Help! Forever Homes Needed for Two Beautiful Dogs!

Hi Everyone,

Please help me find the perfect home(s) for two beautiful rescue dogs from Mexico!

Monkey and Puppy came to our house a little over a year ago. Monkey, a grey terrier cross, crawled into the hallway before the doors or windows were in to escape torrential rain from twin hurricanes that hit us from both the Pacific and the Caribbean.  She was a scrawny, shaggy thing with no hair on her tail. We called her Monkey because she looked like one of the Flying Monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.

Puppy arrived a month or two later, the only survivor from a litter of four puppies. The others starved to death under our neighbor’s “care”.  She is a year and a half old now, but she never grew much, so the name “Puppy” stuck. You will never meet a more lovable little hound.

We hoped to give these two and other needy dogs a safe haven on our little farm.  Two others came into our care: a yellow, male version of Monkey name Canelo who was so scared of people that we couldn’t touch him for the first three months, and Coca, the most loyal dog I’ve ever met. She lived on a 3 foot chain for seven years, and came to us so weak she could hardly stand. Yet within two months she was fat and free, as joyful and playful as a puppy.

Yesterday morning Coca and Canelo were intentionally killed with poison, an event that broke our hearts and shattered our dream of a sanctuary for these dogs.

Monkey and Puppy are not safe here in Oaxaca.

They will be arriving in Texas with us in three weeks and making their way to New York. If you or someone you know may have room in your home or heart for one or both of these lovely little dogs, please contact me:

Ideally I would like Monkey and Puppy to go to a home together, but if that is not possible they would each do fine on their own with the right family. Both are spayed and healthy. They will be vaccinated before crossing the border.  We are working on house training and basic commands, a process which is going well!

A last note: Puppy is adorable and loves children. A neighbor’s three year old drags her around by her armpits and she is happy as can be.  All she wants is to be fat, warm and loved.

Monkey is sweet, obedient and a bit smarter than Puppy. She will be easier to train and is very gentle with people. However, she does have that “terrier” instinct, and has been known to chase aggressively after smaller female dogs. She needs a compassionate, patient home and an owner who understands her hunting instincts. While I have not seen her around cats, I think she would do best in a cat-free home.


Thank you for reading this note! Please forward it to anyone you think might be able to help. I know we will find the perfect situation(s) for Monkey and Puppy.



Rachael Sloan


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