First Newsletter of the Year!

Anna and Aria stretch

Dear Herd,
Welcome to our first Newsletter of the year!  As we enjoy the cold Colorado winter (and it is cold!) we are looking forward to another spectacular year.  We have filled 2016 with some great experiences for all levels of horsemanship, animal communication and healing, and we hope to see you there!
But in the meantime, there’s lots to explore below.  So grab a nice hot cup of cocoa (or a papaya smoothie if you are enjoying a tropical winter) and dive in.
And don’t forget, if you have a question you would like Anna to answer don’t be afraid to send it on through to  
Enjoy and we’ll see you down the trail.

from our herd

foals and cathy

Cathy Languerand is our ROTH certified instructor from Connecticut and visited here for the New Year. Cathy is sharing space with the foals having conducted some bodywork/energy healing.  This is a precious moment of mutual healing.

foals blankets

Saber and Sage are snug in their blankets! 
Our personalized programs take care of individual needs and although we are advocates of horses remaining natural both Saber and Sage had a challenging start to life.  Growing up without mother’s nurturing and rescued from a horrible fate, we take extra care.  They share a stall at night to protect them from the elements and receive an alfalfa mash before being “tucked in”.  The blankets came when temps were below freezing and they were experiencing upper respiratory issues.  With Dr’s  support, immune system boosters and Young Living oils (Thieves, Peppermint & RC) we felt the extra warmth in their first year would serve them well.

Ask Anna

How important is Animal Communication to Horsemanship? I understand horses have a language that as a horse owner, I should understand … but how is that different from Animal Communication? 

What a great question, watch the video below to see Animal Communication in action. You know, you’re probably already communicating silently more than you realize. If you’re using body language in any way … that’s a start. Sometimes people become startled or made uncomfortable when we talk about telepathy with animals. I find though, once they understand that telepathy is simply speaking in your mind, following your intuition and being open to the allowing of your thought becoming an action from your animal, they tend to be receptive. I’ve often heard people say “my horse anticipates my next move before I cue it” or “we’re just in sync”  … some of those same people are put off by the idea of “animal communication” and certainly telepathy, oddly … they are already doing it. 



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Where in the World is Anna

If you didn’t enjoy our video diary from late December, we hope you’ll give it a look now. Our video diary is compiled monthly and often contains training tips from the events Anna travels to as well as insight into all facets of her work! 



We feel like only horse people can get super excited about the delivery and set up of a run in shelter in the middle of winter. We were happy to bundle up and make this shelter home for our new herd members!

care and healing


Welcome to the Dynamite Team!
We’re so happy to have you on board! 

Susanna Hoeppli
Charlotte Morosko 

free webinar

All the information you need for a happy, healthy and productive year! 

January’s FREE Webinar Series culminates on the 20th! Mark the Calendar!

ESSENTIAL OILS: January 20th – 6pm-7:30pm (MST)

Anna, along with Carol Komitor (founder of Healing Touch for Animals)share their expertise and talk about the impact Essential Oils can have on Body, Mind and Spirit for you and your animals.

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Did you miss the first two webinars? 
Replay Episode #1
Replay Episode #2


hey mommy!

in support

In 2015, Anna traveled to the U.K. to work with the animals of the South Lakes Safari Zoo and to teach Animal Communication to a group of students there. Unfortunately, there is trouble brewing that threatens to close SLSZ, displacing all of the wonderful wild ones there and our dear friend, the owner, David Gill.  Please help to save South Lakes Safari Zoo and stop it from closing to the public on 09-01-2016. The petition, linked below, asks that Barrow Council, David Gill and other interested parties work together to reach an amicable solution to protect this well valued community asset and tourist attraction.
Sign the Petition!
 walk on the wild side



student success


A Word From Raven
“I had an amazing animal communication with Anna
this afternoon, I learned a lot about my boys and a ton about myself! I am so thankful for these two and plan on doing so much with them both! I thank them every day for being in my life! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”




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