We are Grateful to REACH Riding Center for Sharing Their Hope, Their Work, and Their Gratitude with Us!

Dear Mrs. Twinney:


We received your DVD (In Partnership with Horses) yesterday, and I watched it tonight.

Thank you SO much for sending this!

We are a very small PATH Center, but also a Horse Rescue (New Hope Horse Rescue, Inc.).

I LOVE that you have all kinds of behavior interpretation info for the riding center and rescue.  We try to use the horses that we rescue in our therapeutic program, REACH Riding Center, hence the name- Rescued Equines Assisting Challenged Humans (REACH).  Some of your techniques are in use here…..and I am glad to be able to use this info as a teaching reference for all of the horses.

Our horses come in all different shapes, sizes, and states; some were ridden to the kill pen, and abandoned there. Some have had injuries, or been starved, and had to be brought back to health, before their behavior and previous training can be evaluated, corrected, and before they can be adopted out, or integrated into our program.

We have a couple that I have started to use in our program which have subsequently been homed out-another  2 will be going to another PATH Center in a few weeks.

As my husband is a horse trainer, part time, we don’t have to hire out for that, but as you know, that’s not sufficient for a horse that will be used for therapeutic or able bodied riding lessons.

It is left to me to voice train our horses, so that when students are on them, I still have control of the horse by voice.  We have been blessed to have some awesome horses come to us.

We are still growing our program- we have 8 students right now, some of which have autism, and one with cerebral palsy.  I am praying for the day that I can work our program full time, as I am now a full time Alzheimer Caregiver Specialist, in private homes, and I don’t feel like I can do the extra programming things I need to do, when I only have 3 days a week to be here.  I love that you understand that the horses are our most important resource, and we need to more fully understand them, and allow them to become more than instruments that we use- they are our partners in this endeavor to provide a service to our community.

This is a ministry to me, and I ache to provide as comprehensive a program as I can- for the horses and our clients.  I love that you believe that if you are honest and true to your purpose, and all involved, it will all culminate into the dream we envision.

I will be using more of your techniques, as I train replacement horses for the 2 that are leaving, and train some wild mustangs which have come in from the BLM for our pleasure riding.  My hope is that as we use more of your techniques, we can more fully understand our horses, which will facilitate a smoother transition for them, whether it be into our program, or into a new home.

Thank you again, for your DVD.

Best wishes for the holiday season, and the new year.


Most Sincerely,

Diana Rogers

PATH Certified riding Instructor

REACH Riding Center

249 Eastport St

Burnsville, MS 38833




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