Horse Whispering 101 with Certified ROTH Instructor, Braxton Dolce and Reach Out to Horses

Horse Whispering 101

This year Reach Out to Horses launched Horse Whispering 101, which I had the pleasure of instructing.  It is designed for people who have just begun to awaken their inner horse whisperer, or people coming back to horses after a break.   The students came from all over the United States, Canada, and from all walks of life.  Each class I teach seems to evolve with a theme; the commonality in this group was a desire to become comfortable working with horses in a safe and confident manner, which I felt was accomplished.

The most rewarding piece of being a Reach Out to Horses Certified Instructor is helping students work through their fears, insecurities and preconceived notions about working with and around horses.  I really enjoy watching as the “pennies drop” and the “light bulbs turn on.”  This wonderful group of ladies worked through understanding working with horses in the mindset of a horse whisperer.  They learned how to stay in the “present and not so distant future,” and how to juggle between being in your head and being in your heart or feeling space.  As they began to learn the equipment they found confidence in entering a paddock with multiple horses and were able to catch them using visualization, appropriate body language, controlled energy, and correct use of the tools in their hands.  The exercises that followed built on the foundation that was set in the first couple of days.

Braxton Dolce

20160528_155625 (1)


IMG_1165 (2)

I wanted you to know that I worked with a Fjord mare this week who had been yanking everyone around so that she could grass-dive…so I combined my TTouch leading techniques with some ROTH intentionality asking her to “stay with me” and keeping watch (out of the side of my eye) to be sure she kept her head up…it allowed me to stay one step ahead of her and I only needed some upward pulsing on the halter occasionally for reinforcement so that she never got completely into eating…I felt I maintained my leadership and stayed focused…I was very pleased…

— Elizabeth V., NY

Thank you for the excellent hands-on work with the horses this past week.  You are a fabulous instructor, especially when demonstrating how to work with the horses and working with students right as they are working with the horses.  You have a real talent connecting with the human and knowing precisely what is needed at just that immediate time-nothing less, nothing more- to get to the next step!  Awesome instruction!  Most likable person because you connect with your students!  Thanks!

— Connie C., CO

Just wanted to say hello and thanks.  As I watch and re-watch the video clip of me and the Vanner- Embar- I want to give working with the horses more time.  I’ve lots to learn from them.  (really,really missing them too)  Thought you would like to know… I hope I will be in a class of yours again.  Thanks again,


— Sharon SD,CA



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