been about giving a “voice to the voiceless”. Since age 18 Anna has served her Community protecting those who could not protect themselves, learning to listen to the silence between the words & step up to make a change. More than 22 years later Anna continues to make it her mission to give back to the horses, especially those being discarded, misplaced, manhandled and/or abused. Aligning with Equine Angels, CT & Equine Voices, AZ, Reach Out to Horses travels world-wide to gentle feral foals & wild horses giving them a second chance at life. During this week’s “Success-foals in training” clinic a special group of individuals came together to learn horse whispering. What they discovered was so much more!


Reach Out To Horses' Foals in Training   Equine Voices, AZ Day 5   PM
Reach Out To Horses’ Foals in Training Equine Voices, AZ Day 5 PM

Day Five PM

It takes a special person to recognize a foal for who they are today, not for their history and their past, but for who they are this very moment. Pity does not fit into the equation, as they have been saved and face another chance. Instead, faith, hope and an inner strength is where it lies. Each foal responds differently to their past experiences as do you and I. Some may be despondent, vacant, lost, angry, depressed, sad, shy or fearful, while others will be engaged, curious, intrigued, inquisitive, happy, sensitive, snuggly & loving. When gentling these innocent beings one has to be open to their needs – leaving expectations and preconceived ideas behind. There is no room for judgement, for nothing is intended to be personal, but instead its time to open ones heart and listen to the whisper.


Reach Out to Horses presents Foals in Training   Graduation Day
Reach Out to Horses presents Foals in Training Graduation Day

Graduation Day Part 1
Meet the former PMU foals saved from the Canadian slaughter houses and rescued by a team of amazing individuals. Anna Twinney, her students from around the World, and Equine Voices came together to provide an environment for both the foals and the students to understand compassionate foal gentling. During a week’s ROTH’s horse whispering course the foals developed from feral foals ready for their forever homes. Through understanding their individual personalities, needs, speeds and learning styles Anna Twinney guided each soul on their private journey- to success. Here, for the first time, you get to hear about their incredible passage as minds and hearts were opened to endless possibilities.

ROTH's Sucess Foals in Training Equine Voices Graduation Day II
ROTH’s Sucess Foals in Training Equine Voices Graduation Day II

Graduation Day Part 2
Its truly incredible when you realize all that these former PMU foals have experienced and yet they are willing to give us a 2nd chance! Through mindful inter-species communication Anna Twinney brings to you her wealth of experience, showing you too can achieve results you seek of handling foals in just 6-days. What has taken many trainer’s weeks, months & years to accomplish…Anna brings her tried and proven ROTH gentling methodologies to you in a calm, patient and thoughtful way. She proves to you that there is NO need for force, violence, shoots, ropes or restriction – instead a true voice is given to the voice-less. Learn the intricacies of the language of the horse; body language, energetic connection & telepathy through a unique program. Today – experience the foal’s graduation day! And a glimpse of the precious pride we all experienced.


“Back in Colorado and missing the foals. It was a glorious week of technique, learning and making connections. My connection was with my foal who was somewhat withdrawn when I met him. Being the youngest and smallest evasion and avoidance were his defenses. But, on Day 3 we connected. He looked into my eyes and saw me for what seemed like the first time. After that we were a team and he did every new task I asked of him ending with the obstacle course and trailer loading. What a Superstar! I will miss him for a few days but my heart is very full knowing that he has a good solid start and is now very adoptable.  

For me…I can no longer say I don’t want to be a horse trainer because I am one. Sometimes the loudest whispers come from the littlest beings…if we listen and treat the horse with respect we have influenced them and therefore have added something to their training.

Sleep well, little Echo with the big heart. I will say a prayer of hope and protection for you and your sweet herd every night and will send thoughts for your Forever home to find you.

Hear the whispers…….”


Lauren Munger

Reach Out to Horses   Trust ~ Partnership ~ Results

Equine Voices Open House

Singing during the Equine Voices Open House event (With Karen Pomroy and her boyfriend in the background)

It was a beautiful and sunny day for the Equine Voices Open House. Karen  Pomroy loved the new song, “Voices”, that I wrote. The best feedback I got, from one of the volunteers, was that it was so good to have me play, during the entire open house event, because the music was very unifying, for the volunteers and visitors, and soothing for the horses. I felt  so deeply fulfilled after that special event. You’re right Anna, this has opened up a whole new world to me! Warmly, Janice

Singing to Nicolas, the burn victim horse.