Taking Horses from Innate Concern to Conscious Coping with Spookbusting Audio CDs

Our summer included sound spookbusting on the advanced ROTH horsemanship course:): check out our latest CDs to support horse & handler, and horse & rider in all aspects of their horsemanship lives!  Follow the link and scroll down to find the CDs available through ROTH.   http://www.reachouttohorses.com/books.html

Our focus is to support the whole horse throughout their training and this includes providing them with suitable coping skills throughout their life and career paths. Spook busting is an essential part of their growth as they move from fear and flight into being capable to process and respond effectively and safely. Our approach includes supporting horses with sound spookbusting, thus moving from innate concern into conscious coping. Every horse deserves to be prepared for the trail, shows, performance, activities, and for emergency services.

Visit ROTH’s website for more information on gentling and spookbusting to better prepare your horse for adventures into the world!

Foundation Courses

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