Help us Save 12 Foals Destined for the Canadian Feed Lots

John Lennon Saving Horses From the Other Side?

We are excited to report that we are well on our way to rescuing the foals of a former Canadian P.M.U. farm and we have some amazing news to report.

But there’s also more to be done. Find out how you can join John Lennon, Equine Voices and Reach Out to Horses as we rescue, not only the foals, but the mares and stallions as well.


Foal Rescuing Dinner at Strings in Denver

Can You Really Eat Your Way to Rescuing Foals?

Lil Bit Ranch North
Only 2 seats left for Wednesday Night’s Extraordinary Event!And don’t forget that you can also promote your business and save lives by donating services or merchandise for our silent auction.
We are gearing up for this Wednesday Night!  And by gearing up we mean getting ready for a delicious meal and compelling conversation with some of today’s most successful women in the worlds of healing, art, communication and horses.
For only $50 you get an all-inclusive dinner with cocktails and a large portion of the cost will go towards the rescue of not only these beautiful foals but also providing sanctuary for the breeding mares and stallions, and shutting down a former P.M.U. (Pregnant mare urine) breeding farm!
And that’s not all!
Join International Equine Specialist, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Anna Twinney as she welcomes:
(…don’t tell anyone but there are rumors that we might be joined by even
more extraordinary women that you will definitely want to meet!)

Can’t make it?  That’s OK you can still help!  We will also be conducting a silent auction and there are some pretty awesome offerings that you won’t want to pass up! 

Do you have a business or merchandise that you could donate to the auction?  All proceeds from the silent auction go directly to the foal rescue.  For more information or to donate contact Tammy at
Meet all of these amazing and interesting women, enjoy a delicious dinner, and together we can downsize this farm in Canada and rescue ALL the horses in the program. The mares and gelded stallions will stay in sanctuary up in Canada, 6 foals will go to Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary in Arizona and 6 will go to Ray of Light Farm where they will participate in the Week of Foal Gentling with International Equine Specialist and Natural Horsemanship Clinician Anna, helping them as they make their way to their forever homes.
Opportunities like these don’t come around every day and we are so excited to be a part of it. We can’t do it alone! Even with this incredible team of compassionate, competent and inspiring folks, we still need your help.
Event Info
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
6:00pm arrival / 7:00pm dinner
Silent Auction before dinner with all proceeds going to the foals.
Strings Restaurant
1700 Humboldt
Denver, CO  80218
$50 inclusive (includes food, cocktails and gratuity)
Attire is Cowboy (or girl) Casual.

Is John Lennon Saving Foals from the Other Side!?!

Lil Bit Ranch North  

The Answer is Yes!… sort of…

An anonymous donor has incredibly donated a letter written by John Lennon himself to be auctioned online by Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary. All the proceeds from this auction will go towards not only the rescue of our foals but, if we get a high enough bid, the rescue of even more foals in the future!

If you are a Beatles or a Lennon fan, you really don’t want to miss this chance to get your own piece of rock history while helping to save lives at the same time!

Find out how you can bid on this one of a kind letter!  




Frank Weller and Colt 

Reach Out to Horses, several equine rescue organizations work
together to save 12 foals from the Canadian feedlots and
downsize former Canadian PMU breeding farm.

 Click Here to Donate What You Can To Save These Beautiful Foals

September 27th, 2011 – East Haddam, CT

Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary – CT, Ray of Light Farm – CT, and Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary – AZ are joining forces with Reach Out to Horses based out of Golden, CO, to rescue 12 foals and assist in the closing of a former Canadian PMU breeding farm.   In addition the proposed action plan will result in placing the remaining mares in sanctuary, gelding two year old stallions and helping to end the cycle of breeding for this Canadian farmer.

E.A.R.S. and Reach Out to Horses have already begun raising funds through sales of the new 4-DVD set Success: Foals in Training and through fundraising clinics and other events by Anna Twinney and Reach Out to Horses.  But we need your help.

The estimated cost for this endeavor is $16,100 so we are seeking individuals, and organizations who wish to assist in this inspiring project.  Whether it be donations, adoption, fostering or sponsoring, all assistance is welcome.  For more information, or to help save the lives of these foals, mares and stallions, contact Frank Weller, president of Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary at 203-733-3576, or Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses at, or click here to donate what you can to save these horses.

E.A.R.S. has worked for almost 9 years with these and other local farmers when they first saw the wisdom and win-win-win-win opportunities that would result if allied with the farmers. The genesis of that outreach is well documented in the book “Equine Angels: Stories of Rescue, Love and Hope“.

“The reason that this good faith alliance works is that we have spent time with the farmers and their families.”, says E.A.R.S. founder Frank Weller, “We understand the social and financial dynamics that are a huge part of their decision making process.”

Over the years E.A.R.S. has been able to ferret out the people who will live up to their word and those who won’t and to establish a verifiable protocol to put the mares in sanctuary. They now have trusted people in place who really care for the mares and report their condition. They know that other people are also reporting to E.A.R.S and all reporters are unaware of the identity of our other agents. In addition E.A.R.S. has created close relationships with the vets, the farm agents, the farmers and their families. The government takes meticulous statistics and we trust most of their numbers which have followed the decline of Premarin farming.

In addition to securing sanctuary for the mares and stallions E.A.R.S. will transport all 12 foals to a rescue just over the border in North Dakota. From there, 6 will go to Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary near Tucson, Arizona and 6 will go to Ray Of Light Farm in East Haddam, Connecticut where they will participate in the Reach Out to Horses Week of Foal Gentling Program.

E.A.R.S. and Ray Of Light Farm have collaborated on similar rescues for almost 5 years now and this will be the 3rd successful year of the ROTH Week of Foal Gentling Event.

Possibly the best piece of this effort is that this retired farm will no longer be in the Premarin farming or the breeding business all together. Financial implications are part of that decision and a as a working farm, they have other viable sources of income. That seems to make a big difference in that the farmers with other choices are less likely to pursue breeding for meat as a revenue source. As a rescue E.A.R.S. has often encountered that mindset and absolutely cannot enable farmers to breed by buying their foals. That would be a step backwards to say the least.

Click Here to Donate What You Can To Save These Beautiful Foals

For more information, or to help save the lives of these foals, mares and stallions, contact Frank Weller, president Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary at 203-733-3576, or Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses at

Are you ready for a life changing weekend with Anna and Melisa Pearce?

From Fear to Love Header Image

Move From Fear and Towards Love

with Anna Twinney & Melisa Pearce 

Lil Bit Ranch North   

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 October 14th – 16th, 2011  

Lil Bit North Ranch, Longmont, CO  

Anna with horse
Melisa Pearce

Join Anna & Melisa for this Very Unique and Intimate Experience

This is your chance to be a part of a magical workshop and spend
all day working in the arena with your horse (or ours)!


Anna and Melisa will show you just what a genuine, trust-based partnership looks like, while you explore not only how to communicate with horses but also what horses have to teach you about moving away from fear and towards love.

Melisa and Anna met through their participation as contributing authors in the book Horse as Teacher, a Path to Authenticity. Discovering the commonality in their interpretation of horses and humans they have begun to work more closely together and today collaborate on several projects.


During this workshop, they will teach you how horses interpret our fear, their natural response and how they lead humans away from it when understood.


Melisa will share her experiences with horses’ clairesentient abilities that she sees everyday as she partners with horses who emotionally heal humans through her Equine Gestalt™ process.  As an Internationally known Equine Behaviorist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer, Anna will share how horses are effected in ways you may not even be aware of when you are working with them and what you can watch for with your horse.


As we remember from A Course of Miracles . . .  


The opposite of love is fear. . . so how do we move toward love through our horses, and how do we move toward love and away from fear while working with our horses?

This is a hands-on experiential workshop, combing Anna’s  natural training techniques and Melisa’s Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.


Through training methods and animal communication you will explore your connection to these powerful animals and deepen your connection to yourself.


This is your chance to work with them in 2011 and at an amazing price that will never be this low again!


You can bring your own horse (space is limited), or meet and work

with a member of Melisa’s amazing Healing Team of horses.

Bring your own horse to Lil Bit North Ranch. . . in colorful Longmont, CO.  Cost for boarding is only $25.00 per night for an indoor box stall with bedding.

Whether you are professional trainer or a lover of horses but have never been around them. . . this weekend is for you.  


Registration Special

Join our participants from Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Arizona and Colorado!

OCTOBER 14th, 15th, & 16th, 2011

October 14th – 2:00pm – 5:00 pm MDT

Private Interviews with Melisa & Anna

October 14th – 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm MDT

Exposition Demo night in the Arena – open to  guests

October 15th & 16th – 9:30 am to 5:00 pm MDT ( Private group )

Longmont, Colorado

Registration:  $795.00 for the entire workshop with BOTH Anna & Melisa

 It will never be this price again!  (VISA or MasterCard accepted)

Don’t miss this knowledge building, transformational  & inspirational weekend!

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To register, call Melisa’s office at: 303-440-7125

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2011 Courage Classic

From: Joan Morell

Dear Friends,

I have once again registered for the Courage Classic.  I rode 95 of the 158 miles last July through the most beautiful mountains in Colorado.  It was truly an amazing and humbling experience to say the least.  I went to Copper Mountain expecting nothing but a bike ride.  I in fact, got a lot more out of the ride than I could have ever imagined.  I ride with Team Courage. Team Courage is the team made up of patients of the Children’s Hospital and their families.  Children with cancer, diabetes, birth defects, and any other
illness you could imagine getting on tandems, riding with partners, hand crank bikes and riding solo, all riding for a cure.  The children were not riding for glory or recognition but riding to ride, to raise money to someday find a cure, for something, anything.  I do not have children but I ride anyway.  I ride to support the kids, their families and friends, to someday, find a cure, or at least a better way.  So here is where I ask for donations for the Children’s Hospital, to make things just a little better. This year I hope to ride all 158 miles, there is always hope.  Please log in and donate or send a check payable to Courage Classic and mail it to: 865 S. Grant St, Denver, CO, 80209.

Online Donations

Much love, Joan