Congratulations to our own Elaine Ackerly for her positive impact!

Having Elaine fly down and work with my two young mustangs was the best decision I could have made for them. There are so many positives that Elaine has, on the horse and human side, that it’s hard to know where to start or to be able to acknowledge all of her talents. Before even meeting Elaine in person she was extremely personable and communicative; I felt very comfortable in hiring her. I loved meeting her in person!  She has so much spunk, is so kind, so easy going, and has a huge heart to help not only horses but other people as well. I was so impressed and grateful for the way she worked with my little mustangs. She is so talented and skilled!  She has a lot of knowledge of the horse and specifically the untouched mustang.  She worked with my horses in the individual way that they each needed. She was so in-tune and patient. I’m pretty protective of my mustangs, especially my filly who takes a lot longer to trust and move on from things than my happy-go-lucky gelding, and Elaine was so patient with her and so in-tune with both of them. I will forever have this beautiful memory of Elaine completely putting her trust into my fearful little filly. It was an amazingly beautiful moment and I was so grateful for her approach. Within the four days she worked with them, my goals and hopes were accomplished and far exceeded. A year plus later, Elaine has stayed in contact with me and has been an amazing friend and support in my journey with my horses. I felt completely confident and more than pleased with all of her work and I would highly recommend her to anyone!  I love the ROTH approach and Elaine will be my forever go-to instructor and mentor.
Angel Elliott

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