Boredom Busting for you and your horse

While spring-time most get back in the saddle and prepare horses for trails and competition my life takes me on the road.  Many wind down during the winter months, but this is our busiest and most creative time of year.   Snow, ice and cold can often spoil our plans, but with a positive outlook we can continue to connect with our equine partners despite the days drawing in. 5 minutes is all it takes!


  • Instead of mindless grooming focus on mindful grooming to connect on a deeper level with one another!
  • Teach your horse a trick or two. A fun way to communicate and connect is to train your horse through enjoyable activities which compliment training naturally.  Think about the value of teaching her to come when you call, pick up her foot when you click your fingers or indeed stretch front legs (girth stretch) as you signal with your hands.
  • Companion walking. We all benefit from a breath of fresh air.  As you embrace the outdoors with your canine companion consider taking your equine partner with you.  Make this a family affair to explore and venture into nature.
  • Bareback and bridles – when the weather inhibits trail riding, challenge yourself to remove tack to truly return to a trust-based relationship.  Connected riding and riding through the mind is highlighted for your effective communication.  Explore the power of animal communication and experience the impossible subtleties of a flowing communication.


A chilly time becomes a cherished time as introspection brings forth unexpected gifts paving the way for your New Year’s resolutions!





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