In Partnership with Horses Sneak Peek is Here…


Reach Out to Horses presents “In Partnership with Horses” a DVD series to benefit Equine Facilitated Learning Programs
“We are just beginning to unlock the greater gifts that horses have to give us,” said Vincent Mancarella, Creative Director of Reach Out to Horses, a comprehensive educational program dedicated to helping humans better understand the animals they love. Reach Out to Horses founder and presenter, Anna Twinney focuses her teaching largely on horses but extends her knowledge and wisdom in support of all animals. In keeping with her two-decade quest to “give voice to the voiceless”, ROTH is releasing their 12th educational DVD. In Partnership with Horses is the second release that ROTH has offered to nonprofit organizations at no cost.
In Partnership with Horses explores the world of equine assisted learning, coaching and healing programs designed to benefit those people who need the healing touch of the horses.
Horses have been our companions for millennia; those who work alongside or engage with horses regularly, understand their seemingly magical therapeutic abilities. Countless manes have caught the tears of the bereaved and downtrodden. They’ve encouraged and inspired mankind, healed us, strengthened us and taught us. Both soft and strong, horses have borne our burdens, physically and mentally. Only in recent years has the term Equine Facilitated Learning been coined.
Filmed at The Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding facility in Naugatuck, Connecticut, In Partnership with Horses delves into the language of the horse, the relationship of energy, intention and telepathy as a means to help program instructors and volunteers understand how to be best support horses working in these highly effective programs.  
“Much like a human therapist can experience burn out … so do horses,” explains Anna. “This DVD is truly a “how-to” guide for everything from placing the horses in the roles for which they are best suited, to understanding the messages they give you in a clear manner.”
In addition, the 2-DVD program gives powerful tips and a look inside the workings of a successful EFL program from the volunteers, to the instructors, to the board of directors, giving a leg up to those programs struggling or just starting off.
“In Partnership with Horses is a culmination of twenty years of working almost exclusively with nonprofit organizations. We’ve seen top-notch programs flounder due to poor business decisions and we’ve seen programs suffer due to a lack of understanding of the horse’s true nature. We wanted to help,” said Anna. 

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