From our Newsletter! Spring Awakenings and Offers of Healing…


Today the animals want you to focus on your strengths and yet be mindful and sensitive to your weaknesses, for what we put our focus on grows. – Anna Twinney

Pictured here is Pip, who calls the For the Love of Dogs Rescue his home.  At a few months old he puts his past behind him to manifest a bright future.  He has faith the right person will show up in time.


Pip spooked, leapt into the air and circled back on himself when he smelled the YL Oil Hope.  His Oil of choice: Magnify Your Purpose

Magnify your purpose

Interested in oils or in ordering Magnify Your Purpose?  Visit us here to discover all the potential of Young Living Oils.

Tell me more about what these oils can do for me!


A Poem of Rescue

Sara Vanecek
What’s a girl who does rescue like me to do,

With a magical, special filly like you?
With joy and happiness, you fill my heart,

How bittersweet to know, one day we will part.
With a strong spirit we know, you’ve done an earthwalk before,

How excited we are to see what your future has in store.
For those who do rescue, you keep our dreams alive,

Of recovery, success, of joy and to thrive.
Please bless this filly and all she represents

Innocence, beauty, hope and elegance.
For those who do rescue, don’t give up or lose your why,

Because one day, one life will whisper…”I’ll make it worth your try.”


Image courtesy of Sara Vanecek and these lovely mares saved from starvation only to rise up
again to share their strength and wisdom.
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Listen in to Anna’s recent radio interview with the Horse Radio Network on pole gentling


I’d love to listen!

Interested in Gentling the Wild, Untouched Ones?  Partner with Anna on her Untouched Horse Course being held this year in Shingletown, CA.


I would LOVE to learn about wild horse gentling! Tell me MORE!

Horses as Healers


Tell me how I can join the Healing Horses Event in Wyoming

In the news.png

UK mag

Grab a copy of Horsemanship, in stores now in the UK, to read Anna’s featured article  “In the eyes of a horse.” Anna shares her story of an encounter with a mustang she had returned to a wild horse sanctuary.

UK AC.png

Interested in Animal Communication?  Anna will be in Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire, this May 12th-14th!

Learn more about joining the Animal Communication UK Event!

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