Steadfast Steeds

A gorgeous, sunny day greeted the five people in the high desert of Western Colorado and the Steadfast Steeds Mustang Horse Sanctuary. Founders, Tracy and Blaine Scott, introduced Anna, Vin, and Joseph to the vision, mission, and formerly wild horses of the sanctuary where they are intentional about helping each guest and client to make amazing memories with America’s mustangs.

The vision: Thousands of American mustangs are now in holding facilities, without their freedom, families, or a natural way of life.  Our dream is to one day see that all wild horses are set free from the bondage of holding and allowed to realize a new freedom, a new family, and a familiar way of life.

Tracy passionately shared how the horses in holding facilities are running out of time, and positive practical solutions need to be found.

The mustangs and people of Steadfast Steeds provide 5 services:

  • Education and awareness programs
  • Coaching individuals and groups for accelerated personal and leadership development, and for overcoming compassion fatigue
  • Gentling horses
  • Placement services
  • Adoptions

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At the Sanctuary, the five new friends enjoyed laughing and learning from one another while visiting the horses. Some of the herd includes horses from the Little Bookcliffs area, one of four different herd locations in Colorado.

Later in the day, the group traveled to the area where they enjoyed a short hike up a ridge in order to observe the landscape.  They chose their way carefully as there were more than a few stud piles around which to navigate!


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