You are Communicating with your Horse!

Next time you are with your horse pay attention to your interactions. Begin to notice your actions and the affect it has on your horse. Realize your thoughts will correlate directly with your horse’s response. Small movements like your weight distribution influences their balance. Where you place your eyes has different meanings. Watch this short clip to enhance your knowledge of your horse’s silent communication and take it back to the barn – your horse will thank you!


When watching horses in pastures, pens or out in the wild you notice that they have a heightened sense of awareness. Within the herd they expect to be acknowledged be that through a glimpse of an eye, raising the head, turning towards the individual or in fact moving away. A sign of respect, leadership and indeed partnership. Its the very first step to be able to converse in unspoken words. Our natural horsemanship methodologies come from decades of observing untouched horses. We bridge the gap between the two Worlds and are including you within this journey! Make the first step towards a relaxed and respectful horse. Discover how to to create safe boundaries on an untouched weanling without bullying.


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