The First Hello

Coal was gathered from the Little Book Cliffs in October of 2018, recently brought to the BLM holding facility and onto auction. His first impressions with humans was unkind; losing his herd, home, and identity. He was adopted on Saturday, by a young lady named Jade, making her dreams come true. This was Coal’s first gentling session with Anna, his first hello and first impression. Less is more in the beginning. Quiet confidence while communicating with a gentle purpose are a few of the key elements to your relationship with a Mustang. “If you ever have the opportunity to spend a day with Anna Twinney, please do. When it comes to connecting with Mustangs she’s one of the very best.”

~ George Brauneis

Mustang Demo with Jade and Cole and Anna

Above, Anna instructs Jade with regards to the Mustang’s unique Language.

Watch below the video of Anna saying Hello to Coal for the first time.  Simply click on the video to watch.

Read the story of how Jade met Coal and the lengths she went to to bring him home with her in this article in The Daily Sentinel:

“During a hike with her grandmother in the Little Book Cliffs last March, Jade Walker caught sight of a magnificent wild horse — a blue-gray beauty with black marks and a long black mane.

The girl was thrilled when the horse came toward her a ways over a small hill. She, in turn, followed him back.

“I think we have a connection somewhere,” Jade said Saturday as the Mustang waited nearby in a pen with other wild horses.”

Read the Rest of the Story Here

In Gratitude – $1500 Raised for America’s Mustangs!

A BIG and heartfelt THANK YOU to those who joined us on the Western Slope for the weekend of Mustang Horsemanship in cooperation with Steadfast Steeds and also to support Friends of the Mustangs.  We raised $1,500 in support of the Mustangs at Steadfast Steeds.  Thank you to ALL who showed up, who suited up, and especially those who adopted and want to know more.  We salute you!

class image

Sunday at Steadfast Steeds was pretty amazing. The weather was crisp, and we bundled up. The love story of Jade and Cole continued, as Anna did a demo with them together.  Anna demonstrated wild horse gentling and guided participants so they could try out some of her methodologies. It’s such a cool experience to see Anna in action, we absolutely love when she comes to town and shares her gifts with others! Thank you, Anna, for being here again this year! (from our newsletter) We had twelve participants at the clinic.

~Tracy Scott

Mustang Demo with Jade and Cole and Anna.jpg

“My favorite moment from today’s Mustang Gentling Clinic with Anna Twinney!! Coal (who was adopted by Jade yesterday) and Jade are making their first connection as Anna coaches them both.”

~George Brauneis

A Home needed for Noli….

Date: July 18, 2011 3:00:00 PM MDT
Subject: Our Wonderful Dog Noli

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with a very heavy heart that I am finally writing this letter. After almost 2 years with us, we have come to the realization that


Noli needs a better home than what we can provide her. She has been “escaping” from our yard a few times a week for months, and being retrieved by neighbors, friends and the Humane Society. Our current home is quite small compared with the house she is used to and she is bored, which doesn’t help matters. Although she is pretty mellow and likes to snuggle and nap, she deserves more exercise and good outdoor time than we can manage with our busy schedules and baby.

We will not give her up unless we find a home that will love her and care for her better than we will so that is why I am reaching out to you. We are ready to begin searching for the perfect person/people to adopt her, and thought the best place to start would be by asking people who we know and trust.

Our ideal family for Noli: Active, loving, stable and kind. It doesn’t matter if it is a single person or a whole family, as long as they are able to devote the time and energy that a 65 pound Malamute requires. She is VERY sweet and loving, good with babies/kids, super friendly, doesn’t lick or bark but will sometimes jump up on you if she is excited. She LOVES other dogs and has been fine with cats, aside from being curious and following them around. As I mentioned before, she likes to lounge but would be much happier with a good long walk or run daily. She can keep up with a skier in the snow and thrives in the mountains. I’ve attached a photo of her sweet face. Please contact me if you have someone in mind who fits the bill.

Thank you!

Successful Adoption Following the Foals in Training Clinic, CT

Dakota, Mary & Toby

“After my 30 year old Quarter horse Poco lifted into the spirit world on 10/25/10, I didn’t expect to get another horse right away but when I attended Anna’s foal clinic 3 weeks later,  I fell in love with little Dakota and decided to foster him but after a few days I realized that Poco sent him to me and he and I have a mission on the earth together so he and I are on a new path of adventure.   Thanks Anna!!” ~ Mary R.


They need more than a scooby snack,

they need a home!!!

A note from our friend Dawn:

Yavapai Humane Society in Prescott, AZ is still asking for help with the

Remaining Aussie’s. Most of them will come up to the kennel door

to get a treat or lick your hand. Our wonderful volunteers have been

doing a great job socializing them. They sit in the kennel with

them, read to them and talk to them to gain their trust Some have

been walked and seem to really enjoy it.

Each day gets a little better, they still have a ways to go.

One is in foster, I was told this am that he is doing great.

He’s opened up and is getting comfortable with his

new environment. Some of the fear they are having is from

being locked up. Most of these dogs are turning out to be really

nice dogs. If you can help them or know of someone that would like

to please contact Dawn at

They need out of the kennel environment as soon as possible.

Thank you


URGENT: Proposal to 86 adoption program means DEATH in the GAS CHAMBER!!!


Hi Everyone,

As you know, the SPCA rescues hundreds of puppies and family dogs slated for euthanasia in southern shelters each year.  One of the largest shelters we work with is Gaston County Animal Control in Gastonia, NC. This shelter has an 85% kill rate and still euthanizes via the gas chamber, a barbaric practice that is illegal in most states. To make matters worse, in order to meet budget cuts the Gaston director is now proposing to do away with the adoptions program in its entirety which means even more animals will be killed. Please email the commissioners listed below and tell them that sacrificing more lives is not an acceptable way to fill a budget deficit. North Carolina residents, your voices are especially needed!

I don’t often send these around but this is too important. The SPCA has pulled almost 500 dogs and puppies from this shelter in the past year and united them with loving families in our area. Please forward to all likeminded friends and family.



Shannon Laukhuf

Executive Director

SPCA of Westchester

590 North State Road

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

(914) 941-2896 ext. 12

(914) 762-8312 FAX

Function: Public Safety Department: Animal Control
Tentative FY 11 Budget: $1,616,366 County Dollars: 55.3% FY 10 Highlights:
• Operating increase for maintenance and equipment for facility in order to comply with State guidelines
• Financing of 1 Animal Control Truck
• Calls per Officer in FY 09 were at 2,448, up 20.5% from 2,032 in FY 06
• The number of animal control calls is projected for FY 10 to be 27,737, an increase from 25,822 in FY 08 (7.42%)
Animal Control’s reduction of 1% under the FY 10 Adopted Budget equates to a reduction of $6,400. For this reduction to be absorbed, Animal Control proposes:
• Eliminating the Adoption Program – $2,714
• Relying more on Carbon Monoxide – $3,925

Gaston County Commission

Board of Commissioners



Crowders Mountain Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Cherryville Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Gastonia Township
Term Ends 12/2010



Gastonia Township
Term Ends 12/2012


Dallas Township
Term Ends 12/2010



South Point Township
Term Ends 12/2012



Riverbend Township
Term Ends 12/2010