A Note from a WOW DVD Recipient


Dear Anna,

You had me by starting with Dr. Jay.

My name is TJ Holmes, and I live in Disappointment Valley, southwestern Colorado, on a mustang sanctuary adjacent to Spring Creek Basin Herd Management Area. For the last 13 years, I’ve been visiting Spring Creek Basin and its mustangs; for the last eight years, I’ve been dedicated to observing and “documenting” the Spring Creek Basin mustangs; for the last four years, I’ve been darting mares with PZP (as a volunteer for BLM); for the last three years, I’ve been living here with the mustangs (immediately after the purchase of the ranch by the Serengeti Foundation).

Several months ago, you sent your “Whispers from the Wild Ones” DVD set, but I didn’t receive it until yesterday.

Thank you so much for starting the DVD with information about our wild horses and burros and the challenges they face on public lands. Immediately related to that, THANK YOU for highlighting Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick and his tireless work to provide PZP and certified darters to spread a solution to the “overpopulation problem,” which, as Dr. Jay so specifically notes in your footage, really is a reproduction issue. His work is so incredibly important, and the recognition he receives so deserved, yet so little. … And yet so much more needs to be “out there”! So thank you for recognizing him and the work he does for mustangs everywhere.

For the last year or more, I’ve started to see and hear your name, so it seems not a surprise at all that your DVDs found me. Whether by coincidence or some specific path, thank you for the gift. Having watched just the first DVD so far this morning, you have me with your approach to the mustangs themselves. 🙂 Horses have been with me since I was born (fortunately, my parents grew up with horses, and they’ve always been considered essential members of our lives and family), but it wasn’t until I “discovered” mustangs – specifically the Spring Creek Basin mustangs – in 2002 that my learning really began.

Thank you for the gifts you take into the world to help all horses – especially mustangs. They (all) have so much to teach us, if we open ourselves to their language.

Thank you again, and if you ever find yourself in Southwest Colorado, please allow me to introduce you to our Spring Creek Basin mustangs!

TJ Holmes

Disappointment Valley, Colorado



If you would like to nominate a non-profit to receive this free Whispers from the Wild Ones DVD please email us at info@reachouttohorses.com




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