Animal Communication for Skeptics offered in a Webinar


       Reach Out to Horses Presents…

        BUCK THE SKEPTICS! A Special 2-night Webinar Event

         Answering 2 of the most Important questions I’ve been asked.

         August 30th & September 6th – 6 – 7:30 pm (Mountain Time – U.S.)


I’m finishing up our incredible Advanced Horsemanship event called Simple Solutions.  We are having an extraordinary time and I am very proud of our trainer students.  They are doing an amazing job with the horses and working their butts off!

That’s right, our trainer students no longer have butts. But I digress.  The reason I post this is that no matter where I go, I often get asked the same questions. Two of them in particular caught my attention and I thought they would be great webinar topics. Because they are so important and valuable, I didn’t want to wait until the end of the year for my annual webinar series.

I also decided that I wanted to make this mini-webinar event VERY AFFORDABLE for everybody and give you a special gift just for joining me

That’s how transformational I believe this information can be for you, your horses, and all your animals.

So, without further ado…Here you go! 

 Evening #1, August 30th, 6-7:30pm – Animal Communication

Animal Communication For Skeptics

One of the toughest things to deal with as an Animal Communicator is the dreaded Skeptic!  For an animal communicator, a close-minded skeptic can be frustrating, upsetting, and even intimidating. At times they can ruin the energy and the flow of the session, making you less effective. Just the word alone can bring up feelings of anxiety for any animal communicator, psychic, or medium alike.

So how do you deal with and convert the skeptic?

Join me for our first webinar and find out

So how much will this invaluable information set me back?  

I could easily charge hundreds of dollars, but like I said, I want you to hear what I have to say and I want this to be affordable for everyone!  So I’ve decided to charge only $19.97 for the full 3 hours. That is a steal!  I don’t want you to have to break the law though, so I am going to practically give it away.  

If you sign up by August 28th and use the coupon code PARTNER you will be able to join us for only $4.97!

That’s right, only $4.97 for both.  That’s not each, that’s BOTH!

Just make sure you use the coupon code PARTNER by August 28th.

In addition, during the event I will tell you how you can get our the DVD’s and CD’s in our shopping corral at a 30% discount!

What more do you need?!? Buck the Skeptics Registration:

I hope to see you there. 


For more information on registration/Animal Communication and so much more, please visit our website at ROTH:

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