Gratitude for In Partnership with Horses from His Mountaintop Ministries

Many of you know that in late October Anna chose to donate nearly 1000 copies of her latest DVD, In Partnership with Horses, to PATH certified, non-profit organizations who practice Equine Facilitated Therapy and Equine Facilitated Learning.  This was a huge undertaking just to get them all packaged and mailed out, not to mention the cost of the shipping and the DVDs themselves, which Anna so generously took care of as part of her gift.  These went to people, some of whom have never heard of ROTH or Anna’s mission, and from whom we may never hear again, so a lot of faith was involved that the gift would touch their hearts and reach the horses and the people Anna loves to help because they support us in our growth and rehabilitation.  Well, the letters and messages of gratitude began rolling in, and it all seems more than worth the effort and the funds to have realized this goal.  Below you will find one such letter out of many.  We are so pleased to hear that our gesture is not only going unnoticed, but that people are now curious about how they can be educated about the human-horse partnership, and that people are open to the experience of understanding horse as healer, coach, messenger, and teacher.

This is from an organization called His Mountaintop Ministries in Marysville, California.

Dear Anna,

Thank you for the DVDs and thinking about us here at H.M.M.. I am so excited to see them because I also put my horses feelings and thinking before people’s. Our horses are part of the program and what they feel and think/say matters and our volunteers spend lots of time getting to understand the horses. And of course, horses have off days just like us and our students and we MUST be able to see, hear, and understand Then and only then, are we able to help with the situation.

Just wanted to say Thank You and let you know here at H.M.M. we believe the same, and we act accordingly. I truly look forward to seeing these and to showing them to our volunteers. FYI: I have just opened the packet and wanted to send this to you after reading your intro letter.


Doc Livingston
Founder and CEO of HMM.

If you would like to visit His Mountaintop Ministries, their website can be found here:



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