Sparrow’s Story: A Challenging Orphan Filly Who Few Could Handle with Care

Orphaned, severely injured and left to die as a foal she found her way to a rescue where she was nurtured back to health living among other wild horses.  Orphan foals often develop dangerous behavior patterns, find it challenging to integrate with other horses and can come to harm – a situation Sparrow found herself in once again during transportation as she fought for her life.  Watch ROTH founder, Anna Twinney, communicate with Sparrow at liberty to discover her true story and create a trust-based partnership and specialized training program based on the language of the horse. Asked to connect & communicate, where others could not, Anna devised a program to prepare Sparrow for the longest journey of her life – a trip home.  When raised correctly orphan foals speak Equus too!  A clip dedicated to all those horses who fight for their lives and possess the warrior energy – it’s worth it!


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