In Support of Our Friends and ROL!


A ROTH supporter Sally and her husband Joe wrote a beautiful song about Ray of Light Farm and a horse that touched her heart. Take a listen! 

A note from Sally and Joe:

Hello friends!
     Joe and I wrote an original song called “Hear the Whisper” back in 2011. It was inspired by a wonderful place in Connecticut called the Ray of Light Farm and a horse named Petey who is now a permanent resident there.
     We recorded the song along with our buddy Rob Fetters here in Cincinnati.  Recently, I was invited to enter this song in an original song competition.  I immediately thought “Cool…maybe we could earn some money to help support Ray of Light Farm!” After sharing this idea with Joe, we decided that if we could win the competition, we would donate all proceeds to Ray of Light. 🙂
     So, we entered Hear the Whisper” about two weeks ago.  I am amazed at the response we have received so far!
     The competition works this way: First, songs which gain the most response (likes, follows, comments, tweets and shares) DIRECTLY FROM THE LINK BELOW, get points.  The more points, the better our chances of winning.  There is also a judges panel who gets to choose winners as well.
     “Hear the Whisper” is accompanied by a slide show.  Countless individuals were directly and indirectly responsible for the material in the slide show.  We sincerely thank them for their contributions! Once at the song link, sit back and enjoy the presentation.  Careful attention was given to synchronize the words with the photographs. The words came to me through Spirit; thus it is essentially a prayer through song.
    Here as well is a link to the Ray of Light Farm
Please take the time to explore their website.  An amazing place that truly offers “healing presence in a wounded world.”
Thank you all for your support, and may 2016 best your best year ever!
Sally and Joe


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