Building Relationships and Learning at the Intuitive Riding Clinic at Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, Colorado.

Everyone had a great time and learned a lot about Horse as Teacher while working through learning the language of Equus and how to help the horses in a  gentle way that makes sense to them.   A wonderful job done by all!


It was upon reflection that I started to see a theme developing in what I was hearing from those who attended the Intuitive Riding Clinic, in addition to my own experience there, and all we had gathered from our three days together.  The common thread was more about what we learned about ourselves, especially upon reviewing videos that had been taken and in personal reflection.  I think that is the most important quality that Anna brings to any and all of her clinics and courses; we get a tremendous new appreciation of horses and how they think, see, understand, and feel, but we also get closer to grasping what we can understand about ourselves through the lens of the human-horse interaction and by allowing the wisdom of the horse’s essence to flow within us.  Each species on this planet has wisdom, tricks of the trade, and survival tactics that have helped them adapt to, communicate with, and thrive in their wild surroundings.  When you know how to tap into this wisdom the communication with that species becomes like an open door.  It truly is like learning a foreign language in that you simply can’t access parts of your reality and the world because you simply don’t have the appropriate background knowledge and vocabulary.  That’s where Anna comes in and then things become much more transparent, not to mention easier for everyone.  Then we can interact with the horse in a way that is not just “can I get the horse to understand what I want and get them to do as I ask,” but rather “how can I listen to the horse tell me how to help them and partner with them in a cooperative effort toward our common goal of reciprocal understanding and appreciation?”  I’ve observed human-horse interactions my whole life; 28 years of hours upon hours of ring-side observation and conversations with vets, trainers of all disciplines, farriers, owners, and other equine practitioners.  Never before have I met anyone who cuts right to it and who gets results as quickly and with as gentle a technique as Anna.  There is a tremendous effort exerted when the horse wants to work for us rather than feeling like they have no option.  We can harness their creativity this way, and use it to teach them and ourselves without adding undue pressure while we play and learn together.  It is certainly a refreshing way to see the animals I have been watching and looking at my whole life. I will always look back at my weekend at Happy Dog Ranch, and the people I met there coupled with our shared experiences, and I will view that clinic as the one that corrected and redirected my understanding of the human-horse dynamic.  This little life has been tremendously changed, and Anna Twinney is the person to whom I owe my gratitude and my thanks.

Many thanks also to Sabine Kaiser, Linda Quiring, Alice Dobbs, Charles Miller, Sharon Pizzuto, Dora Rassbach, Carolina Baertsch, Emily Duke, and Miss Betty Berry.  What a pleasure it was to meet you all!

Horsey hugs to all and love always,

Lacey Knight

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