ROTH spreads the love and pays it forward to the Hallelujah Horses


Anna returns to Zuma’s THIS SATURDAY.  If you missed us on January 20th, not to worry! Anna is back on February 3rd to share with us another Day of Horse Whispering. Specific requests were made to address trailer loading and long lining, or ground driving. So if you did join us already, this Saturday will not see the same material covered twice. Working with Anna is like stepping into a river; you can never step into the same river twice. Join us for all new information at Zuma’s on behalf of the Colorado Unwanted Horse Association and discover the subtle art that is understanding the Language of Equus.

Register here for only $25:

And in gratitude, Zuma’s shared the following in their Newsletter:

Anna and Vin of the ROTH organization have graciously decided to donate the door fees for the Jan. and Feb. horse training clinics. This donation will go directly to the care and training of the two Hallelujah horses: Ariel and Saphiel. These horses were brought in for the ROTH Trainer’s Week held at Zuma’s in October. This was an unexpected pair of horses to provide care for. This contribution will help the pair of well-deserving mares and not hurt the bottom line for the resident healing herd here at Zuma’s.

Partnerships with like-minded horse professionals bring about many good things for the horse world. Grateful for ROTH and CUHA for bringing this important, low-cost education program to the horse world here in Colorado.

Here is a quote from one of the participants of the Anna Twinney Clinics Presented by CUHA

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend a clinic from a true expert in her field, Anna Twinney. I have been intrigued by her clinics for a number of years; however, the cost was well out of my reach. The funding offered through CUHA allows for Anna’s message to be spread further, and beyond the constraints of economic boundaries. The clinic was a wide brushstroke of her overall philosophy, experience, and methodology used with horses in need. The demonstrations with a few horses from Zuma’s Rescue Ranch was invaluable. I am looking forward to attending the next
clinic on 2/3/2018.”

Cheri Pluta

In turn, we would like to thank Jodi Messenich of Zuma’s Rescue Ranch for providing us with a stellar facility and wonderful horses with whom to demo.  We would also like to thank Jodi for her tireless efforts on behalf of the horse, not only providing care but also lobbying on their behalf.  Jodi, you ROCK!

We would also like to thank all of the attendees of the Jan 20th event.  Many of them went above and beyond the registration fee and left donations for the horses.  Without such great people with the interest in finding a better way, the horses would not flourish as easily.



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