The Earth Poem: Staring X!

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A powerful message between man and earth, filmed spontaneously here at our picturesque ranch this past summer. Excalibur stars in this short movie, recently premiering at the Equus Film Festival in NY. X represents the Spanish Mustang and Mother Earth in his natural role within Earth Poem. A magical piece directed and produced by Gabriel Blenczycki (Andi Brooke). Special thanks goes to, Heidi Peterson, JoAnna Mendl Shaw and her dance team Tal Adler Arieli, Jenna Pollack and Audrey Stanley. It was my honor and pleasure to be the equine consultant and coach, with a focus on the language of the horse and an authentic connection between beings.

Animal Communication Instruction DVD set now available

Animal Communication Instruction
Anna Twinney, World Renowned Animal Behaviorist released her new Animal Communication Instruction DVD set today.


June 4, 2015

Reach Out to Horses


Contact: Vincent Mancarella




International equestrian expert and animal communicator, Anna Twinney announces the release of her new two-DVD set, Animal Communication: The Journey Within. “Nature is my connection to Spirit and the animals are my guides,” Anna explains of her unique ability to translate animal behavior into words for people to understand. This new DVD series allows anyone with desire and insight to develop their own intuition and begin to practice what Anna is known for all over the world.

As an animal behavior authority, Anna is respected around the globe for her knowledge and ability. This DVD series allows the viewer to follow along during an Animal Communication retreat at the beautiful and historic White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

The sub title “the Journey Within” is apt as Anna guides the viewer through the process of threading their own talents, overcoming obstacles and pulling from past experiences to nurture their own inherent gifts. Viewers will discover ways to enhance their perceptions, make clearer connections and understand how personal memories and imagination have an impact into the process and openness that animal communication embodies.

The DVD is comprised of lectures, graphic illustration, stories, advice through Q and A, exercises and even a live session, all intertwined to help the viewer work toward being an accurate and reliable communicator.

Avid animal lovers, students, passionately curious and even hardcore skeptics are the perfect candidates to enjoy this one-of-a-kind series. Questions will be answered, current skills enhanced and roadblocks removed in this eye-opening, thought provoking series. With all creatures, great and small, domestic and wild, Anna seeks to change perspectives and create better lives for animals and humans.

Animals need more ambassadors, this DVD bridges the gap to understanding what that means.

To read more about Animal Communication: The Journey Within visit



Animals in Transition Workshop – Golden, Colorado

March 4th 10am – 5pm, Golden, CO ~ Only $150 for the entire day

Prerequisite – Workshop only open to those who have previously participated in Anna’s
Animal Communication Evening or Weekend Workshop or any Holistic Horse Day.

For more information or to reserve your spot contact Jacey at

Space is limited, sign up today!

Assisting the Journey through Animal Communication

One of the most painful experiences for people with Animal Companions can be the time of transition.   Although we never want our companions to leave us, it is a natural part of life and, just as we do with our human family and friends, we can assist our animals during this time as well.  Through the gift of Animal Communication we are truly capable of talking to our companions, finding out what their needs and wishes are, and helping them to make their transition with peace, closure, grace, and love. 

During the All Day Workshop We Will Cover: 

ü  Preparing Your Animal to Cross Over

ü  Easing Your Animal’s Transition Through
Different Alternative Healing Modalities

ü  Helping to Make Their Final Wishes a Reality

ü  Uncovering Where, When and How They Wish to Pass

ü  Connecting to Your Animal Companion After the Transition

ü  Reincarnation and the Possibility of Another Chance

ü  And Lots More…

Join international Animal Communicator, Anna Twinney, as she shows you how to use your inherit gifts to telepathically connect and communicate with your companion for the purpose of assisting them in their transition from this world to the next.  Through demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on exercises, Anna will share her experience and knowledge to help you go deeper perhaps than you ever have into the world of animal communication or even into your relationship with your Animal Companion. 


FREE HTA Essential Oil Teleconference scheduled for January 17th!

Join us for the Healing Touch for Animals®

Essential Oil Teleconference Tuesday, January 17, 2012



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Fee: Free; long distance telephone charges may apply. 


Teleconferences are open to all those interested in learning about essential oils. Calls are facilitated by Carol Komitor, HTA Founder, Director & International Instructor and other HTA Instructors.

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Discussions on the teleconferences include: 

  • Use of essential oils in healing both animals and people
  • Essential oil questions and answers
  • Personal experiences, success stories and celebrations

Your contribution to these calls is appreciated – submit questions and experiences about the essential oils during registration.


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Excalibur’s complimentary healing therapy – Equine cold laser therapy

Everyone benefits from complimentary healing therapies and Excalibur is no different. Following his first official expo Excalibur, Reach Out to Horses Ambassador and Registered Spanish Mustang found himself “under the weather”. A cold therapy laser treatment offered by Molly and Jim Campbell of Longmont, CO was immediately arranged to boost his immune system and get him back on track.

Reaching out to horses through Reiki – energy healing at Zuma’s

When was the last time you asked your horse “what can I do for you today”. Reach Out to Horses and a team of Reiki practitioners spent the day at Zumas Rescue Ranch in Littleton, CO to give back to the horses who spend their lives giving to youth in need. Through the ancient art of Reiki – hands on energy healing – the horses appreciated special attention and a chance to relax, feel pampered and release what no longer serves them. Learn how Anna brings Reiki to the horses.