Along Jasper’s Journey

Jasper is a dark bay Mustang, who is built like he has never missed a meal in his life. Now he is not fat, just muscular and solid,  and he has a straight shorter back and nice chest.  He is incredibly gorgeous and with his dark mane and piercing eyes he follows your every move.  He is very inquisitive but timid, as if someone has hurt him in the past.  He is very smart and wants to please and he is highly motivated by cookies.  By his teeth he looks under five, so he is halter trained and we are working on gentling him as he is very timid around men.  His experience with domestic animals (dogs) is limited but he does not rear or jump when they are around, more just plants his feet waiting for you to let him know it is ok.  At some point he may have gotten away with throwing his hind end at someone to intimidate them but when you stand your ground with him he will face you and approach. Initially to halter him we had to panel him and work from another stall, but now I am able to go in and once he settles, which can take a few minutes, I can halter him in about a minute.  He is afraid of the lead rope alone until you hook on and then he is fine.  He is very young and is limited in his training exposure but is such a loving boy.  If someone has patience they will have him going in no time.  I do believe that a more gentle approach in training is his need rather the stronger cowboy-type trainer, as he can be stubborn . He stands roughly 14.5 hands .

Feel free to connect with us if you wish to explore the chance to gentle and work with Jasper in a natural horsemanship way.

Jasper (1)

For further information on starting and handling the untouched horse and Mustangs, please visit the ROTH website at : Reach Out to Horses


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