Whispers from the Horses at Equine Voices!

For quite a long time I have been daydreaming about communicating with my animals. Wouldn’t it be great and all natural if I could know what they really are telling me? It was clear to me that they are telling me something, just by looking into those expressive eyes. This year I moved at a fast pace in just that direction. I heard about Anna Twinney and after watching some DVDs ended up in the certification course in Arizona, lucky me! Everybody who has taken her courses knows what a profound experience and treat this is. On the fifth day of class we got the opportunity to meet the horses outside of training with a more personal approach. Anna encouraged us to explore energy work or telepathy. I am an engineer by trade and even though I know the animals talk to us, my scientific brain was a bit helpless and quite an obstacle.

During the preceding four days I had become very acquainted with a mustang of small stature but big heart. Bottom line, I learned to love Blaze! When it was my turn, I took a deep breath and climbed through the fence where Blaze was waiting, mumbling “I don’t really know what to do”. I approached him and in my mind I greeted him and asked “what can I do for you?” Pretty immediately he started licking my hands. I had no interesting foreign substance on my hands, not even hand cream. One part of my brain started analyzing but at the same time I saw the picture of a mineral block. I said out loud “do you need a mineral block?” But then dismissed the idea as being too trivial and obvious. The brain kept going: Was he just being friendly? Was this more like a dog? Poor Blaze! How much more obvious could he have been? He proceeded very patiently to lick everything in sight: the fence rails, posts, shade cover… I finally got it. He was clearly telling me that he needed to lick a substance and that this was not about personal grooming.

I told him that I got it and promised to act.

I climbed back out of the corral and was ready to rob a bank or whatever it took to get that mineral block ASAP to Blaze who was in need. Thankfully Anna reminded me that I could just politely ask the ranch manager for help. I took another deep breath and switched from freight train to a more business like attitude. In no time at all a brand new mineral block was placed into Blaze’s enclosure. It didn’t take much to coax him over there. And then the magic happened. He licked that mineral block for what seemed like 15 minutes. Every second of that time the skeptical part of my brain shrunk more – it was so obvious! Blaze had managed to get his message through to me, which was not easy. I will hold on to this experience for ever and remember it whenever I feel skepticism creeping up. I will never forget how smart he is and how precisely he sized me up to figure out how to make me understand. Thank you Blaze! And of course thank you, Anna, for giving me the courage to even try! What a happy ending.



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